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On a monthly basis I review the complaint sites for "non mainstream products". I've found the same pattern amongst posters: some love it, some hate it, some feel it's served its purpose.

That's what we get from every dietary/weight loss or health product. There are some requesting research, well the truth about research is that most people don't understand the statistical analyses employed to convey the result nor what it really means. How many FDA-approved products have been found harmful after millions were prescribed some type of pill? Consumers and patients are a,ways at the mercy of research results.

Every time we ingest something, it's an experiment. Heck, more and more people are allergic to "natural foods" such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, strawberries, shellfish, etc... We are all different. I'm also not concerned with the direct marketing that so many people seem to be mad about.

Many of these people are their own "GNC or Vitamin Shop"...why is that bad? Mary Kay and Avon have done the same things for years. And guess what, not all of their products deliver the result they advertised for everyone. You'll also see people posting about how mad they are that they joined and didn't make money.

I advise people to NOT be dissuaded by posts to take or use these products. I'm not a regular customer, but I did lose 17lbs when I did the 24Day Challenge. I'm not a sucralose fan, but I try the drinks here and there. The truth is, there's not much you can buy anywhere anymore that doesn't have some of these same ingredients unless you're talking about buying ONLY whole foods.

You can't buy anything from the middle of your grocery store anymore without some kind of "compound".

This isn't an endorsement or disuasive review. Just some insight.

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This is a good comment.

I think the problem I'm having is coming from the reps. In brief: I'm a triathlete, short course up to ironman, and I use Spark, primarily for the caffeine, taurine, and the like.

Add an electrolyte fizz and I'm set. But I've been investigating other products, like the Catalyst and O2 Gold. And what I see is troubling.

There's no good research to be found (i.e. 3rd party, unbiased studies), so you go to the people--bloggers, reviewers, etc.

And what I see in the form of positive reviews are all VERY problematic.

"I love O2 Gold...I take it before I run and I can FEEL more oxygen when I breathe." - No ***, I found this review. The guy can 'feel' the improved oxygen intake from his bloodstream due to the supplement...when he breathes? That's not even what Advocare claims will happen. The supplement doesn't expand your lungs, and the claimed O2 increases will help muscle endurance and energy over time...nothing you will 'feel when you breathe'.

None of the positive reviewers I have found have anything, not one thing, even neutral, much less negative, to say about any of the products.

Not even a "I tried this one and it didn't do anything for me". Every single product review is glowing. And then half the time you find out...they are also distributors. They want to sell you the product.

These products may in fact work.

But before I spend $30+ for 30 pills, I want more than people who are either trying to sell it to me or are utterly unconcerned about placebo effects or actual critical thinking to give me some reviews. And I'm not getting that. It's mommy bloggers who say "I use Advocare, and it works!

I've lost 20 pounds! Of course, I also started exercising more and ate better...Advocare works!" See why that's nothing anyone should pay attention to?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #847634

My husband lost 20 in 2 months on Advocare and a friend lost 17 half way her 24 day challenge. So it does work...and it focuses on your overall well being long term and staying healthy long term.

I love the Spark for energy and had great results with other people. I am sorry if its a gimmick to other people, but it is not. This is the most trusted company and its natural based and yes it's just like all other products, have to have allergic warnings to peanuts, nicacin, caffeine, etc. we can't please them all.

But what we can do is help with weight loss long term, long term health and well being, as well as helping people with energy and increasing their performances in sports or anything they want to do. Thank you Adovare for being part of our life!

to Trish #862115

"My husband lost 20 in 2 months on Advocare and a friend lost 17 half way her 24 day challenge. So it does work..."

See, this is what I mean.

Trish, not trying to be mean, but your husband's and friend's weight losses are NOT good evidence for the effectiveness of Advocare products. Unless during those two months they did absolutely nothing different in their lives other than take the products.

If your husband had also started parting his hair on the opposite side during that two months, would that mean that parting his hair 'works' for weight loss?

I'm not trying to be mean, and it's awesome that they lost that weight. But the challenge involves other factors, doesn't it? Factors like diet and exercise?

So what's your evidence that it's the *products* that did the work?

I love the placebo effect, so in the end, do what you want.

But you need to think more critically. Peace.

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