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Someone on here said Advocare had only all natural, great ingredients.

I am not for or against, however, after reading labels I notice artificial flavors and sucralose.

Artificial ingredients mean chemically altered. Maybe just minutely, but still altered. Call the company, ask them what type of artificial ingredients they use and just what is in them.

Sucralose is sugar, or was once upon a time, until some chemist decided to molecularly change it and add the same chlorine they use in swimming pools to it. Please check every company's ingredients.

This is the only way to challenge the FDA.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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Herbalife was started in 1980 by Mark Hughes, AdvoCare was started in 1993 by Charles Ragus. Charles Ragus did work for Herbalife as a distributor but he was not the creator of both.

Also you claim that AdvoCare products killed Charles Ragus in 2001; while it is true he died in 2001 can you provide any evidence that AdvoCare products killed him?

If we can stick to our own experiences or facts then we stop spreading lies... please stop spreading lies.

Thank you.


The biggest lie being told is that Advocare "works"!!! After all of these years, after all of the "esteemed" doctors on the med/sci board, not one single scientific fact has ever been published proving that ANY of Advocare's claims are actually true.

The BEST you Advocare parrots have is, "You have to try it! It worked for me!" but correlation does NOT equal causation.

Changing you eating and activity habits for the better are the only things scientifically proven to work. Once you can prove any of Advocare claims, only then can you comment on spreading lies.


You're correct. The entire campaign for Advocare distributors is simple: "Have a party, tell everyone (testimonials) that "it worked for me, it works for my friends, so let's get you started." I mean my skin crawls when i hear somebody like that.

I was also fortunate enough to stumble onto a couple of distributors up in Celina at the balloon show. I let them tell how great everything was then i simply asked, " does Advocare make any of its own products??". They instantly replied "YES". So, its easy to see the desperation for money in these guys, and lack of sincerity.


I"ve been making Advocare products for over 14 years. They make...not a one.


I have ran on the Advocare diet (without the supplements and products) before for two months, twice the time of the 24 day challenge Advocare promotes. I still felt fatigued, disoriented, and difficult to focus.

I have looked into all of the ingredients and they work. Describing them all just takes too long. I see one new person find success on the 24 day challenge every day on Facebook.

It works. Just because you're skeptical about it doesn't mean the products do not work.


advocare kills! I am sick of idiots who think they can survive off of chemically induced powders that are full of sugar (all for the sake of looking thinner)Health = beauty..get it!!

Hello people wake up! And to all the "sellers" of this *** product...i hope you are not *** enough to take it yourself!


The Herbalife connection is there but the facts are incorrect. Ragus, who founded Advocare, did come from Herbalife, but Mark Hughes never had anything to do with Advocare.

Unfortunately for Mark, it was his products but the incredible diet of cocaine that killed him. That's the truth.

Amway may be the best, but Advocare is far from credible. They will get their products made by anyone who has the right price.


Ajones, Please go over to the Face Book page Advocare:the truth.

There are a number of people who would love to pick your brain!


Herbalife has been (and still is) in business for over 33 years. Herbalife is not Advocare.

Where did you hear this misinformation?


Herbalife is out of business? Wow, I better take down my website and close my club! LOL, Herbalife is stronger than ever and I'm building a legitimate business with them.


Herbalife is not out of business! :zzz


I have no axe to grind against Advocare, but your statement about Herbalife(not involved there in any way either) is flat wrong. Herbalife is a $1 billion dollar 33 yr old company that is nowhere close to out of business. Your credibility based on this hurts all your other points- get your facts straight.


Herbalife is NOT out of business, and the founder of Herbalife was not killed by his products! Also, the lawsuit was thrown out of court by the FDA and the NIH!


Herbalife is just another pyramid scam duping it's followers into a cult like stupor with junk science; all the while emptying their pockets and bank accounts.

Instead of filling your bodies with all of this synthetic nonsense, y'all need a huge dose of reality and commonsense.


How about just eating right with organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed meats and exercise. All of these diet fads have artificial sugars and ingredients. I wouldn't take them.


My first day on the 24 day challenge I felt tightness in my chest. When I took the "cleanse" pills before bed as directed I woke up very ill.

I happened to be visiting my mother who is a nurse. I had to wake her up because my heart was racing( I thought I was on the *** of a heart attack). My arms and face were also burning. My body was shaking uncontrollably to where I had to try not to fall while walking to my Mother's room to wake her.

She took my blood pressure and it was dangerously high. We called my husband so he could call poison control for us. He looked up the ingredients on the Advocare website and it's vague but does show that it's mostly niacin. Poison control said that the pills I was told to take was an overdose.

In the end after forcing milk,water and bread to dilute it. I was ok the next day but not until I had 3 episodes of these symptoms all night( because they are time release). I can't believe people give the " Spark" to their children either because that stuff made me feel really abnormally alert and strange.

I called and they Never empathized or said sorry or anything. And they will only refund the unopened packages.

Well all of them get opened to use the first day!

What a joke.

Wouldn't give the stuff to my dog.


Last night was my first day of the cleanse phase and I only took 1 of the 2 Herbal Cleanse pills. Thank goodness because I woke up an hour later with my heart pounding out of my chest, flushed burning sensation all over, muscles constricting; shaking uncontrollably, it was horrible!

I hate that this happened to you but it confirmed to me that this was the cause! Thanks for posting!


He has had two bouts of tachacardia (high pluse) and made him feel like he would throw up.. I don't know what is in the Spark that he drank (very confusing to research ingreedients) but I know that repeated racing heartbeat that makes you feel like you want vomit ain't good, It has the ability to damage your heart leading to death.

It seems to have the same effects as ephedra although Advocare claims there is no ephedra in their products. Stay away from quick fix, quick money it is always to good to be true and in some cases can KILL YOU!


This happened to me as well when I drank Spark. I am a 57 year old woman who has never had heart problems before.

It felt like my heart was skipping beats, and I was very short of breath. I thought Spark just had caffeine in it, but there has to be something more which caused me to have such scary symptoms!


:grin ;) :zzz


On the science and medical advisory board of Advocare there is combined 200 yrs medical experience between all the physicians that are formulating products. One is the doctor that developed TPN.

Thats good enough for me!!

And thats only the half of it. Great Company!

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