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I have already wasted enough time with this ridiculous, multilevel marketing scam, this will be my one and only retort. If you feel like you need to defend your stance on this company, do not expect me to allow you to affect my opinion.

In response to my post, these were just light notes and not as harsh as what I truly wanted to post. I want to clarify that the "Avotards comment was originally dedicated to the woman (who are normally the smarter of the 2 species) who are drinking spark while pregnant and other that our giving it to their young children. The mind of a child while forming does not need to be over stimulated with excessive caffeine, B12 or Bull ***.

Not everyone at this Avotard convention looked like a circus freak show.

The one that stuck out excessively was the guy that over developed his lats, bicep and triceps causing him to resemble a walking cobra with a tiny little head. In his defense he was the smartest of the herd, being able to quote all Advoscares technical information. He just reminded me of the character in "Beetle Juice" sitting in the waiting room with a shrunken head.

My rant is not based alone on the $80 dollars that were stolen from me, it is also based on the cult like behavior of this Kool-Aid sipping group.

I fortuity left the temple before Jim Jones arrived. These cult like meetings that Advoscare holds weekly (Special ED success school) conditions their sale team much like Adolf Hitler conditioned the Nazi SS youth. The only thing that Advoscare left out of the Special ED success school was to water your plants and grass with Spark, make Arnold S. President, put a gym coach and personal trainer selling spark on every corner.

They could make a movie about these people and call it "Idi-o-crazy".

During the speeches, one particular woman carried on excessively about the "fire in her belly" over and over and over and over again. While her hand was rubbing underneath her stomach. I almost stood up and told her to contact her gynecologist before something fell out.

If you call Advoscare and just listen to the holding message, it is pure company conditioning. Call them for yourself and you be the judge. For the record, Spark is a little better than mediocre. The products that I was slamming were "Slam" and "Rehydrate", they were absolutely worthless.

I feel pity for the American Soccer League that is being forced to represent this useless product. They will need a nap time between each half of play. As for you who do not appreciate the value of the 1st amendment rights, please allow me to address you with a quote from your reply, "the facts do not matter." I appreciate that you are standing up for a brand that is self serving you. In reality world, THE FACTS are the ONLY thing that matters.

Do you not realize that the basis of multilevel sales are FAILURE!! They expect you to buy in, and then for you to push your products onto your close family and friends, they KNOW that you will not go any further than this. IF you do, good for you. However I can promise you that you will not continue to collect a residual income from Advoscare for the rest of your life.

By all means continue to do what you are doing, waste your time. But please refrain to collecting welfare when you fail, the rest of us are tired of supporting those that cannot tell reality from fiction. To explain to the common "Advotard", when I mentioned getting a grant, this allows me to get true information without the influence of corporate agenda's forced upon me. I.E.

Gatorade may give me a grant, but strings would be attached. I hope that this makes sense to you because I have a great difficulty dumbing things down. The individual that took me to this event is a solid stand up guy. I believe that in time he will distance himself from this temple of Kool-Aid drinking Advotards.

I even told him that during the meeting that he is the only one that could have talked me into even considering walking through the doors. My biggest issue with this company is not the $80.00 that they stole from me, I will survive, it is the fact that they designed a system molded to give hope to poor and broken people, even to the point of TAKING their last dollar. I do not work for, or use GNC products. However they are a less sinister company and I would prefer to use their laboratory foods over Advoscare.

"God bless and have a blessed week", anyone can quote a few spiritual comments and pretend to be a Christian organization Advocare. How long do you think that this angle will work when you are robbing people daily. If you believe in this magic bean juice then by all means mix it up in a bowl of Wheaties and end up like Bruce Jenner.

I truly do not care. So take your 24 hour challenge and building champions market schemes and take them to the special place in *** that is waiting for you.

Original review posted by user May 08, 2015

Things that you might want to know before making the unnecessary mistake of joining the Advocare scam.

About 2 months ago I tried a product called spark. It is a caffeine loaded product much like NOS or Red bull. It did not taste as good, but almost had the same amount of energy. There are a lot of mediocre products on the market, but this group, during their moral pow-wow's, carry on like this product came from the holy grail. Interesting session where people get and carry on about their pathetic live and bad judgment calls. How they were earlier broke because of poor business decisions, but Advocare "saved their lives". Giving them a brain wasted purpose to "sell, sell, sell". It was significantly worse than AMWAY. The group consisted of a lot of different, easily maniplulated, sports "types" - ie. Gym coaches, personal trainers and athletes that didn't make the cut. A lot of the physiques of these "athletes" decided that one part of their body was more important to develop than the rest of body, so their bodies were completely out of proportion. This reminded me of my youth when visiting the circus. The additional people at this event were more like people that lived on a McDonald's value meal diet, trying to become like the rest of the "Avotards".

As for the Dollar aspect, I had used my debit card to purchase a trial run of this so called "amazing" spark. The next thing that I know, going down the pyramid scam lane, a package shows up at my door step addressed to someone else but charged to my credit card. I then proceed to address this matter with what seemed to me as two lobotomized "customer" service representatives who REFUSED to refund the money back to my credit card UNLESS I spent MORE money with Advocare. Eventually Dominque, the 2nd "customer" representative, talked with her supervisor who stated that "I would NOT get a refund". They told me that they could change the name on the invoice to mine and I could BECOME A ADVOCARE DISTRIBUTOR!!!! This way I could SAVE MONEY ON FUTURE ADVOCARE PURCHASES!!! All while getting a discount. Ok....... Really!!! This is not what I was expecting. Her attitude, WITH A GIGGLE IN HER VOICE implied I should go pound sand. If you are fooled into the delusional mind set that you will not get robbed, AND YOU WILL BEOME RICH FROM THIS SCAM, your thinking would be the equivalent of going to Vegas and betting parts of your soul in a game of craps and consistently rolling SNAKE EYES!!

If someone approaches you at a gym, box or athletic event trying to push this "legal" drug on you, call authorities and have them removed from the venue. The caffeine in Spark is a good boost in energy, however their goal is nothing more then habitual, financial rape.

I would also like to ask anyone if they have had one of these "Avotard's" in their circle pushing/using this substance and find out a few years later struggling from kidney, liver failure, brain tumors or aneurisms contact me so that I may compile data to acquire a grant to have this companies chemicals investigated further.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advocare Distributor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is an awesome review!


I am not any of the distributors, but my crossfit instructor how ever is, he has asked me if would like to be a distributor, he has told me this is not a get rich or make a lot of money kinda of thing its just something to do on the side, If you put a lot of time and effort in to it yes you can make good money. Everyone has an their own opinion in whats good money.

For me an extra 300$ a week isnt bad, not that i make it because i dont sell this product, but he told me he puts very little effort into selling this stuff maybe a few posts on facebook, co-workers @ his full time job. And yes you are correct this product is not for everyone, take samples if your body dosnt like it do not continue as all and most products in a vitamin or gnc store will say..


Seems like the author likes to read about himself. I on the other hand, havent tried Advocare, and because ive read this, I want to. Enjoyed the comedy


I am curious if you've had an opportunity to look into the products and/or financial opportunities AdvoCare presents. If not, email me at team24andbeyond at gmail


P.S. The only people who win in a MLM organization, regardless of product, is the owners of the MLM.

If you're looking to make money, stay away from MLM organizations - this is more of a hobby than a career. If a company wants to to spend money to work for them, you're probably looking at MLM.


I make more money than the ppl who signed me up? I also make more than I ever did at my job..

And I have been doing this for 3 years, don't knock what you don't know about. Scams are everywhere but this is not one of them...


Way to defend - at least come up with a more convincing post. I am sure all the people that have complained about being scammed are in the minority? If anyone wants their money back for a product they purchased under different assumptions or promises - they should be refunded their money - period.


Although I have no affiliation with nor do business with this company, I think your testimonial would have more impact and credibility without the insults, "Advo-tard, Advo-scare, etc..." As a consumer who is researching a product, it is helpful to read these testimonials, but takes away from the impact with childish insults are used.


I would have called the better business Bureau and my bank to revert the charges! What they did was fraudulent and then to try to get you to become a sales rep for a better price?

Seriously!!! Who do they have working for their company? Children?

You should have stopped them there.

Dont trust ignorant individuals and companies


They offer a 100% money back guarantee, up to 12 months from time of purchase. No need to go any further than their customer service department :)


Did you even read the post before posting that comment?


Here is the bottom line. This kind of product comes and goes every couple years.

Eat right, exercise, and you will accomplish the same thing.

I have been a network marketer, and studied the industry. If A product is really any good they would sell it through the normal retail avenues.


Most will come and go but if you do any research, you'll see that this is different. They just signed a 5 year deal with Major League Soccer to be the sports nutrition sponsor, taking over Gatorades spot.

22 years strong!

Like anything, there will be those that love it, those that hate it, and then a mix in between. I'm not here to convince anybody to do something they don't want to do....we all have different beliefs and that's ok :)


Pyramid scheme is obvious!


How about getting fit without taking anything. Did that ever cross your minds all of you lazy and are looking for the next quick "fad." Mindless sh!birds!


I work out every day and work a full time job but I guess people like me are lazy!!!! I can't eat dairy or anything with gluton!!

So it is just protein and vegis. I also avoid caffeine and sugar.

I have a hard time losing weight and advocare has helped me do that. So your comment just makes you look ***!!


Greatest Advocare review EVER! I could not agree more!


So please tell me again how this is bad product?? Lmao!!

All you really stated was your opinion and blabbering and it made no sense or related to the products what so ever!!!!! This is pure comedy thank you


I think the author is right on. But of course this is my opinion.

I should like to know why you believe it to be a good product? I am very much into health and fitness. I refuse to stick anything into my body that comes in a package or was made in a laboratory.

I am not saying what this person said is the gospel, but I am saying that these products are poisonous to our body.


The use of lead in their products is pretty bad - lead causes cancer so hopefully you can see how that is bad?

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