I find it very upsetting so many people are so blind about advocare products. I really think most of the positive reviews are placed by distributors to enhance the company reputation.

I have been reviewing supplements for twenty years. I can't find a detail mg. amount for the products. Take Muscle fuel, how much of the key ingredients are in each serving?

41.00 for 10 serv. Even at 50% off is still a ripp off. Creatine, arginine, the key ingredients unknown amount. Pick up shape or muscle and fitness, in the back you will find better products and three times the servings.

Find me natural bodybuilders that only take Advocare products, It won't happen; Expensive and minimal mg.

per serv. Good luck!

Location: Melbourne, Florida

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Hum, I just asked for a distributor to contact me... after all this now IDK...


Of coarse the good posts are written by distributors. Advocare has changed our lives both physically and financially.

Advocare has allowed me to spend my time and money serving missions around the world and I have been mentored by Danny. Maybe if you were spending your time working in the positive and building people up instead of living a negative life and tearing people God would bless you as he has Danny.


You mean "Of course," not "Of coarse." Sandpaper is "coarse." Maybe if you sell enough over-priced, over-hyped Advocare *** "God" will bless you with some spelling/grammar/linguistic skills. Advocare is a more-or-less legal variation of a pyramid scheme, and it's products are woefully inadequate, and target newbies who listen to idiotic hype and don't know how to compare ingredients. Their products aren't completely useless, they're just sort of mediocre, and waaay over-priced.


Danny screwed over a number of his close friends so that he and his wife could claim their profits. When asked about his actions, Danny claimed that he was "compelled by God" to do so.

Don't believe me? It's in the court transcripts from the case where his friends sued him for doing this.

These are not the words and actions of a "Christian". They are the words and actions of someone who thinks only of himself and is greedy.


Not sure where Danny Mcdaniels name came up but he is a great christian, wonderful humble leader and poster child for how to live an abundant, servant leaders life.

Perhaps if your grammar was correct, your business would thrive Larry.


Not sure where Danny Mcdaniels name came up but he is a great christian, wonderful humble leader and poster child for how to live an abundant, servant leaders life.

Perhaps if your grammar was correct, your business would thrive Larry.


d4dancer is nuts. lol


I was a skeptic too. I gave the 24-day challenge a try after losing 7lbs in 3 months on weight watchers.

I then lost 16lbs in 24 days with Advocare.

Try it before you bash it. (And actually follow the directions, unlike some other people on here complaining about how they got ripped off with the same stuff...bull)


@ Larry

Wow! All I have to say is that's ridiculous.

Good luck with that... I'm sure that with your attitude, you can go anywhere (hopefully you can read the sarcasm)

Or do I have to pour some spark down your throat for you to focus?


My girlfriend sent me the cleanse and I was hooked after I took it. I lost 7 lbs.

I couldnt believe how much better I felt. So I ordered the phase 2. After consistently using their products for a few months I am down 4 pant sizes and feeling like a new me.

I decided to become a distributor and have sold many 24 day challenges. Everyone that tries it loves it so I do believe they speak for themselves and so do the results


ok let me try to make it simple for the narrow minded ones.Ive been using the products for 6mo,but not just me my WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!! AND MY GRAND KIDS !!!!!now find me another company that has products this good and this safe or this much science,then maybe we can talk.Its all good danny.If you told them the sky was falling tomorrow would they believe you?


If you have not tried Advocare then you really need to keep your mouth shut. I used Advocare while I was competing in Olympic Style Weightlifting for 8 years and it was very effective.

Someone stated that bodybuilders aren't craving for this so this must not work. Well first off you need to realize that 95% of all bodybuilders are jacked up on testosterone boosters. Yes they get stronger but the long-term effect is that they damage their kidneys and shorten their lifespan. Thankfully Advocare has developed something that is effective, safe, and is not banned by the NCAA or Professional Sports Teams.

Finally, my Dad is a very respected Strength and Conditioning Coach in the NFL and he takes this stuff daily. Our cabinets are filled with it. Also Advocare donated the weights to the weight room I was at when I first started competing in weightlifting.

Conclusion: Advocare developes a safe and effective product line. The company is also more then just a Nutrition Distributer, they care about the people and organizations that support them.


@ Larry MC

first of all i like how you bashed Danny then tried to pump your product!!! real talent...

I am sorry that you didn't make it in Advocare... Good luck in your business, but please keep your BS comments to yourself.


I personally use a lot of their products. You do realize that you have to use the products to know if they work or not.

@Larry Mc - for attacking Danny McDaniel personally - that is offensive. So what if he is their top distributor - that should tell you that he believes in the product and the company. He simply stated the obvious - you have to use the product consistently - which this person obviously has not been. The products work.

Advocare has NON-PAID endorsers -- you think that they are going to use a product and NOT get paid if it doesn't work. Sheesh...


No, you DON'T have to use the products to kow if they work or not. You can look at the ingredients in each serving, then realize that there are many much better supplements for way less money than Advocare's ridiculously overpriced and mediocre products, and then you can make an intelligent and rational decision to buy some of those better products instead.

People are only enthusiastic about Advocare products for one of two reasons - 1: It makes them money because it's a technically-legal form a a pyramid marketing scheme, or 2: They are newbies who believe hype and need to go do some research on several good bodybuilding forums to get their facts straight.


2 things - first of all, danny mcdaniel does not count in this conversation - he is advocare's top distributor - so he is biased - secondly, my personal opinion is the products have taken a step back and i can speak to that i was one of advocare's first distributors - i guess i might other things are better like www.selectskinny.com/select


I have a few friends that are in the NFL and we have been good friends since highschool, they swear by these products. Many college level athletes are beginning to only take AdvoCare products due to the results and it is swiftly becoming the supplement line of choice by many crossfit trainers, and athletes alike for he same reason. I find it very difficult to believe that u think all of these people are so misinformed.


Well my wife is very interested in getting it for our girls .. I will try it too !

She has a few close friends that are taking it and have lost incredible amount of weight ! Hard even for me to believe !!! I will let you know in a month .

Not really interested in Selling Advocare .. So I hope to be able to give an unbiased opinion .


Nothing against Advocare but there is a supplement out there for those who would like to try it. Organic, no fillers or synthetic vitamins.

Its called Prograde.

The website is getprograde.com.. Not a MLM and you just buy it online but no complaints Grade A with BBB and its no distributers.



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