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Explosive diarrhea with the cleanse. Than major weight gain with max phase. And I am dumb enough to try it more than once. "Coach" advises to power through it.

Ok so I power through. I am sick for 3 weeks following 7 days on the cleanse. Than go ahead and start the max phase and gain weight. Thus far up 8 pounds. Inches not down they are the same.

By the way coach is an Emerald. Also Catalyst "liposuction" in a bottle. Seriously?? To get a theraputic dose of glutamine from Catalyst you would need to take over 12 pills. It is way overpriced when you can get other brands of BCAA's more servings for less money.

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Miami, Florida, United States #955239

thanks for sharing your story. when i see people attacking those who are honest that it didn't work for them i start to get a real "it works" wraps feel from it.

just accept it doesn't work for everyone. i wonder if it honestly works for anyone. but the more i look at the ingredients i'm like...why can't i just go to vitamin shop and get BCAAs and glutamine? the glutamine i take now is like 4500 mg per serving.

this stuff just seems really overpriced. maybe its good for people who don't know anything about supplements because its all laid out for you and there's no guess work. the spark sounds interesting though. i have issues with pre-workout.

i get jitters. so i'm interested in trying the spark and see if i like it.


Did you drink enough water and follow pthe eating guide? You are suppose to drink half your body weight in ounces

to Berg #956594

I did and I do. I drink about a gallon of water everyday.

I love when someone asks all these questions. I understand you are probably a distributer and are just asking the questions you have heard all along. However understand it doesn't work for everyone. It just doesn't.

I am ONLY talking about the cleanse and MNS system. One size does not fit all period end of story. I still love their Oasis, Clear Mood, O2Gold, muscle strength and nighttime recovery.

The MRS has to much "***" in it plus it has whey in it. The vegan MRS is full of soy another no no.

to Anonymous Antioch, Tennessee, United States #956986

Why do you say soy is a no no?

to Dan Newark, Delaware, United States #957834

For me soy is a no no as it makes my lips and mouth swell up. Also to much soy for women can cause hormone issues. Notice I say TO MUCH soy.......

to Dan #1005452

soy was not made made to eat.

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