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I was approached by a diamond rep, Sam, to be on her team. She was so enthusiastic, like, annoying enthusiastic.

She went on & on about how I can make my life better, be in control of my life & live it on my own terms, apparently Sam assumes we're all miserable unless we're hustling for her. Well, turns out, Sam stands to make money off of all the sales I make, ha, no wonder she's so enthusiastic. My friend & I both thought she was a con job. She claims to care so much about making other people happy when the truth is she's making herself happy by recruiting you so she gets a cut of all your sales.

Sorry Sam, I'm not interested in hustling Advocare products to people when all you have to do is eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise. Supplements don't get absorbed into the body, they just give you expensive urine.

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