I am so happy with Advocare! I have lost 54lbs since January! No problem with the distributors, I am a distributor myself so contact me if you want to change your life not all reviews are true.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Advocare is just another multi-level marketing scam. DO NOT BE FOOLED by their bogus reviews!!!


I am the biggest doubter in the world! When I spoke to the Advocare Rep.

I told her outright that I didnt believe and if it werent for my wife wanting to do the challenge, I would have passed.

I am glad that I didnt. I started the plan with the challenge Dec 18, 2014 and by Mar 1, 2015 I had lost 35 pounds. I went from a 36 waist to a 32 waist and I dropped, easily an inch off my neck. I continue to take the mns and drink the spark and I feel great!

If you would like to know more then just email me at regulator3066@yahoo.com.

My wife is now a distributor.


The hands look like they are from the same person to me. I've lost 45 pounds so I know that when you lose weight even your hands begin to look different.

Even your stretch marks begin to look different. There's another review on here that was rather positive too. The OP on that review stated that they were like 182 and now they're 113 or something like that. That's 69 pounds which is quite a bit.

And yes, they were using AdvoCare. I would like to know about AdvoCare myself as I feel I've hit some sort of wall.


Having been a part of Advocare, I know for sure that MOST people do not use Photoshop or stock photos when advertising. This is the same person.

It is not a quick-fix, it is not a fad-diet. In fact, it's a lifestyle change, and it takes a LOT of hard work to lose 50 lbs. Advocare gives you the control to do it.

She has lost 50 lbs in 8 months, that's only a little over 6 lbs a months, TOTALLY doable, and not QUICK. :)


I'll need to see a completely nude photo to make a decision.


lol i love the advertisements that's not even the same person, hence why they cut of the head on the second and not the first, also the hands are different.

all you people desperate to lose weight the trick is diet and exercise, there is NO quick fix.


Hi KK, this is actually me! My name is Kat and now since January I've lost 66lbs with Advocare I have pictures of myself in the same bathroom. My Instagram is @katarinalexis go ahead and look at all my pictures and Advocare is not a quick fix and no sometime diet and exercise isn't the trick cause there are nutrients that you don't get from foods that supplements like Advocare helps with and it helps you lose weight safely and quicker than normal


I'm sorry, I couldn't find an email-adress or something.

I'm a little bit sceptical but I want to loose weight.

Have you done the 24days-challenge or which products have you used and which do you use now?

Have you worked out more than before Advocare?

Thank you for your answer.

And by the way: great results!


Hi! My name is Kat and my email is katarinalexis@yahoo.com

Thank you! I have don't the 24 day challenge in the beginning and still use products to aid in my work outs now :)


I cannot figure out how to send a private, but I would like to hear more about your lifestyle before & after starting with advocare in regards to exercise habits, eating habits, etc.


Hey me either email me katarinalexis@yahoo.com



Advocare works I lost 10 lbs in 45 days n I made lifestyle changes and results are real and it's not fake believe me!!!! Advocare 24 day challenge is a "help system" to get your mind n body ready to a new you if you need help!

Advocare Catalyst and Thermoplus are amazing! If you had to buy only one product it should be the " Catalyst" ( take 2 to 3 capsules before each meals 3x daily) drink plenty of water! Don't believe the reviews and with anything you will always find 10% of bad reviews and 90% of the good no one takes the time to post!

I guarantee the negative post are people who failed because they refuse to change eating habits, wanted to eat whatever, watch television and refuse to invest in themselves becoming committed! I did n do can you; change is always hard but after 30 days the hAbit is made...

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