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Someone on here said Advocare had only all natural, great ingredients.

I am not for or against, however, after reading labels I notice artificial flavors and sucralose.

Artificial ingredients mean chemically altered. Maybe just minutely, but still altered. Call the company, ask them what type of artificial ingredients they use and just what is in them.

Sucralose is sugar, or was once upon a time, until some chemist decided to molecularly change it and add the same chlorine they use in swimming pools to it. Please check every company's ingredients.

This is the only way to challenge the FDA.

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With regards to the Sucralose...it is an artificial sweetener. To put it's usage by AdvoCare in simple terms, AdvoCare uses it because each year over 400,000 people die in our coutry because of illnesses related to the abuse of sugar usage.

Not one to date has died from an abuse of artificial sweeteners. Need more be said! As a Family Dr. I thank AdvoCare for their extensive research and product development.

Have you see their Informed-Choice program? Why is it that other companies don't use it? Answer, cost!

AdvoCare cares about it's name and product, so the money spent to have a banned substance free product...it's priceless! Check it out and see for yourself.


Actually, sucralose is not bad for you. Even though it is a form of artificial sweetener, so little of it has to be used to sweeten a product.

If actual sugar had been used, this would up the calories of many products. Put it this way.. it takes 9 tablespoons of sugar to sweeten a soda... but 1 TEASPOON of sucralose to sweeten it just as much...

WITHOUT THE CALORIES OF SUGAR! So, no, sucralose is NOT bad for you, given the small amount used in Advocare products.

I am an Advocare Distributor and User and I will never look back to another product or career. Hope this helped, mom.


:x ok guess no one is here today


I should add... that I truly wanted this company to be good...

top of the line...and the answers I found so far have been disapointing... so if anyone can ...

explain it better ... I am all ears.

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