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Someone on here said Advocare had only all natural, great ingredients.

I am not for or against, however, after reading labels I notice artificial flavors and sucralose.

Artificial ingredients mean chemically altered. Maybe just minutely, but still altered. Call the company, ask them what type of artificial ingredients they use and just what is in them.

Sucralose is sugar, or was once upon a time, until some chemist decided to molecularly change it and add the same chlorine they use in swimming pools to it. Please check every company's ingredients.

This is the only way to challenge the FDA.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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hey "concerned"-

the caffeine in AdvoCare SPARK is only 120mg.....equal to ONE cup of coffee. You dont get a "high." You dont get "jittery." You can drink Monster? First of all, Monster is LOADED with sugar......and the cost? AdvoCare SPARK is HALF of the price of a Monster.

And the whole "sign-up now and try later" mentality is NOT an AdvoCare attitude. We want ALL of our distributers on product......you only share what you are on. Any attitude other than that is not one of honesty or integrity.

No offense, but you should research a little more before you condemn something so heavily.

AdvoCare is ABSOLUTELY good nutrition!


I met an Advocare Rep and was interested in possibly carrying the products. After some research I decided not to for the following reasons:

Sucralose (Splenda)

Artificial Ingredients

I oppose the use of any artificial sweetener as well as the overuse of natural sweeteners and sugars. I do not believe any nutritional supplement should contain artificial ingredients. I think these 2 things alone speak volumes about the company.

In several product comparisons of the top 100 supplement companies Advocare doesn't rank high enough to be listed and in one of them it ranks at 1.1%.

I'll pass. There are much better products available. Sometimes the Direct Marketing entices people with the opportunity to make money part time or on the side of their full time job. Stick with your integrity and what really matters to you and you will succeed in whatever you're doing. Good Luck, be well.


Glad you stated this. Plain and simple.

Any artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs. I tried their protein shake which also contains these ingredients and ended up with a headache which I rarely get.

Spark I have tried and received an annoying racing heart as well as blurred vision. Neurotoxins of this type are harmful.

You trade weight gain from natural sugars to neurotransmitter disorders and MS..

Not worth it especially when health is being advocated.

There's another company with protein powders "ON" I think which they do not contain these products which the FDA did once deem as a toxin until Monsanto took over the FDA.


1/10 of a gram of sucralose. All Chiropractor doctors have a database on their studies on it.

FEW found a small sign of a weak headache with LARGE amounts of sucralose.

1/10 of a gram is not even a glimmer in your body.


Hi Mattie

That is great advice..for a person with a normal functioning thyroid. I have an autoimmune disorder where my immune sytem ate half of my thyroid (Hashimoto's thyroiditis) and my thyoid is underactive.

Mattie, I do ALL of those things AND I am on a drug for migrianes called Topamax which is a known weight loss drug. The wgt loss norm on this drug is 30 lb and people keep it off.

After being on Topamax for 15 months, I lost 15 lb and regained it a month later when my thryoid malfunctioned again. I excersice, drink 2-3 L of water/day and eat 1,000 calories/day. I do not consume corn syrup, preservatives and I am on a low sodium diet....

And yet Mattie, I am 30 lb overweight. I am willing to try anything to boost my metabolism since the medical community has no solutions for me..

Thanks for the advice, but unless you have a Biology/Anatomy and physiology background as I do, or unless you are an Endocrinologist specializing in metabolic disorders, I do not suggest people heed your advice.


In doing some research, I found that there is no ephedra in any AdvoCare product. They changed their formualtions years ago when it was first thought that ephedra could be dangerous.

Even though a federal court overturned the FDA's ban on ephedra, AdvoCare stated it has no plans to produce any product that contains it. Just FYI...


To be honest Advocare, when used correctly, just like many other weight loss drugs and supplements out there are okay for a quick fix remedy but if you are looking to change your life for the rest of your life the better none of those things can help. Your ONLY option to avoid other health issues or eating disorders is to drink water, eat right and work out regularly.

Yes it takes more time to lose weight that way. But if you are trying to lose weight than don't you want to be healthy???


To be honest guys, if the FDA doesnt approve it dont use it. If you want to lose weight, drink water, eat right, and excercise.

Everyone wants the easy way out. You might find yourself in a hospital at a later date.


I was looking at starting a home based business 6 months ago and evaluated Advocare versus Shaklee...I started reading ingredients for Advocare products and as soon as I saw "artificial" I said no way. So far, I have not found any bad ingredients in Shaklee products.

They do use sugar in their protein shakes and sports nutrition products but it's a minimal amount, and let's face it - it's got to taste good for people to use it. Advocare is NOT the only company who tests their products, Shaklee does way more testing (from the research I did). The vitamin regimen I put my son (2 1/2yrs old) on eliminated 95% of his allergy symptoms within 2 weeks. So, if you're looking for a company you can trust, check out Shaklee.

They've been around 54yrs. Have a healthy day!


This morning I tried the SLAM energy drink and within 5 minutes my hands, feet, face and even my eyeballs were blood red and starting to swell. Then my throat started to close down, chest felt very heavy, I couldn't breath and I became very dizzy.

After about half an hour I felt normal enough to resume getting ready for work. However, on the drive in, I had bouts of dizziness and heart palpitations. It has been four hours since I drank the SLAM and I still do not feel "right".

So, while this product may be great for some people, anyone with who is sensitive to Niacin might want to avoid it or check with their doctor first. As for me, it was my first and last time to try any Advocare product.


@No one: Doctors don't prescribe narcotics for ADHD or ADD. You are very misinformed on the use of medications for people with disabilities, and are unfairly bashing what is in actuality, helpful, therapeutic, pharmaceutical interventions for people who need it.

Not every person with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD takes medication, but those who do are the ones who medically need it. It's sad to see ignorance being propagated in this day and age, preventing the misinformed from receiving appropriate treatment.


"The FDA doesn't test supplements" Very true..and thats a terrible thing because we KNOW that the FDA is always looking out for whats best for the consumer. I'd prefer something that doesn't have the stamp on it. Means the company wouldn't grease the government palms


I read ingredients and found the drinks have CAFFIENE!! AND a lot of it.

To me that is not a 'natural' way to get fit....it is a false high...I can drink a monster drink for a fraction of the cost and get the same buzz....Advocare is not real nutrition!!

THere are much better 'get healthy' MLM companies out there......Advocare is not one of them..It promotes the business side more than the health side...JUST SIGN UP AND TRY LATER!! I SEE $$$$$ pushers, not health pushers.


I had to quit using Advocare yesterday, after being only 8 days into the 24 day challenge. I had been having heart palpatations since starting it.

Yesterday, I had very sharp pains in my upper abdomen, chest pain, racing heart, left arm went numb. I was scared to death. After reading this, I now see why.

I had no idea ephedrine was in this stuff, or I would of never purchased it! I am a 34 yr old healthy female.


NOthing is good in excessive amounts. For those who complain about the FDA yes they put warnings up for taking things in large doses and not being controlled.

Everything is better in moderation. Chill out


at least advocare is not a narcotic that so called real doctors prescribe everyday to children diagnosed with AD/HD. As a parent I am always open to a better option. If the product works and is not habit forming than more power to it.


Michelle, just wanted to clarify your statement about having the Physician that invented the IV on your board. This is wrong, the Dr.

that you have on the board is the one who founded TPN. (Total Parenteral Nutrition) which is a type of nutrition that is given to people who cannot eat by mouth.

This nutrition goes directly into the veins/ heart. Just thought I'd clear that up.


Linda you're really not doing yourself any favors. Dr.

Stanley J. Dudrick MD, FACS pioneered the research and development of IV hyperalimentation (Total Parenteral Nutrition) also known as TPN, not the IV. You really should get your facts straight before you make comments.

Also, Advocare is the only supplement company in the world who test for all banned substances(Informed-Choice Certified). That's why olympic and worldclass athletes can use and endorse the products.


I am a student of biology and chemistry and having taken organic chemistry along with many other related classes i can assure you that Alan is perfectly right. The manufacture of sucralose...also known as Splenda, uses chlorine, Cl, 7 electrons in it's valence shell, blah, blah, blah...the same chlorine that cleans the *** out of your pool.

So, no, it is not choline, nice try though. Maybe take a nutrition class or any REAL chemistry class before dropping some b.s.

on a random internet review board.

Cheers to education! :p


If someone on here said its all natural ingredients you shouldnt be upset with the company since the company never said that. Also artificial is also meaning flavoring.

You may also want to reread the ingredients because there is no sugar.

And there is no chlorine from swimming pools in the products. Its choline which is an herbal ingredient.

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