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I am preparing an article for a well-known national publication on Advocare, the health and wellness multi-level marketing company. If you would like to share your experiences -- positive or negative -- about the company's products and business strategy, please contact me at advocareinformation@gmail.com.

I am hoping to speak with current or former executives, distributors and retail customers, who can speak about the quality of Advocare's products, and the effectiveness of the company's stated mission to help people earn significant additional income and eliminate personal debt.

The information you share will be regarded as anonymous unless you express otherwise.

Thank you.

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I did the 10 day cleanse with no problems, definitely need to drink the fiber drink quickly or it turns to a jello consistency.

However three days into the second phase of the 24 day challenge my face, neck, chest and back began to get very warm and red like I was sunburnt.I started to feel very itchy and my face began to tingle like it does right before it goes numb.

Obviously I knew i was having an allergic reaction so I took Benadryl and went to sleep.

The fourth day I woke up and my face was swollen, not horribly but enough to cause concern and go to urgent care. I told the doctor I had just started this new phase and while looking at the ingredients he noticed the crazy amount of niacin in the product. Side effects in high doses of niacin yep that's right redness of skin especially in the face and neck, itchy, numbness/tingling, and dryness in the skin.

So Long story short I'm on medications for a week and will not be using this product again.**Definitely consult your physician just in case u may be allergic to something in these products!!!

On a different note I know several people who use advocare products without any problems.

Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States #685742


obviously I am not the only one!

Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States #685740

I tried Advocate because my best friend was selling it and claimed it would change my life.Well it did for the worst.

It caused headaches, stomach cramping and projectile vomiting. I was in such abdominal pain that I could hardly move. I stopped taking it and I was fine. Since I wanted to like it, I stupidly tried it again with the exact same results.

That being said, there will not be Advocate in my life! It is sad when you are so ill that you can't even keep liquids down!

I did lose 30 pounds in 4 months using Curves Complete!


JUST TO MAKE YOU AWARE IF YOU ARE READING THESE REVIEWS.I did not post the comment on June 6, 2012.

Someone has made up an account just to steal my identity and posting negative information about me and Advocare, the company that I actually do believe in and use the products as well as I am an Independent Distributor who is helping people with lifestyle changes. I have even asked this site to remove all of the 3 postings that someone felt they needed to post to try to hurt me as well as interfere with the success that Advocare is having in our community of Denham Springs and Watson, LA.

THE REAL Karla Cormier who is proud to be an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare products.

And for some reason, this shows that I am posting this from an area other than Denham Springs, LA...which also is another error!!!Do not trust this site!


We can all save money and just do Slim FAST and vitamins all at WAL MaRT!!!!


Is for *** people that enjoy waisting away money.

Just saying


I am interested in the weight loss products.I have been reading up on the products and I am not sure which ones to use.

I think I will start with the 24 day challenge butI am not sure what to take after that.Please let me know what you are taking to continue the weight loss journey after the 24 day challenge.

to toobig! #667578

Listen...we have TESTIMONY after TESTIMONY about the GREAT benefits of Advocare...

my husbands story regarding his weight loss on the 24 Day Challenge was published in a North Alabama Magazine...Contact Us WE CAN HELP!


and we would be happy to show you before and after pics of many we have helped, along with their testimonies.

to ADVO Dist #667606

Personal testimonies are about as trust worthy as late night infomercials.

If Advocare really believed in their products they would publish the scientific studies proving that their products work.

Advocare has been in business for 20 years and they have yet to provide any scientific proof supporting their products.


people who.post negative need to just really need to get a life any company will have those who have nothing else better to do than talk bad. advocare is great millions love it and it works if u try. if someone wants a quick fix get lipo and take the easy way.



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