Advocare products caused me to have diverticulitis. The divediverticulitis got so bad that I had to have 2 feet of intestines cut out.

These products are terrable. Advocare has offered me money fir this but it came with a *** order so I did not take it. People you need to do your research. You will find alot of negative things.

People failing drug tests, illinsses like mine etc.

Lead was found in some products. Good luck

Product or Service Mentioned: Advocare Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am interested in knowing what products you used. Reasearching advocare before I choose to try it. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated!

Thank you



Was looking for an honest review before purchasing but your "lead" statement is rediculous and leads me to believe your a competitor. Horrible horrible horrible smear tactics! Grow up.


Actually she's telling the truth about the lead. AdvoCare is forced to ship some of it's products in California with a warning about them containing lead. California has a law Proposition 65 check it out.


They have to send that to CA residents because that's the law. Not because they contain less


Says the trump wannabe


I MIGHT take this seriously if this "reviewer" could actually spell words correctly and had proof.


Well there are thousands of us who have been screwed over by this company. How much more proof do you need? Its all over the internet, and on FB.


Do you always read something and think it's credible? Advocares informed choice proves that the product is safe and they are testetes for quality over 100 times before shipped.

Educate yourself, maybe reviewing the sci/med board would help you. With many amazing doctors.

Specifically who have saved thousands of lives by providing nutrients via inventor of the feeding tube. Look that up.


The doctors and sci-med board don't make the products. They have nothing to do with that.

And, do you know how many people didn't pass drug tests because of AdvoCare? Of course, you don't want to hear that part! I have educated myself, and know the very dark side of it. I know how the diamonds all lie and use go against the rules to sell.

I know about the lawsuits, people who get extremely ill due to the products, and I know about the people who run advocare, and how they are paying people off to keep their mouths shut about whats really going on!

Your stomach would turn if you knew what really goes on behind closed doors. You're the one that needs to get educated!


Somebody loves their advocare

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