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I had two charges on my credit card from Advocare followed by a credit that didn't add up to the total of the charges. I didn't order anything and it wasn't my charge.

When I called Advocare they said they needed my credit card number to see what happened, but I wasn't going to give that out. They couldn't match the charges to my name and wouldn't do anything unless I gave them my cc info. So I called my CC and cancelled the card.

This is a fraudulent company. What a scam to make multiple false charges and then a credit so it looks like it's been removed - but when you add them up and the credit is for less than the original charges - a sneaky way to make some money.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I had much the same experience when I called Advocare about the charges they made against my credit card. They refused to do anything unless I provided them with my credit card number. There should be something that could be done to bring legal action against them - they are attempting to steam with their actions.

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