I see many people have tried this Advocare, Some say its great some say it was not for them and others say its a scam. I want to try but don't have that kind of cash.

so those who have product and don't want it please send it to Tearsa R @ 415 Gully Ranch ct. Dickinson T.X. 77539 , I will post all info and pics to show results if any. I say lets put this Company to the test..I am Ready.

I will stick to the Product. I wonder if this product or any other really works?, then why does this company or any other let anyone be a distributor?. I believe that a person claiming weight loss from a product should be able to prove there loss, I believe that companies that let you buy in as a distributor are scams and are out for your money. Why on earth would they let you pay 200.00 or more allow you to lie your way in to other sales if there not even sure it works for you???

MONEY....No company has a 100% weight loss result. I say Prove the weight loss ....then become eligible for distributor , after all nothing is better than walking talking advertisement, I'm just saying lets be truthful about it. So ADVOCARE how well do you believe in your product??? Ill try you challenge, I just wont pay for a product or sell one Unless I know it worked for me.

Tearsa R @ 415 gully ranch ct.

Dickinson T.X. 77539

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North Dakota, United States #870690

So hows did this work for you?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #637154

I am mailing you something, *** I may even pay u a visit sometime.


I second "Anon"!

Austin, Texas, United States #624864

I'm a Dickinson girl (til I moved to Austin for college, marriage & all that BS).....NEVER post your home address......NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.....

Houston, Texas, United States #574299

Hi Teresa, if you are still interested in Advocare I can help you. You can contact me at alemtzchapa@yahoo.com


You really shouldn't openly post your home address like that.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #561120

Tearsa, I would be happy to send some samples to you if you would like. If you know someone who uses the products and is happy, you should feel confident in trusting what they say about what the products have done for them.

Please let me know if you are interested. I love them and am happy to help others. If the business opportunity is for you, fine. If not, that's fine too.

I usually just tell people I want them to know what I have and what they could have as well, and they can let me know when or IF they're ever interested in finding out more information. :)

to Stephanie Adairsville, Georgia, United States #563417

by the way, here is my contact information in case you are interested:

678-294-2288 (text)

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