I was led to believe by a "Peddler" of Advocare that having Bipolar Panic Disorder and Being On LOTS of Psych Meds (also BP Meds), I would Be "Fine" taking this Product. I am a Pharmacy Technician and I have worked with meds for 15 years, so I was kind of scared when she said "You'll be fine" No Medical Backing.. Just "Fine"... I know for a Fact that Some Thing ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT BE TAKEN WITH PSYCH MEDS.. But against my better judgement she made me trust her, and BLUNTLY LIED TO MY FACE. The First day I Immediately knew something was wrong... I felt very sick, like I had the flu or a bad cold. Then it progressed to Extreme Fatigue, I Almost couldn't get out of Bed. I Finally left My House But didn't feel any Better, just worse. Then I started Getting Very Dizzy, and Had a Very Hard time Concentrating..My Head Just Felt Extremely Wierd. I couldn't Focus. Then My Chest Started Hurting and I Thought " Oh No, I'm going to Pass Out... (Mind you I was Driving at the Time). I Barely Made it to My home and got In the door. As soon as Did I collapsed from dizziness and started Shaking Uncontrollably. Then I went into a Horrible Panic Attack I couldn't Breathe. I yelled for my Boyfriend and he checked my Blood Pressure, it was 200/120. I was Extremely Flushed, and I Knew I was About to Have a Heart Attack. He Ran and Got My Meds along with Some Aspirin, I Crunched them in my Mouth and tried to Decide if I should call an Ambulance... I was still shaking uncontrollably and couldn't breathe. We kept a close Eye on my Blood Pressure and Heart Rate... Which was Still Very High. But I gave my Emergency Meds time to work, and things slowly started coming down. Tho, I still felt Wierd in my Head Couldn't Concentrate or Focus. I decided Not to Go to the ER that night. But I Truly Believe I was about to have a Heart Attack caused by THESE PRODUCTS.

I did more research and found out that The Spark Drink Can cause Severe Bipolar Mania Episodes in people With Bipolar Disorder. It can Also Shut Down Your Kidneys, Even Without Prior Kidney Problems. And The "Clease" can cause Electrolyte Embalances that Can Cause Blood Pressure Spikes and Heart Attacks.

I am Furious that I was Blatantly Lied to about the Product just to make a Sale. I Plan on Seeking Further Action Against the Company and The "Peddler" I dealt with.

Please Be Careful.

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