Received an email from my bank with an alert stating I had made a purchase over $200.00 (I had told them to alert me if I get charges over because I usually don't charge more than that at 1 time.) So I check out my bank statement and this *** company CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD OVER $500.00.DON"T KNOW HOW THEY GOT MY CREDIT CARD INFO.Called my Bank and alerted them it was not my charge.

Be very careful if you see this name on your card.I am so thankful I had set up this alert because I might not have checked my statements otherwise and I would have never known to report this fraud to my bank and how many more charges would have been made.

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My husband just got fraud charge from advocate for 2,513.46 we also had alert set up and they never alerted u til 2 days later charge still pending he called to cancel card and remove charge. Very frustrating right before xmas.


have reported this fraud to westpac....they have arranged a refund....but indicate that these fraudsters operate unimpeded because the law doesn't regard them as being of sufficient menace to expend their energies on. I will contact ATSIC and make as much head way as I can


I woke up this morning with 2 transactions for $500 for advocare -fradulant and unauthorised.. ive never even heard of them untill today


Had them charge to an account that I have never activated.Got the bill yesterday.

They gave me a last name, city, and state but would not give me any other information. I told them I needed it to make a police report.

Still would not give me anymore information.Never heard of this company till it showed up on a statement of an account that was never activated.


I have had FIVE fraudulent charges by Advocare on THREE separate credit cards!!!And amazingly not one other fraudulent charge on any other card in the last 3 years.

Seems fishy to me!After many calls to them I still doubt they have lifted a finger to actually investigate even though clearly there should be record of who ordered the *** they sell.


Basically, someone stole your credit card information, bought a load of things, and you're blaming the company they bought from.You're an ***.

Signing up for alerts was intelligent, so I guess you're only a special type of ***.

Use your brain.

to Anonymous #1398456

No one stole are card we still have it, even have a let's set up as husband used card at best buy and he got alert and OK the best buy purchase but credit card company allowed a 2,500.00 charge go through without alert until 2days later.We never heard of advocate until today.

So how are all of these people cards getting billed to this 1 company.Must have been stolen from the same person or company to sign all of us people up for so ething we never heard of.

San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico #1060012

Did you ever resolve this issue with AvoCare ? Curious as I have placed only one order to date. But I check my credit cards diligently, as obviously you do also.

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