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Someone on here said Advocare had only all natural, great ingredients.

I am not for or against, however, after reading labels I notice artificial flavors and sucralose.

Artificial ingredients mean chemically altered. Maybe just minutely, but still altered. Call the company, ask them what type of artificial ingredients they use and just what is in them.

Sucralose is sugar, or was once upon a time, until some chemist decided to molecularly change it and add the same chlorine they use in swimming pools to it. Please check every company's ingredients.

This is the only way to challenge the FDA.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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And every single one gets PAID to write their opinions. Do your research.

There are quite a few bottom feeder doctors out there. Not to mention someone can call themselves a doctor and they are a chiropractor or have a doctorate in literature!


6 yrs on ADVOCARE Products 6 children 5 grandchildren also on it daughter 3 time state champion track and xc son state champion wrestler working towards all American. These Products are amazing and any unbelievers are uneducated attend success school!!!


You are an ***!


I cant believe all the products out there for weight loss. I wish that people would realize that all they are doing is hurting their health and making others rich.

Want to lose weight? Join a gym. Dont have money for a membership? seek a group related to fitness.

Most groups are free (meet up . com).

Go to the library and borrow dvd's and books that can aid you in your progross.

Educate yourself on what natural is.


Just to elaborate on WOW"s response...joining a gym and/or group class exercises...Crossift being one if the best...doing that alone WILL NOT get you to th body composition you you want. It's 80% diet...you have to eat clean most of the time and drink a ton of water....just my 2 cents...oh BTW..I'm an Advocare Advisor and love quite a few of their products...taking them has definately helped me acheive body comp goals.....To You Health......


Prove it. Prove that it was Advocare.

Show the clinical trials, the peer reviewed studies.

Where is the documented scientific proof that supports any of Advocare's claims. Just because you happen to be ingesting some powder or pill does not automatically mean that the powder or pill is the reason for your results; correlation does not equal causation.


To SoSimple,

A link to nothing?

Besides, if you want to know the truth, you need to read the published, peer reviewed, clinical studies; not a video from youtube!


Absolutely! 20% is exercise.

You do the 20% awesome, and neglect the 80%, you will get no results. Advocare teaches you how to eat. Advocare covers the 80%, plus it offers the other 20% with exercises and workout regiments. It covers the whole 100% spectrum.

Plus added vitamins, minerals, and healthy products that surpasses 100% of the lifestyle formula. If you have not seen results personally, you're either lying, cheating, or both!


If you understand anything about eating right, you know just how unhealthy it is to eat processed foods and foods with chemical additives.

Yet, people like you somehow believe that eating highly processed and chemical laden products like Advocare are somehow "good" for you???

Anyone who really cares about the health of others and/or their own health would NEVER put "supplements" into their bodies.

It's a simple matter of common sense; something that is completely lost by those touting Advocare, and the like.


advocare is the best stuff on earth. i went from out of shape to an animal in 8 months


To Russ the Advocare products clearly list Niacin if they are contained. I am holding a Advocare Spark powder package in my hand as i type this responce and it clearly states Niacin (as Niacinamide) at 60mg on it's package. Before you respond you may want to do your homework.


Wow! Put one advocare multi vitamin in water and it WILL NOT even disolve in 24 hours.

You are paying for NOTHING!

By then it has flushed through your system and your body gets no nutritional value from it. People are getting paid to promote the company and it DOES NOT mean they actually use the products.


I used to use advocare until I saw the artificial ingredients. I want something all natural, which is pretty hard to find these days.

Then I found Shaklee products. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. It's all scientifically backed also. I would suggest using these products.

They have products for skin, weight-loss, cleaning as well as fitness. Take a look if you don't believe me



To Debi,

At least the FDA tests products for safety.

Does Advocare test their products? Nope!

Not once, in all of the years that they hve in business, have they published ANY testing done on their products. This is a huger red flag!

"Informed-Choice" ONLY tests for banned substances. They do NOT test to see if the listed ingredients are indeed there, nor do they test to see if the products work!

Besides that, there have been other supplement manufacturers who were fined by the FDA for not meeting their guidelines.

As I said, at least the FDA is testing things. Advocare, on the other hand, just pumps untested, unproven, products on the ignorant and their checkbooks.


Sorry FOR YOU!!! Ummm...

just because the FDA tests their products that means they are safe??? Please explain how ephedra, phin phin, and other whack diet pills made it to FDA approval? Please tell me why certain birth controls and other types of medication have harmed individuals? FDA isn't better than anything else EVERYTHING has chemicals, or artificial ingredients unless you eat COMPLETELY RAW VEGGIES from your own garden, cause then of course you know what you did to it.

I take Advocare and absolutely love Spark although it isn't the most "natural" approach it works for me and obviously million others. THE FDA ALSO STILL ALLOWS GMOS AND DOESN'T MAKE THEM TELL US THEY ARE THERE???????

Haha... some people are just sheep!!


You want to talk about being a "sheep"? You need to go and look in the mirror!

You're following some uneducated mlm fool. You slam the FDA because some things were proven bad? At least these things went through extensive testing! Advocare doesn't do ANY testing! Not once have they ever published any study or clinical trial proving their claims or safety. If the FDA forces manufacturers to jump through all of the hoops that they do, and STILL some things are proven to be bad for you, what kind of gamble are you taking with a company that does ZERO testing?!?!

Some people don't use their brain; this is why companies like Advocare stay in business.


C'mon, the FDA is terrible. Just choose an ingredient or process (GMO, irradiation, etc.) and compare FDA studies to independent studies.

The FDA's "extensive" testing is a joke and is mostly influenced by capitalism, one example: the pharmaceutical industry. I get what you're saying that Advocare is much worse, but they're both terrible.


I understand the concerns of people on what ingredients are in a product. I hear pro's and ***'s on all products on the market.

I like Advocare products and have had good results with them. I agree the spark is way cheaper energy boost than some of the other products out there and feel the ingredients are much better. One thing I don't understand is why anyone puts their trust in the FDA. They have made numerous mistakes in testing and backtracked more than once in their findings.

In my personal opinion every product has it's pro's and ***'s. So far Advocare has been good.


To "Russ"

Many advocare products contain Niacin, including Slam. Niacin is a B-vitamin and is included in any product containing a B-complex. B-vitamins are often touted to provide energy boosts.


To Raptor2010, you described a niacin reaction.

There no niacin in Advocare products

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