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This is my very real, very FRANK review on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, Meal Replacement Shakes, and Spark.

I got sucked into the Advocare recently, because I know quite a few people personally who have taken it, and yes, they apparently got results from it. They are also distributors of the product, and have advertised Advocare to everyone on their Facebook list. I get it. They got sucked into it too, and want to share their positive experiences with everyone. And maybe, just maybe, they are making money off of it.

Whether or not these people got their results simply by following this strict regimen word for word, pill for pill, is unknown. But I have followed it very strictly for the past month and have lost not one pound...or inch...because remember folks, it's not about the pounds, it's the INCHES lost. *Rolls eyes*

First let me start off with the positive aspects of this diet...I went into it, with lots of support and cheer-leading. That was nice. I had a support system to answer to, and I would hold myself accountable. First, I stopped smoking! No cigarettes for 4 weeks now! Just like that! I have been smoking for years, and suddenly I wanted to be healthy and lose weight, so I just stopped. Sure, I still get cravings, but there's something that's keeping me from lighting up. Secondly, I stopped drinking alcohol. Well, not completely...I will have a glass of wine maybe once or twice a month. For someone who drank on a weekly basis, whether it was wine, beer, or liquor...that was a huge feat! So yes, I am happy with myself on these choices now! Lastly, I cut out junk food, processed foods, etc. I replaced all of my foods with REAL food. You know, fruits, veges, foods that have only one or two ingredients in them, and not a bunch of fillers, chemicals, and byproducts.

I started with the cleanse. I did exactly as I was told. Exactly how the chart said to do. Take this pill. Eat a fruit. Choose a healthy balanced lunch. Take these pills...etc etc. I filled in the chart daily. I kept track of what I was eating. I kept a huge pitcher of water next to my desk (still do) and ran to the bathroom every 10 minutes. And Spark. Spark was great! The first day I took Spark, I got a million things done, and didn't stop until midnight. And then I got no sleep.

The rest of the cleanse has been a nightmare. I have pounding headaches every single day. I am super tired. Something just isn't right with my body. I take Spark twice a day. Once in the morning, and then again at 2:00pm. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it works in giving me that boost, other times I just feel tired and head-achy. This morning, I have been battling an extreme headache, as I am writing this. I took Spark to see if that would help...but it didn't work quickly enough. So I took Ibuprofen too. My headache is just now starting to go away. I couldn't tell you if it's going away because of the Spark or the meds. But either way, that's not a good sign. Am I addicted to Spark now, and if I don't have it, will I experience these withdrawals?

Also, I've been feeling sick to my stomach daily. I've had to go home early from work 4 or 5 times since I've started Advocare. I've been nauseous, have had horrible stomach cramps, and diarrhea. I go to the bathroom too many times a day to count anymore. I'm a receptionist at a prestigious firm, and I have had to literally RUN to the bathroom, almost knocking over other people in the office. I don't know about you, but that's a huge inconvenience.

While all of my friends were losing these inches and showing of photos of their jeans stretched out because they have lost so much, here I am, feeling like ***. I feel fatter than ever. What am I doing wrong? I've completely changed my diet. I've chosen a healthier lifestyle. I chalked it up to being on my menstrual cycle at first, but now that's not it. Yes, I could very well have some sort of health problem that is causing Advocare to do what it claims to do - I will be visiting my doctor next week to find out what's going on with that. Thyroid problem? Could very well be!

BUT!!! And here's my BIG BUT (pun intended!) - Look at the ingredients, people! I am no doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. But I do know that whatever is in this stuff - the pills, the meal replacement shakes, the Spark - there are so many things in it that are not natural. Things I can't pronounce. Things I know are BAD for the human body. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I'm not ***, but I sure did fall for this gimmick...all because I was desperate to lose weight.

I am by no means saying that my friends are liars. They did the Advocare thing, they got the results they wanted. They changed their lifestyles to more healthier ways of living and eating. I did too, and for that I am so grateful! Advocare may have been the jump start that I personally needed to take charge of my body and my health! However, I do not think that this expensive product is worth it. I do not think that taking a bunch of pills and drinks that contain chemicals and God-knows-what in them. I say, talk to your DOCTOR. Read the reviews of people who have suffered very serious health problems because of it. If you do decide to take it, prepare yourself for the side effects. Or better yet, give your body the things it needs...organic fruits and veges...foods that are REAL, not manufactured in a plant. This review could probably be for any "miracle diet" plan, so please understand that I am not trying to bash a company. I am just writing from personal, real experience. That is just my two cents. ;)

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Advocare Pros: Energy, Felt full.

Advocare Cons: Side effects, Cost, Consistancy of fiber drink, Physical damage, Headaches, Stomach aches, Nausea.

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What people don't understand with these type of things is that not everyone will have the same result. Other systems haven't worked for me but I'm on day 3 and lost 6 pounds.

Yea you've changed your eating but nowhere in that post does it say that you're active. Don't blame the company for half *** it


I think it is funny that so many people fall for these "life changing" products. There is nothing that will help you lose weight and keep it off that comes in a pill.

If it truly did work every over weight person on the face of the earth would be thin. The only way is to have a completely changed life style. You have to change how you eat (without taking any pill that curves hunger) and you have to EXERCISE!!! I have gone tried everything even Advocare and have gone so far as to have the lapband surgery and that worked for awhile but that also backfired.

The only thing that helped me lose over 125 pounds was watching my calorie intake and eating a much healthier group of foods and exercise. No pill, drink or cleanse or surgery is going to make you lose weight, feel good about yourself and help you keep if off other than a major lifestyle change. If losing weight was as easy as just doing a cleanse taking a pill or going under the knife everyone would be doing it.

I would not tell my worst enemy about this product it was a very bad decision on my part and it was not cheap.


Advocare did change my life. Nobody approched me with a magic pill.

I was told, I would be taught how to eat properly, it will cleanse your body. That's exactly what happened.

There is no way you followed thisand had no results. I have friends all over the world doing the same as me, and are doing great.


I have been following it to the letter and have actually gained weight and have had all the same *** symptoms as the original poster (and I’m not a smoker or a drinker). You can’t tell someone it’s impossible that they didn’t get results.


Hi, This is not a medical opinion, or a reflection on Advocare, but I hope it helps. I think you quit and added too much to your system all at once.

Giving up both cigarettes and alcohol at once can have some really big neurological side effects. Good in the long run, but hard to do all at once. Still it sounds like you're managing that well. What most people don't realize is that giving up processed foods for healthy can be just as difficult.

Your body craves processed foods much in the same way it craves nicotine or alcohol. When you added the advocare cleanse and fiber and spark you may have tried too much at once. In general, the cleanse is designed to give you diarrhea, added fiber and probiotics can cause bloating. I don't know the exact ingredients in these products, but it might be best to save the cleanse for a long weekend and reduce the fiber until your GI system settles down, then increase to a level that's tolerable to your system.

Try the cleanse again once your body has had time to settle down and preferably over a long weekend. As to the spark, if it has a lot of vitamin C it could aggravate the GI problems (any vitamin C will) and I don't know what your average caffeine intake is, but it does have a fair amount of caffeine in it and I wouldn't recommend it after 5 if you aren't used to a lot of caffeine. Try it for that mid-morning slump.

Mostly, hang in there. It sounds like you're doing the right thing, you might just be overwhelming your body with good intentions.

Supplements and a good support system are very helpful. Try reintroducing the products to your system one at a time so you'll know what to expect.

No two people have the same reaction to any vitamin or supplement. I've seen other people having similar problems and usually slowing down and knowing what each one does to YOU can help you to manage them much better.

Hope this helps.


I'm sorry you didn't have the results you desire. However I have to wonder if your headaches are from nicotine withdraw, not so much the AdvoCare products.

There is a product called O2 Gold. I take that with the Spark and it helps with my headaches. I've heard this combination has helped many others too.

As far as putting only natural substances into your body. These products have been developed and tested by the best doctors in their fields.

My favorite for instance is the meal replacement shakes for the morning.

The doctor who developed these is the same that invented the feeding tube. I believe if it's good enough for the best doctors and professional athletes then it's surely safe for me.


It's tpn. That is different than a feeding tube.


Going natural is the best way. It's what the body is meant to have and not chemicals from a science experiment.


What is your workout regiment like?

@Rick Gutierrez-personal traine

I didn't see one thing in here about how you worked out with the Advocare system. I am just curious of what it consisted of?

@Rick Gutierrez

Yes, I suppose I should have added my daily activities...but my point is NOT that I haven't lost weight. The point is...I'm sick daily.

I don't think that walking is going to cure the diarrhea, multiple trips to the bathroom, pounding headaches, etc. The point of this post is that Advocare contains chemicals and unnatural ingredients. I clearly stated that people have lost weight and inches on it. People that I know.

I am stating that it has made me ill, along with other people. Weight loss is also irrelevant at this point.

But I understand where you are coming from. :)


*working out / walking

Please pardon my bad responses and grammar. I'm very off today mentally and physically.


Walking won't, you do that everyday. Why would your body think it's exercise if it is something it's already doing?

That's already been figured into your body's "daily equation" as I call it with my clients and athletes. You have to go outside your comfort zone and do something you haven't done. Same actions will give same results, there must be change. Try some form of resistance training or a hiit style class or something like power style yoga even, something your not used to and see what happens.

No pills are magic but they are designed to give you what your lacking in your diet and when used properly work, just have to figure out what your lacking usually through trial and error. While whole foods are a must exercise must be introduced outside your normal area.

I also agree with the comment earlier about to much at once, to much of a good thing is still to much. Good luck, hope you stick with it and have great results.


Not an AdvoCare rep, BUT I am a nurse. Not intending to give you medical advice, but your symptoms sound like nicotine withdrawal which can last for months. It's variable according to the individual.

@Rick Gutierrez-personal traine

I walk daily. I take 13 flights of stairs to work, and I walk my dog for an hour every evening.

But when I get home, I feel too sick to do a full work out. If you are an Advocare agent, please do not give me another spiel on it. This is my personal experience. Putting chemicals in your body is bad...with or without working out.

Also, Advocare claims that you don't have to work out to get the results. So even if I didn't get daily exercise, that would be irrelevant.


Complaining about chemicals when you were a daily smoker and you at garbage junk food? Yeah....

It was the chemicals.

BTW everything is chemicals. Like everything in the universe.


*** = c r a p

*** = s t u p i d

apparently those words are *gasp* "BAD".

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