Received an email from my bank with an alert stating I had made a purchase over $200.00 (I had told them to alert me if I get charges over because I usually don't charge more than that at 1 time.) So I check out my bank statement and this *** company CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD OVER $500.00.DON"T KNOW HOW THEY GOT MY CREDIT CARD INFO.Called my Bank and alerted them it was not my charge.

Be very careful if you see this name on your card.I am so thankful I had set up this alert because I might not have checked my statements otherwise and I would have never known to report this fraud to my bank and how many more charges would have been made.

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the same happened to me


Just got hit with a $201.23 charge which I did not do! This is complete BS.


They Got me as well on January 29, 2018.


FedX delivered health stuff to my door for close to 400 dollars.Charged my card.

I did not order this. Called Advocare and they reversed charges and sent FedX to pick up packages.

How did someone get my card????

Very disturbing.Advocare is not checking veracity of orders!!!


I was charged tonight FRAUDULENTLY from AVO*Advocare Int. Charges for $300.25 and $71.27. What the *** is happening and WHY??


Just found 2 charges pending from Avo-Advocare on my credit card for $212.61 and $70.44. Had to call credit card company and close account. Scammers need to be shut down.


Looks like they got me too.Two charges - $69.99 and $208.30.

Fortunately my bank is crediting me.

What is the best way to report them?BBB?


Just found 2 Advocare charges on my debit card yesterday that were processed on 12/27/17.Bank cancelled my card and sending a new one.

I called Advocare and they are supposedly going to reimburse me.Waiting on those funds.


Two fraudulent charges showed up on my credit card account yesterday from AVO*Advocare, which I have never heard of before. I'm glad I had notifications ON to get notified by the bank, but I had to close the account... ANNOYING!


Charged $210 New Years Eve 2017.Of course banks closed for holiday.

Never heard of these scumbags before.They need to be shut down!

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