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I've lived and trained as a bodybuilder for over 25 years. I've read and studied countless books, articles and been to numerous seminars about living the healthy lifestyle.

In it's simplest form it comes down to eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis. All of this information is readily available anywhere.

The advocare sham is exactly that, a sham. I personally know several reps that are a shining example of what it is to be UN-HEALTHY. They've lost a few pounds temporarily, but look horrible. They don't exercise drink alcohol regularly, smoke and walk around daily with a bag of magic pills and powders claiming this is the way HA! These are the last people on earth I would go to for advice on health and fitness, and these people are reps for this company?

Trust me wasting your money and destroying your long term health on the latest scam is not the road to health. In the future I'm certain the advocare scam will be scoffed and ridiculed like the herbalife scandal.

Eat healthy and exercise it's common sense people!

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Lol you really are funny talking about a product that you probably have never tried. If you have been a true bodybuilder for 25 years than you would know the importance in having proper supplements if you compete or if you are trying to perfect your body.

I live with a true bodybuilder! Who has taught me that diet is 75% of it, which is the most important part but if you knew about the people who truly represent Advocare properly it's not a scam or a quick fix it's a start to help people rid the bodies of waste and get them on track to proper nutrition to help speed up their metabolism. I follow the plan that goes with my personal body weight which teaches you what to eat how often to eat (every 2-3 hrs), weight of how much protein I should be taking in per meal which I personally fall in the 4-5 oz per meal, what type of carbs, healthy fats, veggies, etc.. You know absoultely nothing about Advocare as I can see by your post and I being a 27 year old woman who has lived with a bodybuilder and have ate right for the last 2 years, have done 2 a day cardio sessions with weight training have not experienced such rapid results by just incorporating Advocare supplements to my already healthy regiment.

I would stand by their products proudly and say it has done amazing things for me. The only thing I agree on you with is that health is most important and if you are willing to live a healthy life than Advocare will be a great product to try but the weak and uncommitted should not look to Advocare.

Advocare builds champions in living a "Healthy" lifestyle. It is not Herbalife, Amway, or Weight watchers.So stop trying to tell people what you have no clue about.

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