I recently purchased the new packaged spark. Not sure if they have changed the formula.

But, I got horribly sick. Almost instant diarrhea followed by flushing. The nausea has gotten worse as the day goes on. Symptoms of niacin poisoning!

I am a distributor and cannot in good conscience sell this poison to people! I’m canceling my membership. Shame on you Advocare for selling this garbage!!!

I will spread the word to everyone who will listen!!!! Everyone needs to know how terrible Advocare is and hopefully nobody else gets sick!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Advocare Spark Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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15 min into drinking spark ( didn’t even drink Half of it) I had instant diarrhea and nausea! Just got my phase 1 in for the new One /80. I dot even know if I want to try the rest of the products anymore.


The issue is that the amount of the ingredients are not consistent or monitored. It's definitely not a good supplement. Spark is nothing more than a Monster drink with a few added vitamins.


I agree with you. I have gotten sick from their products, content of niacin is too much. i never again take their advocare product ever again.

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