I spent 160.00 on hopes of jump starting my weight-loss and good habits. I followed the plan, all 24 days perfectly.

Never cheating, always taking my pills and eating exactly what I should. I was drowning in the amount of water I was drinking, but thought it would be worth it in the end. I lost 2 pounds total. That's it.

My weight fluctuates that much on it's own without having to choke down 14 pills a day. Special bonus was an elevated blood pressure of 130/82 (regular 111/70).

Don't waste your money. You would be better off just trying this on your own.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This is not a miracle weight loss system. It is a system to jump start your new behavior.

I did 10 day cleanse with no weight loss however I did lose inches, bloat and general feeling of blah. I believe I was dehydrated, totally dependent on sugar. I got moving, had increased energy and overall feel better. This is a process.

You either trust the process or you don’t.

This gave me a jumpstart that I could commit to, now I can continue by choice, with the proper behavior towards diet and exercise. It’s on me now to lose weight


Not only I didn't lose weight with Advocare, I gained weight!! Of course, according to them, I was doing it wrong. In the past, I lost 55lbs on my own, but since taking Advocare I seemed to have forgotten how to do it!!


I agree I lost 3 POUNDS worked out and barley lost the weight. If you want to lose weight best bet is to watch portions, eat healthy choices, and exercise.

You shouldn't do advocare.

Those pills made me super sick. But I only have a couple pounds to lose 5'8 and 154 pounds.


EXERCISE, people!!! and not "I walk a lot at work or, I walk my dog at night. Strength training (join a gym or get some weights) and cardio (treadmill or elliptical machine)...How bad do you really want it?


Then what's the point in all the supplements? If we all went to the gym regularly nobody would need to lose weight.


It's a process. It's not a miricle product.

You got to do the work to get the results. They are there to help you along in your journey.


It's my understanding that the 24 day challenge cleanse is not for weight loss. That's just a bonus that a lot of people receive from it.

Am I incorrect by believing that it's supposed to cleanse your body so that your body is more able to receive the vitamins and nutrients that you take after the cleansing period?

Advocare isn't just for overweight individuals, but for everyone who wants a healthy lifestyle. Have you been exercising as well?


Did you take measurements, or just judge by weight alone? I lost only 3 lbs, but 12". Also, you seem to be blaming your high blood pressure on the products, without mentioning if you had any extenuating circumstances or not, such as stress at work.


Sammy, who cares about the inches lost? If you are still carrying the weight then what has the product really done for you? Someone can go get a body wrap for a fraction of the cost and lose 12", that doesn't mean anything in the long term.


I wish I could post pictures in here. I've done the 24 day challenge a few times and each time I've only lost about 4 lbs but over 12 inches.

The difference in pictures from day 1 to day 24 with "only" 4 lbs lost is mind blowing. I'm 5'0 and started at 148 lbs about a year ago and I'm now down 17 lbs and over 25 inches. I've continued with the healthy lifestyle and products which has helped me to continue to lose the weight and maintain. My energy has sky rocketed and I feel fantastic.

My skin, hair, and nails have improved, I crave water now, and best of all my clothes are smaller! I've researched the products and some of the best doctors in the world have researched and developed the products. They are also tested to make sure they are clear of toxins and banned substances. I even learned that the doctor who researched and developed IV nutrition is on their medical board.

If he is willing to put his entire reputation on the line to stand behind these products then I will deem them safe for myself. Good luck in your future endeavors with trying to lose that stubborn weight and I'm sorry you didn't get the results you were looking for out of it.

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