Katy, Texas
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I have had a severe allergic reaction to advocares MNS C & crave check. Face,ears, & neck swelled up after two days on it. Not sure if I'll get my money back but I will try.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advocare Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Your swelling may very well be due to Niacin. I am allergic to it and the one time I took it my face,head,neck, swelled to twice it's size. Rushed to hospital.


Money back! OMG!


just a suggestion....

maybe that's the least of your worries! I'd be going to a doc asap to see if theres been any perm damage!


I did go to the doctor that day and was told to discontinue and they gave me prednisone. I was able to get my money back and a few of the advocare advisers helped me out.

They stand behind their products. Which I think is pretty cool.

It's not for everybody. Which I understand.


Advocare offers a 100% money back guarantee for up to 1 year. So, ask the distributor who sold it and you should receive it back.

The total amount you paid. I don't know if shipping is reimbursed or not.

But they should help you fill out the paperwork. Sorry it didn't work for you, its about helping people.


Advocare does specify you should check with your physician first..before taking ANY supplements. You should have known better.


If it was an unknown allergy what good would going to her physician first do?


You’re a *** How would the physician know about every ingredient in every supplement and how it will react with every person? That whole ‘ask your physician’ thing is a cover-your-ass thing and puts physicians in a terrible position.

They aren’t God.

Do your OWN research and try products that you want. If it does t work for you then you’ll know.

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