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I too developed kidney stones while using advocare products. I am actually sad I can no longer take the products I feel were the only thing helping me lose weight.

I will not put the full blame on the products because I believe I may had not been drinking enough water. My stone was a calcium stone that is usually caused by dehydration. I am 29 years old and had never had kidney stones before until I started using Advocare. I think it just solely has to do with your body.

Our bodies all react to things differently. I know many people that use advocare and have been for many years and are in perfect health and have had no issues that is why I believe it just depends on our own individual bodies. I would just suggest to maybe consult your physician on using the products just in case, your physician will know if your body will be able to handle it..

and to also keep extremely hydrated if you are taking a good amount of products a day because kidney stones are not fun at all and hurt worse than labor. All in all I think the Advocare products are great, I was able to feel great and lose weight and see results fast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advocare Supplement.

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