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I went full paleo while doing a 6-week CrossFit challenge. From that I started the Advocare 180. During this, I began taking MNS 3. I took it for about 6 weeks religiously, and then took a break from it (for about a month) per the instructions of my seller/team leader, to test to see how I would react. My bathroom visits did decrease. Well, I recently started taking MNS 3 again, and sure enough - I think this is what is sending me to the bathroom 5+x/day. I have been back on it for about 2-weeks, and I just don't feel "good." In fact, I feel exhausted.

I am one who tries to ride things out as long as possible - give things the benefit of the doubt, and try my hardest to see things through. Having recently started a new job, I am not able to make it to the gym any longer (all work no play, it seems). I'm sure that would have accelerated the weight loss, but I was committed (wasn't cheap). I made it through the 180 seeing only a few pound loss, but I don't have a "ton" of weight to lose.

I have jokingly said to my friend (who sells Advocare) that I am sure I am one of very, very few people who actually dislikes Spark (and will say it out loud). I don't care for it at all (nor the shakes, which taste horrific - then again, I have yet to find a "meal replacement shake" that tastes good). I have recently started their "Slim" product though, and can honestly say I am able to take this one in a lot more easily. I don't exactly know why.

I am bound and determined to see this through, but here I am again - nauseous and exhausted, and just not feeling "good" whatsoever.

I don't know where the post under the original came from ("This person wrote the review because of warranty issue...), but I do think that is an unfair statement. Public reviews should be expected and accepted, regardless of whether or not they are in your favor. Not everyone will see or feel the same results.

I'm a real person not looking for money, praise, sympathy, etc., etc. This is my experience. Take it or leave it!

Off to the bathroom...yet again!

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I had this same issue with MNS when I started about 4 years ago. I kept plugging along thinking that my body just needed to adjust.

Then wham, I ordered another form of MNS the 3 series. I hate returning products so I decided that 30 days couldnt do anymore harm.

It worked, decreased bathroom visits and regained energy. I hope this is an easy fix like it was for me.

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