It made my heart race and couldnt sleep. My doctor said its full of stimulants that are horrible for your heart and body. Long term use is terrible for you.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Purchased Bio Tune yesterday, took one dose and my stomach has had severe acid ever since. How long will this last? Have not taken any more doses


I have been using Advocare Spark since 1995. Have never had an issue...racing heart beat...etc.

I have been taking it every morning upon waking and in the afternoon for a pick me up. Don't know what all the negativity is all about!!!! Am a 67 years old but feel young of heart and mind. I am still working full time and have never had any health issues!

My doctors are amazed at my over all health. I plan on taking Spark until I am no longer of this world!!!!


What product were you taking?

Did you take lower servings?

How long did you use the product before you started seeing signs of heart racing and losing sleep?

Did you contact the company and speak with a rep or coach to see if what could be the cause? Again I would like r

To know what products you were taking.

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