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So I, like many others thought advocare was going to be the answers to my prayers. I had about 25 lbs I wanted to lose.

I followed everything to a T, and on day 14, "The Max Phase" I got very sick. Like intense sweating and pain in my abdomen... so bad I couldn't walk. I am in college so my roomates rushed me to the Dr.s office, there I developed a rash from my neck down, and my throat started to constrict.

I was rushed to the ER, and there I was told I had a vitamin B overdose. A prime component in the advocare 24 days is niacin aka vitamin B, the average person intakes 700% of the daily dose per day.

It built up in body, thus the reaction. I am so pissed at advocare, as a broke college student I spent my hard earned cash on this worthless pyramid scheme.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $235.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Advocare Cons: Side effects, Cost, Consistancy of fiber drink, Physical damage.

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Vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin. It does not and can not build up in your body.

Can you take to much Vitamin B? Yes. What happens when you do? It leaves your body through urine.

B does not hang around...

sorry to bust your bubble, but you either had a quack for a doctor or your poor attempt to make a product sound bad did not work.

And so you know, I have not taken Advocare, I am actually currently just researching it and checking reviews - this is not a review I intend to take to heart.


The Mayo Clinic disagrees with you.... You certainly can overdose on taking over the counter Niacin.


Advocare not a pyramid scheme...that's the first thing I learned about this company. In a pyramid scheme, a person who signs up under you can not surpass you without you reaping the benefits....there is no such thing as that in this company.

Also, the only B vitamin that you can "overdose" on and cause this type of reaction is riboflavin...and that's only if taken in EXTREME dosages. That's why it is extremely important to follow their FOOD recommendations when doing your challenge. They advise not to take more than 3 Sparks a day, drink tons of water and exercise.

Sounds like someone didn't follow directions. Please do your research...and that doesn't mean GOOGLE search....


vitamin b does not build up in body...only D and A


Vitamins A, D, E, and K are all fat soluble vitamins that can build up in the body!

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