Texas City, Texas

I was 182 now 113 so it works but you must work at is to. There is no pill that will make you skinny.

You must follow the program. The only people that don't lose weigh or get healthy. Are the ones that don't get moving and eat right. Stop drinking diet soda or eating fry foods.

Lets face it you didn't get fat over night and it is not coming off over night. It takes work but with product you can get there sooner and stay there. It is all about giving your body what it needs not what you want.

My Husband had a heart attack that was our wake up call. Now he is down to 12% body fat with the AdvoCare products.

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So it's diet and exercise that work then, not Advocare. You said it and another person in the comments said it--eat right and move, you'll lose weight.

Advocare has nothing to do with it. ;)


Yep that's right. No Advocare and she and her husband would be the same.

The products did nothing and do nothing. Will power, desire, and commitment are all you need.


Good for you little hot mama I applaud you at your amazing transformation!!!! You look amazing as I'm sure your hubby does too!

Everything you said above is absolutely true.

I started 3 months ago and by changing my eating habits and moving myself I am down 26lbs and still going after having 2 babies youngest one is 1 yrs old. Also using the Advocare line and I love it


I totally agree! With Advocare and learning to eat right...I have lost 82 lbs over 1 1/2 yrs and have kept it off.


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