Don't do business with Pam Giese.She is an Advocare distributor who makes a big fat commission check at your expense.

She promises you that you will make a lot of money and rookie bonuses and will help you build your team so that you can make rookie bonuses, that's how she lures you in. She then tells you to make a huge $3000 advisor order. You are then stuck with these supplements that are very expensive and don't sell. Pam goes from person to person and signs them up.

When you ask her for help she does not return your phone calls. She scammed my friend Anthony out of $500. He is a pro fighter who has 8% body fat. She ordered him a 24 day challenge which is a weight loss supplement and shakes as well as FAT burners.

The kid has absolutely no more fat left on his body. She claims she is an expert and weight loss coach but doesn't know anything.

Pam Giese used Anthony's credit card and processed a $500 order of supplements without his authorization as well.She lives in Port Orange Florida as well as Toms River NJ everyone please be aware of this scammer.

Review about: Advocare Supplement.

Monetary Loss: $3500.


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she is NOT a scammer. you should be sued for slander.


You should look up companies before investing!

But as a rule of thumb, any company that sells you stuff and tells you to sell it to others and recruit a sales team is just a pyramid scheme!

I suggest u sue it's a guaranteed win!

As for your friend who's card was charged without authorization, why doesn't he just dispute the charges?


You are slandering a good person and you should be held accountable for your malicious public assault.People buy products and consciously make their own decisions.

I have nothing to do with the products and know Pam from a distance.She is a decent kind human being and your verbal assault is no less than disrespectful

to Anonymous North Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1140547

You wk for the company, this violates terms. No one sticks uo for a sham co for nothing. Your comment should be removed.

to Anonymous #1142065

It's not slander when he is telling people about his personal experience.

Plus, the company he is talking about is being discussed on the news as a pyramid scheme and I'm pretty sure we we will be hearing about them being sued soon just like all the other companies that used the same business model "the customers are the sales representatives"


How was your friend charged without their permission. The customer would to have had to go to the website and enter in the order and then provide their credit card at that time. It would not have been something the distributor would have had access to.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United States #773043

I would be willing to buy some of the skin care Definite Difference products you're stuck with...I loved their exfoliator which was discontinued a couple years back..and I love their two moisturizers...and all their skin care is now discontinued.Please let me know if anyone has these for sale--I have the most tricky and sensitive skin and I don't know what I'll do when all my exfoliator stock and moisturizers from the Advocare Definite Difference line run out.

Post here and I'll contact you.PC

to Anonymous #1018979


They have skin care line now

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #750592

And you decide to buy into this smarmy direct marketing *** because a rep tells you that you will make thousands? Idiots.


How does anyone not return these products? If they are un opened I was told you can return them for up to a year.

If you don't like the person you bought the products through;

then deal with the company direct.

I personally have lost 38 pounds. I needed to loose. I am a professional athlete and know many athletes over 40 that love these products.

To each his own. Such anger!

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