I can't believe some of the things I am reading in the reviews of AdvoCare or any ingested supplement. If you have ANY health issues, concerns, allergies or are taking ANY medication you should always look for possible warnings.

And if you EVER put anything (food, pill, etc..) in your body and you start to feel 'weird' do not think taking another dose is going to make you feel differently in a good way! And do NOT wait a few days to try again! Never put something in your body after experiencing an abnormal feeling. Let's see, if I cross a busy street and get hit I wonder if I do it again if I'll get hit again...

duh Think!

It's YOUR body and any distributor or 'friend' that tells you to try it again is not your friend! AdvoCare is made with quality ingredients but someone can be allergic to the BEST of anything.

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