They sing you up, place big orders on your account so they get a bonus, It may work for some people, but if you use the same product every day (that has atificial flavor and food dye that are terible for you body) its bad.Just like anything you need a balance.

Start a healthy diet, eat good, fruits, vegtables, grain's ect. If you want to help people help them for free ( its called charity or just help them without them handing you thier wallet!) pyrmid scam!!!

It has split some of my family apart becuse they are not interested, no there selling makeup?Yeah energy drink and makeup, thats the wierdest two none realated things Ive heard of, they just want your money...GO ORGANIC!!!!

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Hawthorne, California, United States #829139

All u advocare croonies are idiots.These products have nothing to do with ur weight loss or new found energy.

Ur mind is the most powerful tool that can make u lose weight and have energy as long as u diet properly and excercise regularly and are disciplined in staying in shape. Millions of people in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 2000's never had this *** and knew how to stay in shape and lose weight the ole fashion way of diet and excercise.

Visalus and Herbalife are the same *** products as Advocare.Only reason Advocare is more popular is that they have better marketers and big name celebrities getting paid big bucks to advertise Advocares products.


I took this product for 24 days (the 24 day challenge) and it absolutely worked for me. I lost 8 lbs during and then 17 more later.


I love the way someone calls a multi-level business model a pyramid scam simply because they were unable to be successful at it.

I've tried exactly 3 multi-level systems, none of which were successful, but THEY DO WORK for those who are good at it.

Trust me. Sales...if you aren't good at it, then it won't work.

Another big help in MLM is to already have a lot of contacts. Not talking about your facebook friends here, though that can help too. My favorite band's manager advertised the AdvoCare system and a bunch of people bought it.

Everything that doesn't work for you is not necessarily a scam.

Besides, the initial post looks like it's from someone who didn't actually try it.

I am a consumer of AdvoCare (Not a distributor) and I am currently on day 6 of their 24-day challenge. I've lost 11 pounds and I'm not hungry and I feel good. Can't say I feel better than before I started, but not worse, either.

I started at 301 pounds, so I have a lot to lose. It might not be nearly as effective per pound lost if you are only 20 or so pounds from your ideal weight.

So far, I recommend it. It's something like $168 on Amazon if you don't want to deal with a distributor.

Good luck!

to IntroVent #738346

MLM enjoys a 95% failure rate for those that invest in it - that's what makes it a scam.

If you did your homework, you'd understand this fact.

You'd also know that none of Advocare's products have been tested and that they're full of chemicals.

But hey, you have some weight to lose.so...

to Anonymous #827428

95% of every type of company fail in the 5 years buddy. Plus, the investment with AdvoCare is $79! What an investment :-).


A friend of mine became a Distributor and went to the seminar about how to build her business in Texas and I became a distributor just to get the discount on the products.I have no interest in selling the products as I am not a salesperson and I don't care to start another MLM adventure.

That said, the product Spark is ok, but I am bothered by the artificial flavors, colors and sweetener. I don't think they say it is a supplement but I know my friend gets quite a buzz and huge energy from it!

Of course, if you drink 2 or 3 servings a day it is going to give you energy.I don't think the products are worth the money.


Not to mention you'll not have any friends left after 8 months of cramming this down their throats!!! :grin


My friend sales this stuff and they want everyone to sell because everyone who sales underneath they make a profit on.Did they lose weight?

Absolutely, but they changed their whole diet. When you go from eating out and processed foods to veggies and dish of course you will lose weight. DUH! I took

The supplements for a whe and no difference was made.

It's almost a cult following but when you are making loads of money off of people then I could see why they would promote it.

Exercise people!Get your nutrients rom food and FDA approved vitamins.

Springfield, Missouri, United States #645051

The products work, the business model works the variable is weather or not the person is going to work.There is no product or diet or work out ect that is going to work if you sit on your *** and eat pizza, drink beer and eat Oreos and the only exercise you get is to walk to the bathroom and *** that *** out.

AdvoCare does not claim to be a miracle pill, you have to eat right, and no that does not mean to eat like a *** bird to loose weight and take the products to help fill in the gaps in nutrition the food does not supply. Spark gives you added energy, other products they have help you control your appetite and cravings. Also they promote working out, you have to work out to burn calories to. People that aren't morons understand this stuff.

Good Sponsors/Distributors should understand and help people they get started on the products understand this to. Bad Sponsors or Distributors who are out for a quick buck or look to cut corners and lie to try and get more sales are the ones who give this type of business a bad name.

Also the business work if you "talk" to people and follow up i.e. not sending our mass emails or facebook blast and expect to get paid.

You have to work. Its a numbers game you have to talk to a lot of people and work on yourself, work on how you talk to people ect. You will get paid and paid good if you work.

If you quit or failed its your fault and nobody else's. Don't blame your sponsor or the business model...

You didn't do the work or put in the time and effort or work on yourself or do your research on how direct sales works.

So stop bashing AdvoCare.

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to u people crack me up #821252

***...I followed this scam to a t and no results....

21 days .... no weight loss.....

I'm done !!

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