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First and foremost I am a very active person, I am a drywall finisher so I'm constantly on the go. I took AdvoCare about 4 years ago the slim program and it worked.

I just started the 24 day challenge and boy o boy..... I got through the cleanse, which was ok but you definitely can not drink alcohol with this. Learned the hard way....ugh so I just started the max. The first day was ok all the supplements I didn't hit my system yet.

By day three I was extremely sick. I was nauseous dizzy low grade fever felt hungry all the time almost like I had the flu. Let me reassure you I did not have the flu. I am going to stop taking the pills because I feel like they will put me in the hospital.

I'm not sure what happened within the four years of taking these supplements but I'm sure that's something has changed in them. I would not recommend this product!!!!

Location: Kearney, Nebraska

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Agree same thing happen to me. Lost a lot of weight in 7 months on them and then tried to take them again 1 yr later and same thing happen to me. I feel the ingredients had changed.

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