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I have not tried any of it, but have looked into it. So far I have not found anyone that can tell me what is in the products.

They all seem to be evasive as to the contents. If spark is so energizing whats in it? Caffeine? How healthy is it?

If it's going to give you stomach pains, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, etc. Really? Why would you take it. Do you take it the rest of your life to maintain your weight?

Is anyone afraid that months or years down the road you may find out it has cancer causing elements. Then what?

If it's that great why does it have to be sold in a pyramid scheme? Just asking!

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Read the package. This company is NOT evasive. Try before you judge.

New York, New York, United States #968731

The contents are on the side of the package just like anything else in America lol 120 mg of caffeine


I have a very sensitive stomach, and I benefitted from the 10 day cleanse. I would not do it again, but I don't regret it.

It enabled me to learn to eat healthier. Neither me nor my boyfriend really look any different, but he lost 5 pounds and myself 3lbs. But we are both still happy with the investment because we now have the knowledge to eat healthier and in better proportions, as it kick started us in that correct direction. I would not do the 24 day challenge though, because on the Facebook support page you get invited to once you buy a challenge, there are a lot of people that complain they aren't able to keep the weight off without buying more products.

If your open to try something, try the 10 day cleanse. Just not the 24 day.

It requires a lot more supplements that I don't believe in nor do I know what is in them. If you find the right distributor, however, they will work with you to explain things!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #966333

Spark does contain caffeine but also vitamins and nutrients and it's no more than drinking a morning coffee but the benefits go beyond the caffeine ... Catalyst is a blend of amino acids ...

Omega plex is omega 3 ...

Derived from fish (so basically a fish oil pill) and I've not had any of those side effects and ive actually been less gassy than normal ... What else would you like to know

to Bethany #966704

Spark also contains Splenda, which might be carcinogenic. It's a trade off.

Lorton, Virginia, United States #965422

Go to my Advocare website above and you can see ALL ingredients. These products are amazing and SAFE!

They are used by pro athletes and it is the sponsor of MLS. All products are tested for over 500 banned substances.

New York, New York, United States #960278

I love many of the products. The website for Advocare is very informative if you want to know the exact ingredients in every product.

I have helped many people, including myself, for different reasons feel better through the use of the products. From fatigue due to cancer treatment, various medical conditions to weight loss after trying so many other plans, I love what the company and products represent.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #959888

For those of you that need to know the ingredients, go to Advocare's website, click on products at the top of the website, select the group (you may have to try several to find the product depending upon the group it belongs in) i.e. "Active", Select say "Spark", click the "View/print Supplement Facts" to see the ingredients in Spark. This applies to any of their products.

Pueblo, Colorado, United States #958920

So far what I've seen is alot of vitamins, and I .haven't tried their products yet. Waiting for my Spark to get here.

So far in my research it seems relatively sound if someone is living a healthy lifestyle. I've noticed in my line of work that society is not good at following instructions. They skim over reading material and directions and say they followed what they read.

General public does not do research on what they are taking or putting into their products. I say it's a personal responsibility and not that of a business to dumb down their products instructions for the ill educated and lazy.

Chadbourn, North Carolina, United States #958437

Contact me at 8433030162 I'll answer all questions

Grand Haven, Michigan, United States #957782

If you haven't found the answers you are looking for I have the perfect person for you to talk to. If you are interested in finding out more about Advocare and what is in the products go to

This is my page. Click on contact distributor and give me a call or email me. :-) I would be more than happy to work with you and answer any questions you might have.

If I can't answer them I will get you in contact with someone who can.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Dallas, Texas, United States #957725

Most side effects of supplements like advocate are stomach pains, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, etc.


Spark is amazing. And it is not sold in a pyramid scheme.

It is simply the vision of the creator to help build relationships and help others achieve the healthy lifestyle we want and deserve. That cannot be accomplished if sold from a shelf.

If you are not getting your questions answered is because you are going to the wrong person.

Every ingredient in Spark and all AdvoCare products are clearly listed on the packaging and if not they can be found in the website.


I am no more afraid it will cause cancer than the water I drink out of my tap, the chicken I BBQ or the milk I drink from the grocery store. Seriously everything can cause cancer. Nothing seems safe anymore!

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