My granddaughter has 3 years of college under her she has wanted to be a nurse since she was 8.Told me she quit school to build her advo-care business in fact took money saved for school to buy into it.

Tried to explain this was a bad idea she has quit speaking to me.

All she does on her FB page is promote this worthless product and tries to get people that have no money to join her it's like she is brain washed.Her younger sister is now involved in it as well and I do feel this is more of a cult than anything else, as they do brainwash their people

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Lexington, Kentucky, United States #903300

This review is a joke.SO what she quit school.

She is an ADULT, let her make her own choices.Instead of putting her down, be there for her!

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #901345

This advocare reminds me so much like Herbalife. Some will lose weight, most will lose the shirts off their backs. Does the world need another meal replacement shake and colon cleanser.Those of us that have been down these roads can see right thru this.

to denny v #903912

Google... the founder came from Herbalife!

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #887453

Let your grandmother do as she wishes, If she likes Advocare then let her be, it's not your life nor your desicion and to not talk to her because of it, is rediculious.

First Born Triplet

Well be glad it is not drugs she was getting into.


Good for granddaughter!!She wanted MORE for herself than working to build someone else's empire.

She will make 10 times more money in Advocare than she will as a nurse. And she will design her own day and get to change peoples lives doing something that she loves.

You should be so proud.The people in Advocare are some of the most amazing leaders I have ever met.

to Anonymous #912420

See!Brainwashing ^^^^^^!

These people want to make money off friends and family so bad, they don't care that everyone thinks their brainwashed, annoying desperate pushers.

Get a real job.Nobody likes MLM people except poor innocent victims who are gullible.

to Anonymous Golden, Colorado, United States #932246

Wow shill much?


Everyone is brainwashed one way or another.Most people are programmed to "go to school and get a secure job" to work for someone else and die at a job!

Your granddaughters sound very smart and like risk takers. We help people build a future and help people grow she saw an opportunity to get out of the average life life style rat race!

Good for her!!!Wish her the best

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #870397

And you know it's worthless how? Maybe she could not handle school......

Northville, Michigan, United States #869898

I am a junior in college as well, but I am using my Advocare business to help pay for college.I Do it because I know it works.

I work 2 other jobs and I make more money with advocare than I do those jobs and that money helps me pay for my products as well.

MY suggestion is that you tell her to go back to college and finish a degree.Advocare is so doable on a college campus and by far my easiest and least time consuming job.


Here's something to consider, talk to her and get her to go back to college and take up business classes.Have her get a business major or something.

Tell her it will help her sell more advocare and she will think you are on her side and that you are trying to help her do what she wants to do.

If advocare doesn't work out for her, hey guess what, she has a business major and can make money in many other ways.

I have tried the pyramid businesses and there are a lot of people who make a ton of money with them. You call it a cult, I call it a pyramid scheme with VERY GOOD PRODUCTS. I know because the products have helped my family members. I use some of the products I buy off a friend of mine.

I have never tried to sell any of it and am not interested, I make too much money from my job to give it up.But I use the *** out of advocare.

Wisconsin, United States #863554

No one needs this or anything like it. Eat smarter, move more and be responsible for yourself

to Clete #869059

No one needs advocare huh?

11 years ago my niece was a baby and had really bad constipation problems and was in a ton of pain when she had to go number two.

The doctor tried some medicines and they didn't work. My mom found this product (it was when advocare had a childrens line, they don't anymore is what I heard which i think sux).

My niece was taking advocare and it fixed her problem, my mom talked to the baby's doctor and the doctor told her that he was really happy she found advocare, because he is a doctor he can not prescribe or even bring up natural ingredients / companies like advocare (*** law, i know).

Oh and by the way, yes she was being given healthy foods to eat, and all that.

Your idea about just eating healthy didn't work, advocare did.

to derp #886553

Wonder why there's no children's line anymore?Really?



to derp Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia #909546

A load of BS is what that is.

to derp #912421

No nobody needs this ***. It's such a liability they had to get rid of it. You people are so delusional.

to Clete Golden, Colorado, United States #932247

Why eat less and move more when magic pills and shakes promise weight loss?

People never want to put effort into anything.


So much disagree with you... You must know about the product and the success of people who have used it....

There is also discipline along with it...no magic pill will ever be sold and all advocare distributors will tell you that.

So sorry you feel that way.

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #862869

Your granddaughter obviously is an intelligent person having 3 years of college education, you of course I can understand your disappointment on her decision on not perusing her life long dream of becoming a nurse, a very respected occupation, her decision to leave college is not uncommon, many find other passions that they discover and choose to leave college. She discovered and most likely tried their products and believed in them as I did, the only difference is that I only want to buy them for myself and family because we know Advocare helped us in our health and well being, your granddaughter probably wanted to sell Advocare products and it is a business some will do very well and some might not....if I felt that I could do well selling this product I would because it is a great product, it's just not what I'm good at. Your granddaughter could use your support in whatever she wants to become, remember it's her dreams.

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