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I started AdvoCare Jan 1 went thru the cleanse part.Wasnt getting the energy people were talking about.Than I started the second phase was three days into it than wam I was allgeric to something in the vitamins.My Doctor told me to top immediately. Have been layedup for 4 days now.My face is a mess,swollen eyes hives on my body. I have been on bendrihl for 4 days off to the Doctor on Monday should have went to ER immediatly so if you find yourself in this position go to ER nothing to mess with.In conclusion I did get my money back went thru my person who set me up with this.Very disappointed in the product so if your doing this take percussions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I did the 10 days cleanse and I started with some rash on my arms and 2 days later was all over my body, I couldn’t figure it out if was and allergic reaction from something a eat so stop taking the products, and all the rash went a way, I tried again taking the catalyst and the rash it’s back .


This looks like the same lady that said Doterra did the same thing...she might be a fraud!


Keto Coffee did it to her too


That could habe happened with anything I mean literally anything you put on or in your body. It's not exactly a fair statement to blame the product. That is exact why ingredients are printed on the labels.


What ingredient were you allergic to in this particular product? Do you have more than one documented allergic reaction to other products you have consumed, or topically applied on your skin? Or is this a once in a lifetime threat of harm?


I made it through the cleanse phase without any issues, but took the 5 "with your meal" pill pack for the first time this evening and within an hour I began breaking out in hives, turned red all over, lips and ears and eyes swelled, and my heart rate jumped up to 152. I missed a shift at work and had to get Benadryl and epinephrine injections, and started on prednisone. I had no idea this would cause this to happen and it scared me so much.


Omg, I'm going on my second day of the second phase & I have hives all over my body!!! I wasn't sure if the product was doing this to me but I'm sure of it now!! Ty so much for sharing your story!


You should file an FDA adverse event report. It's easy to do just go here http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/ReportAdverseEvent/


This woman is exactly what I've been saying a word and openly all over the Internet when you take chemicals and foreign objects into your body you didn't pick from your backyard yourself that was grown as a natural product of this Earth if you did not get it from a tree or the ground or a cow or a chicken then you shouldn't be eating it or drinking it so I feel bad she's in shape like that but I think she deserves it she put poison in her body now look


Oh friend, how can you wish this on anyone. Yes she has responsibility in doing this but people all over are ignorant.

Look at all the poor ignorant souls that push AdvoCare. In your book, what do they deserve? The wrath of ***? I'm not a Bible thumper but I've always remembered Matthew 7 verses 1 and 2 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." This poor woman deserves compassion and understanding and someone to educate her on the proper use of supplements.

So too these Advocarians need forgiveness and to be led out of the darkness of evil from which they serve and into the light. They also need educated.


It is not advocares fault if you had an allergic reaction. Its a chance you take.


Yes it is.


How is it advocare fault when THEY don't know what she's allergic too...I have my customers read nutrition facts and ingredients FIRST rather than giving them.something...they may not know their allergic to something and it just happens...so again it's nothe advocare fault...also with the energy the cleanse phase isn't with energy it's the spark yout get with energy and a few other products...this is a post mainly to talk about how they didn't like the product but obviously she wanted to FIND a reason that was wrong


No it is not. With your logic that means if you were to go to a restaurant try new food and find out you're allergic to it then the restaurants liable I'm sorry but it doesn't work that way.

Anytime you choose as an adult to take anything you are taking the risk that you may potentially be allergic to it.

Allergens change throughout people's lives the allergens you may have had as a child you may have outgrown and as an adult develop new allergens that may be unknown. It is not the company's fault if somebody is allergic.




My credit card was also used for fraud by advocare. The rep on the phone was totally unresponsive to the fact that they had charged my credit card fraudulently!

I had never even heard of this company and a charge was on my card statement. BEWARE


Sorry this happened to you. I'd like to share your story if you'd contact me.


People are allergic to things. Are the ingredients listed on the product or available on line?

If so, then this really isn't their fault, and the medical science board does not have to warn people to watch out for allergens if the ingredients are listed because they expect people to know what they are allergic to. If the ingredients are not available then yes, they are at fault. I'm sorry you got sick, but it's really not their fault if you were allergic to something in the product but they were still nice enough to refund your money.

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with advocare and have never used their products. I am thinking about it and was browsing for legitimate reviews, but I don't think this review is about the product itself.


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I am not allergic to anything in thieves but when 2 of the oils are mixed together I break out like crazy. It’s not young livings fault just like it’s not advocates fault , or it works Keto coffees fault. Everyone’s body will react different and honestly as we age we can gain allergies to things we don’t even know we have.

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