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On January 23 I saw that a company called Advocare in Texas had charged my check card account two charges for almost $200 that day, but I had never even heard of them, let alone bought their product! I had to call my card company to report the fraud and get a new card.

A few other people I found in a google search had similar issues with this company. If they are a real company, this is extremely unprofessional and dishonest. I'm not sure if I would ever buy from them if there's a risk they could use my checking account like a pile of free money.

If I hadn't checked my statement, I wouldn't have noticed until my rent check bounced. If Advocare is reading this, please know that either you have dishonest employees or someone has stolen your company's information for this scam.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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How are they getting the credit card numbers?!?!? I have a friend wanting me to buy this product and I ALWAYS check reviews. This is scary!

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