completed challenge to a T. i lost a total of 32 pounds and had a great experience .

last time i checked a gym membership is 3 to 400 a year not 130$.very easy to follow. everyones body is different in how it responds. but i really do believe that if you truly dedicate yourself it will work unless you already weigh nothing. the part that worked for me is the smaller meals and snacks in between.

that helps retrain your metabolism. if you already eat that way than there isnt no shock factor to your body. if anyone has ever completed p90x than they understand the value of shocking your body.

you cant walk everyday and expect to lose weight consistently . you have to mix in a higher cardio to get your heartrate up there

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Richardson, Texas, United States #1212908

This is a complaint forum. You advocare bums are vultures!

Clute, Texas, United States #1206623

Have you had a complete blood profile done since using these products? Google search Advocare and you will understand what I am talking about.

It's MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Which means that the company most likely users the cheapest supplements, and vitamins, and then charges you an exorbitant amount for the product to get into your hands. Not making any of this up, it's information that's out there. Just sad that people don't investigate what they're putting into their bodies.

If you are satisfied, great!

All of this can be achieved by eating healthy and exercising, not by handing people your hard earned money, for something that sounds too good to be true. Just my educated opinion.

Sacramento, California, United States #1196851

I was curious of your starting wieght.. (and height)

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1150886

My gym costs me 10 dollars a month..... Just sayin ;)

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