Advocare and their advisers/coaches tell you that you need to have a "no excuses attitude." When I started Advocare, the business looked a little appealing because I'd just left a job and didn't foresee another in the near future. However, I'm not a "people-person", I don't network well, and I don't do things that will take any of my free time away from my boy. My "excuses" as they call them are: I have a 2-year-old, I have a husband, I am in graduate school full time, and I am working full time again...not to mention the day to day stuff I need to get done around my house, and I need to sleep at some point.

I get sick of hearing from coaches, advisers, and distributors: "Isn't your son worth it?" NO. The answer is NO...my son is not worth me not being there to tuck him in, read him stories, and whatever else may be going on at 8:30 - 9:30 at night just to call in and listen to some training that I don't have time to effectively use. Or to make phone calls to people who I know are going to say 'no' anyway. My son is worth me feeling my best and being energized for him, which Advocare products provide; but Advocare is not worth me taking ANY time away from him. I only get about 2 - 3 hours with him every night, I will not have that time taken from him.

My coach calls/texts no less than 3 times a week to tell me I need to get people signed up. Everyone I know cannot afford the products. ($190.25 retail for the challenge. $80 for distributor package with $50 worth of "free" products + $152.29 for the challenge. Plus shipping and Taxes.) They are VERY pushy to get their bottom-lines in at the end of the pay period. One saying is..."Spark 'em up!" Yep, Spark hooked me, that doesn't mean I am a salesman. Sometimes, you can't make a salesman out of a hermit. Another is..."Be persistent. A 'no,' turns into a 'maybe,' and a 'maybe' turns into a 'yes!'" That's great, but I'm not going to pester EVERYONE I know until I get deleted off of every friend's list and no one speaks to me. They also say "speak from the heart." I tell people about the products I use, and I speak about how awesome I feel, I let them try the Spark, ETC....no bites!!!!

I am now at the Adviser level, but only to get my 40% off. I have spent a TON of money to get to this point also. I have no desire to work the business and pester people. If people want to know about my weight loss, energy, etc, they're willing to come and ask me, or I can mention it in a casual conversation, but I will NOT be pushing the products on or cold calling anybody. Telling people about Advocare does not empower me in the least. The "knowledge" I impart on them also does not "empower" them when they cannot afford to use it. I love my products, but cannot be a "coach" and be a hindrance on everyone's life around me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Advocare Pros: Energy, Weight loss.

Advocare Cons: Cost, Coaches, Advisors, Distributors.

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The only cult as weird as Advocare, is Sunrider. They each one have a few good products (I like Spark and Calli Tea,) but to jump through all the hoops and maniacs to get the products is a nightmare.

The people involved in these things are looneytunes. Just like Amway, Herbalife, and all those other nutbag companies that attract wild-eyed foaming at the mouth "Christians" and anyone else trying to make an "easy buck".


Your have the wrong coaches!!! Get away from them.

Advocare 1st and foremost is a nutritional supplement. I was at a mixer and what I liked about it is that they do not push the business side of it. If the business side of it isn't for you that that is ok. This group is big on the results(health related)

Remember...you can change who your buy your product from.

If you are unhappy with them. There are other distributors out there. I am in purchasing as a profession. If I do not like the customer service I get from 1 place I go to another.

If you do not like the people you are buying Advocare from find a new group.

If you want to pay the retail price for Advocare products, then find a distributor that respect your wishes and leave you be. I would still recommend paying the little extra upfront($79, get $50 of product and cost $50 renewal) to become a distributor.

Then you buy from yourself saving 20% from retail. You make back your initial investment pretty quick if use the product regularly.


Well then Ms Graduate School...just admit that the business isn't for you. It isn't Advocare's fault that you're too busy to spend the time doing what is required to be successful at the business.


You're absolutely correct that I do not have time to work a business like Advocare. HOWEVER, you are horribly mistaken if you think that I am blaming Advocare because I am not successful. In fact, I'm very happy sitting on my 40% discount, and using the products that I like.


I'm reading all these posts because I want to try the products. I currently am a distributor with another MLM and don't plan on changing that right now.

But it sounds to me like with Advocare, if you take the step to Adviser to get the 40% discount (versus a distributor getting 20%) you've committed to working the business. That's why your uplines are pushing you. You agreed to work the business.

If you can't, or don't want to, you have no right to that 40% off. It's not fair.


Hi anonymous, my name is Evan. I'm saying this because unlike you, I'm not hiding behind my computer and anonymity like you clearly are. I'm not sure if you are serious or are just trying to start a war...either way, at least show some respect for a mom who knows what is important in this life.


I am a distributor as well, and your review sounds like you have a pushy coach.:( Nothing is more important than family. The products are great, it just sounds like your coach fed you a lot of "typical sales ***"as I like to call it.

If you're ever interested again shoot me an email fitpowerwi@yahoo.com. Have a happy holiday!

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