Great for the people that Advocare has worked for. I'm not a truck driver or couch potato.

I run a multi-million real estate company. I tried the 10 day cleanse. Took all the pills, followed the diet to a tee and didn't lose an ounce. Perhaps it doesn't work well for folks over 55.

The products are expensive and could probably do as one review customer stated. Buy over the counter drug store brands and get the same results. I don't know.

All I do know.....it didn't work for me. I bought :Probiotic, Fiber packs, Herbal Cleanse Caplets, Meal Replacement (Lemon) and Catalyst I didn't buy sparks but did add Plexus Slim to the fiber to help the flavoring

Reason of review: Product didn't work.

Monetary Loss: $136.

AdvoCare Pros: Adviser was very caring and kept in contact.

AdvoCare Cons: High cost, Product didnt work.

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You're looking for a quick fix to your weight problem. Stop with that and save your money.

Best thing I have found is to cut your caloric intake to around 1k daily, walk a mile or two every day without fail and you will lose weight, albeit slowly. Your metabolism has alot to do with your weight, but cutting your calories and exercising works the best. Buy yourself a treadmill to do the daily walking if you cannot walk outside. No need for running, etc.

Just plain old walking is the best exercise.

Buy Lean Cuisine, etc. meals for a couple of dollars apiece on sale and use them for two meals a day and then a regular one as the third one.


You just gave up the secret of loosing weight!! Lol good job!

People are just too lazy to do that. Eat less and walk more or do something fun And enjoyable instead of sitting in front of TV and thinking that their loosing weight.

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