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i was with advocare for over 10 years and was terminated because i told my upline about a deal to get more people to their functions. i had several thousand people in my orginization.

the people who got terminated were my upline and they are the ones that got my paychecks as well. it is not a company you want to be involved with!

they say treat people with dignity in their guiding principles but their policies and procedures say they terminate you for anything that is in their opinion wrong. they preach treated people right and they put me on the street!

Location: Mckinney, Texas

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I hear a lot of these stories lately. Shady company.

Shady leaders.

Shady integrity. I'm so sorry.


I love it so much I signed up for a distributor a while ago. I'll be glad to give you more information if you want to email me at dhwdesigns at charter dot net


Genesis PURE is not only an MLM... it has 2nd to none products and a leader/formulator who is unmatched. The business plan is binary so your growth is fast.

@Kaylei Ebu

"it has 2nd to none products and a leader/formulator who is unmatched" - prove it or shut it.

@Kaylei Ebu

I am astounded that shows like The View, Dr. Oz and some news programs in California put someone like Lindsey Duncan on TV and don’t to any research into his credentials (or lack thereof) or his clear conflict of interest.In each and every case of him appearing on TV he is there to sell and promote products he sells through a convoluted series of companies, some that he is currently hiding his ownership of and others that he has admitted to owning.

You can read more about this disturbing situation here:http:// youarenotafitperson.com/2012/08/06/unethical-yes-disgusting-definitely-but-is-it-a-conspiracy-lets-find-out/With regards to the issues you have brought up, his credentials are suspect at best, and as an astute commenter to my site pointed out, possibly illegal:“Dr. Lindsey Duncan might not just be unethical, he could be downright illegal.

He (and his company, Genesis Today) appear to be in violation of Texas Penal Code 32.52 regarding the use of a Fraudulent, Substandard or Fictitious Degree to promote a business.“Dr.” Duncan claims his doctoral degree (he has no actual undergraduate degree) in “natural medicine” from Clayton College of Natural Health, a “distance learning” insitution that happens to appear on an official State of Texas website (the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) under “Institutions Whose Degrees Are Illegal to Use in Texas, as determined by Texas Educational Code, Chapter 61, Section 61.302(http://www. thecb.state.tx.us/index.cfm?objectid=6941C34E-DF3E-4B42-28****D3FC3ACD29)How he gets away with that, I don’t know.”That coupled with the fact that he is selling most of the green coffee bean extract in the US based upon one flimsy study (I say flimsy because the size of the study was so small), makes the View’s consistent and continual use of him as an expert seem more than merely questionable as well.


LOL. Quite the claim from a site created by a landscaper.

I read your article and it reeks of bias and presuppositions. Your claim that Dr.

Lindsey Duncan is not legit can be easily refuted and has many times. Troll.


went to the website and saw the same things I have many times before. In fact the author isn't even a "pissed off consumer" of these products, he is simply a landscaper trying to sell a book.

People like him always (and I don't use the term lightly) pretend to be concerned about the consumer with a big article full of "facts" and "quotes" and "trials" etc... but in the end, it is simply another scammer trying to sell a book on fitness and nutrition at the expense of others.

Stay clear of Mark Vaughn and his book, "You Are Not a Fit Person"! I appears very forced.


And yet, here you are, with nothing to offer to refute the claims!



Wow, whoever wrote that last one must be pretty embarrassed right about now. The FTC has removed him from Genesis Today & ordered him to pay a $15 million fine for lying to consumers on national television.

You should probably apologize to the person that you called a "Troll" (seeing as how they were the one's actually telling the truth).

Maybe Genesis Pure IBO's should start listening to people who actually know what they're talking about instead of the great "Dr not a real Dr" (as they call him around the office at his company). If your own employees think you're a joke, its never a good sign.


Nothing to refute... Just a landscaper trying to sell a book


Just a landscaper trying to sell a book who clearly possesses more credibility than you, "Dr. Perry".


"Clearly" LOL


If you want to join a fast growing company join Genesis pure. We have Dr.Lindsay Duncan nobody can say that or have the credibility he has as a CEO/ formulator.

Email me if interested in joining our team or learning more about our company. Timing is everything.


Its sad that you got fired from an mlm!!!

I have tried the product and I cant believe how well its working!!

catalyst and spark is amazing.... I am looking forward to signing up as a distributor to get the 20 percent off.


This is funny, contact me if you are still interested in becoming a distributor. I can give you information. jamiesnow0604@***.com


supreme court reverses decision against Advocare.Larry Mc and friends get nothing


get your facts straight *** - we lost in 5th court and are in the supreme court now - unlike your company i have nothing to lie about




Petition for Review DENIED!!!!!!!!


sorry to hear about that

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