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This is one of the most deceiving self-serving companies you will ever come across. It looks like a legit company when you first look at it. They have top notch endorsers like Drew Brees and Rich Froning. They have also sponsored college football bowl games, NASCAR drivers, Major League Soccer, and other high profile events.

There are also a lot of good people who are signed up as distributors. Unfortunately 98-99% of the people are unprofitable after expenses and often times they don't even realize that they are propelling AdvoCare's scam forward. They are excited and have got sucked in by all the false income claims.

It turns out the products aren't nearly as good as what it would initially seems as well. AdvoCare had to pay several health organizations in the state of California $197,000 because they didn't comply with Proposition 65 in reporting to the customers that several of the products have lead in them which can cause birth defects and reproductive harm. This is a very scary and serious situations and most of the Distributors / Customers out side of California have no clue about this and the fact that there is lead in a lot of the products like Meal Replacement Shakes and ThermoPlus. I have tried to attached a picture of the warning but it isn't showing up. Search for "Is Drew Brees Endorsing a Cult?" and you will find a link to the lawsuit and also find the picture of the warning with all the products that have lead in them.

Also AdvoCare keeps a lot of distributors commissions and will state that there is a breach of the contract. The truth of the matter is they have snuck in the clause in their contract that it is at their "sole opinion" and "sole discretion" to suspend or terminate a distributor. The unfortunate thing is that they do this a lot. I myself had around $4,500 in commissions with held from me for an extended period of time. I even know one former distributor who they owe $22,000 but won't pay it to them despite the fact that they made their money up front when the product was ordered.

A large majority of the top distributors are making false income claims. Often times it appears that they will add a 3 week pay period to a 2 week pay period and pass that income off as a months pay. In a lot of situations they seem to be exaggerating that even. Some of the claims seem to be double what they really make BEFORE expenses. After expenses would take it down several notches below that.

Also they sue a lot of people as well. So why would you want to get involved with this company that is constantly kicking people out and suing people?

Search for "Is Drew Brees Endorsing a Cult?" and that will tell you a lot right there. Also you can search the docket in Collin County Texas and see all the people they have sued recently in

Don't get caught up in the AdvoCare pyramid. It isn't what it seems.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Advocare Cons: High cost.

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Don't go to the hintons either. They are the phoniest people I've ever met.

It's such a rip off. It cost thousands of dollars to be a distributor.

R, why would I want to be part of your team when I don't believe in it? Way to go to support me.....


The rules are simple, if you chose to sell on EBay, Amazon and other sites, you should have been removed. Tell the whole truth not only parts!!


If your taking formula W the likelihood that you would be reproducing is not likely. As far as negatively affecting the reproductive system there are many healthy happy moms to be enjoying all the benefits of Advocare products.

Perhaps you should have selected another product to complain about. Or better yet maybe you should have read the advocare guidelines, as an independant business owner you should know the do's and don'ts.

Or perhaps you just don't qualify to be Advocare Worthy..

I'm going with the ladder of the two..

Best of luck with whatever brings you happiness and success


Just because a mom smokes cigarettes when she is pregnant doesn't mean the child is going to have a birth defect but it increases the chance. The fact that there is lead in the products like the meal replacements shakes is a problem.

You can chose to ignore it but it doesn't change the truth. AdvoCare distributors don't have a business.

They own a distributor kit.



Advocare employs idiots


that's latter...not ladder.

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