This is my very real, very FRANK review on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, Meal Replacement Shakes, and Spark.

I got sucked into the Advocare recently, because I know quite a few people personally who have taken it, and yes, they apparently got results from it. They are also distributors of the product, and have advertised Advocare to everyone on their Facebook list. I get it. They got sucked into it too, and want to share their positive experiences with everyone. And maybe, just maybe, they are making money off of it.

Whether or not these people got their results simply by following this strict regimen word for word, pill for pill, is unknown. But I have followed it very strictly for the past month and have lost not one pound...or inch...because remember folks, it's not about the pounds, it's the INCHES lost. *Rolls eyes*

First let me start off with the positive aspects of this diet...I went into it, with lots of support and cheer-leading. That was nice. I had a support system to answer to, and I would hold myself accountable. First, I stopped smoking! No cigarettes for 4 weeks now! Just like that! I have been smoking for years, and suddenly I wanted to be healthy and lose weight, so I just stopped. Sure, I still get cravings, but there's something that's keeping me from lighting up. Secondly, I stopped drinking alcohol. Well, not completely...I will have a glass of wine maybe once or twice a month. For someone who drank on a weekly basis, whether it was wine, beer, or liquor...that was a huge feat! So yes, I am happy with myself on these choices now! Lastly, I cut out junk food, processed foods, etc. I replaced all of my foods with REAL food. You know, fruits, veges, foods that have only one or two ingredients in them, and not a bunch of fillers, chemicals, and byproducts.

I started with the cleanse. I did exactly as I was told. Exactly how the chart said to do. Take this pill. Eat a fruit. Choose a healthy balanced lunch. Take these pills...etc etc. I filled in the chart daily. I kept track of what I was eating. I kept a huge pitcher of water next to my desk (still do) and ran to the bathroom every 10 minutes. And Spark. Spark was great! The first day I took Spark, I got a million things done, and didn't stop until midnight. And then I got no sleep.

The rest of the cleanse has been a nightmare. I have pounding headaches every single day. I am super tired. Something just isn't right with my body. I take Spark twice a day. Once in the morning, and then again at 2:00pm. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it works in giving me that boost, other times I just feel tired and head-achy. This morning, I have been battling an extreme headache, as I am writing this. I took Spark to see if that would help...but it didn't work quickly enough. So I took Ibuprofen too. My headache is just now starting to go away. I couldn't tell you if it's going away because of the Spark or the meds. But either way, that's not a good sign. Am I addicted to Spark now, and if I don't have it, will I experience these withdrawals?

Also, I've been feeling sick to my stomach daily. I've had to go home early from work 4 or 5 times since I've started Advocare. I've been nauseous, have had horrible stomach cramps, and diarrhea. I go to the bathroom too many times a day to count anymore. I'm a receptionist at a prestigious firm, and I have had to literally RUN to the bathroom, almost knocking over other people in the office. I don't know about you, but that's a huge inconvenience.

While all of my friends were losing these inches and showing of photos of their jeans stretched out because they have lost so much, here I am, feeling like ***. I feel fatter than ever. What am I doing wrong? I've completely changed my diet. I've chosen a healthier lifestyle. I chalked it up to being on my menstrual cycle at first, but now that's not it. Yes, I could very well have some sort of health problem that is causing Advocare to do what it claims to do - I will be visiting my doctor next week to find out what's going on with that. Thyroid problem? Could very well be!

BUT!!! And here's my BIG BUT (pun intended!) - Look at the ingredients, people! I am no doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. But I do know that whatever is in this stuff - the pills, the meal replacement shakes, the Spark - there are so many things in it that are not natural. Things I can't pronounce. Things I know are BAD for the human body. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I'm not ***, but I sure did fall for this gimmick...all because I was desperate to lose weight.

I am by no means saying that my friends are liars. They did the Advocare thing, they got the results they wanted. They changed their lifestyles to more healthier ways of living and eating. I did too, and for that I am so grateful! Advocare may have been the jump start that I personally needed to take charge of my body and my health! However, I do not think that this expensive product is worth it. I do not think that taking a bunch of pills and drinks that contain chemicals and God-knows-what in them. I say, talk to your DOCTOR. Read the reviews of people who have suffered very serious health problems because of it. If you do decide to take it, prepare yourself for the side effects. Or better yet, give your body the things it needs...organic fruits and veges...foods that are REAL, not manufactured in a plant. This review could probably be for any "miracle diet" plan, so please understand that I am not trying to bash a company. I am just writing from personal, real experience. That is just my two cents. ;)

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Advocare Pros: Energy, Felt full.

Advocare Cons: Side effects, Cost, Consistancy of fiber drink, Physical damage, Headaches, Stomach aches, Nausea.

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I personally didn't see any results until after my 2nd month on Advocare .... that's when things started happening for me.

I ended up losing 20 lbs and went from a 14 down to an 8.

I started to get discouraged then told myself, it took years to put on this weight, not gonna come off over 1 month. So happy I stuck with it and never a regret !!


Maybe all the results you got from the change in lifestyle were your bodies way of saying you were completely out of shape? I'm not a doctor either but I'm pretty sure that cutting off all those horrible lifestyle habits you had couldn't possibly come without major side effects.

Just saying. Also, I didn't see anything about your workout habits.

Did you start exercising? Diet is crucial but if you weren't combining it with a healthy workout program your results would be limited.


First people really should get a medical work up and consult before starting taking any new regimen of supplements to be sure there are no underlying health issues that could be exacerbated with supplements. Also quitting multiple things at once (sugar, alcohol, nicotine) can cause bad withdrawals.

If you have had bad eating habits, there is probably a lot of compacted waste in your colon. When all of that waste starts to loosen and move, you can experience nausea.

Advocare is not causing the waste but it is causing the body to expel it. So if you are having large bowel movements several times a day, not sure why u would want that to stop and not get it out of your body!!


Exactly!!!! It usually takes extended periods of time to become unhealthy as a result of poor and prolonged lifestyle habits, yet there is the expectation of "instant/overnight" results to undo it all.

Overturning the results of longterm smoking, drinking, poor diet and possibly other unfortunate health factors will not be completely overturned in 24 days. No one wants to feel like they've been taken for $200, agreeably, but maybe start with a full health assessment, discuss the outcome and weight loss plans with your doctor, meet with a nutritional professional who can design a plan towards achieving your goals based on "your" health assessment, then commence to participating in a weight loss plan.

Even still, it might take a few tries before finding what works, but don't give up and condemn everything you try to *** Some plans/products work for some but not others. One must adopt healthy living as a lifestlye and not as a quick fix.




So...I've done the Advocare cleanse MULTIPLE times and it sounds like you are having sugar withdrawals. You also quit smoking.

That's another withdrawal. Water is a HUGE thing and you need to drink AT LEAST 1/2 of your body weight in water on top of the water in the shakes and Spark. It sounds to me like maybe you've got a dairy issue and they have a plant based replacement shake that I am utterly in love with. It makes me regular and feel like a million bucks!

I'm sorry you've experienced this but it honestly sounds like your body is just adjusting to what you were doing to it before.

You mentioned that you ate *** food and smoked and drank. All of those things have withdrawal symptoms.


***** if you do advocare and you don’t drink enough water... lots of water...

you’ll feel sick.... slam water as much as you can...

it’s the point of it keep going *** each time you r loosing more n more weight... cleaning out your body as well and stopping your body from being dehydrated which also helps you feel better and less hungry


I liked it!! I did 10 day lost about 14 pounds as I followed it...

I never thought I can let the soda out. Drank two cups maybe 3 and cheated by accident. By the time it was over I drank soda and it made my stomach turn leaving me sick and hating soda. I now drink Coke Zero Sprite Zero I gained no weight back since I cut out real sugar soda...

I seen my cousin who lost lots of pounds about 40 plus... I can’t do the 21 day though I find it to be to much in the packets leaving me sick.. maybe I wasn’t drinking enough water. Had to call my car hunting off for the day all though a new car was all I wanted I was to sick feeling to do so...

the spark yes I was addicted for some time. My favorite is the a.m and p.m capsules they worked amazing for the weight!! I also like the fiber I can feel it cleaning my insides out feeling more energy because my stomach didn’t feel full and *** would like to know what the a.m and pm capsule is so I can go buy in store I know they have them I’m sure cheaper and under a different name... but for first time it’s definitely worth it...

to learn about it and see the loss... after that i would look into generic because it is pricey... also I still drink spark when I need energy...

but I advise to put less in the bottle or can cause an overwhelming feeling instead of energy and my anxiety then goes crazy and I half to take my meds to calm it down.. but spark is amazing or any of it as long as you use ice cold water


Isn't it possible that your headache and lack of weight loss was due to quitting smoking? Most people who quit smoking GAIN a lot of weight. So it is possible that the healthy changes you made DID work in that they stopped your body from packing on the pounds


I agree with the reaction of a headache to the herbal part of the cleanse, but this is just a personal body reaction. Not a representation of the whole system.

I feel that it is unfair to rate a product wholly on something that YOUR body has an allergy to. I, too, cannot take the herbal cleanse pill, so I just don't take that part...but the program as a whole helped me lose 42 pounds.

That is nothing to discount, or be "pissed" about. Just my two cents.


I went from a 40 inch waist to a 34 using Advocare and EATING PROPERLY. I will admit MNS E was too much for me.

It's possibly that the writer just couldn't handle the vitamins. For those with cleanse issues, my guess is you have eating so badly for so long, what do you expect?? Try Ali and see if you don't {{Redacted}} your pants lol.Spark - has caffeine. Sounds like they were having issues with caffeine with not being able to sleep.

I don't drink spark after 5pm otherwise I will have sleeping issues. Same thing if i drink any caffeine drinks.I don't buy in to the business building part of Advocare, their protein is too expensive as well, otherwise I like their products.


Ive been taking avocare and im ready to stop I'm on day 15 of the challenge. The first 10 days were fine i lost 8 pounds.

Then i started the max phase and the nausea and migraines started. I hate the taste of the replacement shakes and them alone make me wanna vomit.

I feel like crap all day... I cant take it anymore.


If You are taking MNS E, u should switch to MNS 3....the really big question is that ur distributor should be handling any issues you are having and fixing the problem...if your up line isn’t helping call Advocare Directly!!!


The shake I drink is the best tasting meal replacement shake around. It also has more vitamins and minerals in it than the Advocare one does too.

And, it's less money retail than their preferred customer price. Text my wife, who is a RN CDNe (Certified Dialysis Nurse emeritus) and she's been a RN for over 30 years.

It's area code 717 and the rest is 413 and 9268. I've been using the products for 26 years and I've not found anything better.


I started Advocare 2 weeks ago and for the 1st 11 days I was sick AF. weak, and didn't feel like even getting out of bed.

Then I started pooping a lot.. I mean a lot 4 or 5 times a day. .Healthy craps too not just a few turds.... I had talked to my friend and told her I cant do it and I stopped after the 11 days were up.

Now. 6 days after I stopped taking that stuff I have a lot of gas and have the runs about every other meal....

I only had one headache from the 11 days, but thats because I had a hunger headache from not eating that day when I should have. Other than that.

I dont thinkIll be doing any more Advocare EVER... I really think that stuff hurts you...


I just started my cleanse using Advocare and am sick, sick, sick. I've never been this sick with a detox. Not happy so far.


I have done the 24 day challenge through advocate before and I saw changes. I'm currently within the last week and a half of the challenge, and I've been nauseous, and using the bathroom way more then I did last time.

I'm not sure if the nauseous feeling is from a possible concussion, or not.

But I'm also concerned if its due to the meal replacement shake. Its horrible.


i tried advocare cause i was too big for my wedding dress, the shop told me to loose a few ponds and i would be fine, mind you i was a size 16, and the dress was a 4, but a corset.. and it was last made 1993.

i gave this 24 day challange a try and i can't complain, at all it gave me all the results i wanted, without any side affects what so ever!!

but of course if you drink exsesively and stopped smoking and expect not to have some kind of effect your crazy, my husband stopped drinking and had with drawls from that, that was pretty bad, headaches and mood swings and can't sleep, he still smokes god only knows how he would feel trying to quit both at once!!! all i can say is i have't had any side effects what so ever, and was thinking about going on it again!!!


I had the same horrid experience with advocare. I wasn't in detox mode either.

I had already cut out sugar and sodas etc and was already eating decently before I began. I apparently drink plenty of water already too. I'm not one for dairy or bread as much either. The shakes and spark all tasted too sweet even when diluted.

My stomach hated all those supplements too. I only lost 3 pounds (but I wasn't too heavy beforehand and I exercised). After doing more research I realized those teams of supposed doctor professionals were full of it. No one should ever be overloading themselves with Splenda laden B 12 drinks and who knows what chemicals in those pills.

Yuck... Won't be hopping on that bandwagon ever again.


I do not have the smoking/alcohol cessation history like the writer, yet still had the same undesirable gastric results. Initial 2 weeks lost 9 lbs, then nothing.

That is when the intense diarrhea started. I am almost done with the 24 day ***-fest. Still holding at 9 lbs. This is my 3rd time trying Advocare out.

Will be my last. Just didn't work as well as I had hoped and the side effects are too extreme.

I think the more weight you have to lose/the worse your diet is to begin with, the more likely you are to be happy with your results. I was looking for help getting past a plateau- to go from 140 to 120.

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