I just bought over $450 of product from Advocare, and when disappointed with it, was just told that there is no return. This must by how they make their money -- once you buy a product, they will never give you your money back.

My distributor was supposed to tell me this. My bad for not checking out all the details first. I assumed that the product could be returned, because most things are returnable.

The product is the 24 day challenge. The herbal cleanse is gross -- completely grainy, and made me want to gag.

The customer service rep was also misleading. She kept saying I could return the products, but then she said that really it was an exchange. It just reinforces all the negative stereotypes about multi-level marketing.

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well there is a guarantee.you can send back UNOPENED products if you're a distributor.

if you're just a retail customer you can get the distributor you bought it from to reimburse you, and THEY can send it back and be reimbursed.so whoever you're talking to is lying or doesn't know what they're talking about

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Plexus Slim povides a 60 Day money back guarantee and it ABSOLUTELY works!!60 Days!!!

We are more than just weightloss, I must add. People have gotten help with lowering blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, hairloss, slow metabolism, weightloss...there are countless other testimonies about people coming off of meds (or decreasing meds) because of Plexus products. No, they never claim to CURE diseases, etc., but the thousands of testimonies from others speak for the power in their products. You don't get your shipping costs returned, but who ever does that?

I love these products and was skeptical about becoming an ambassador for them...MLM companies get bad reputations. This company is different: Top earner on the Forbes list, and EVERYONE has a way to earn! Order your trial pack today!

You won't regret it!www.pinkpanther33.myplexusproducts.com

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to Anonymous #1104741

Plexus sucks and doesn't work! Drink a cheap protein drink from walmart for the same results!

to Anonymous #1301688

Not true at all. You clearly know nothing about Plexus


It clearly states on the AdvoCare website:

Is the 24-Day Challenge right for everyone?

"Thousands of people have had success with the 24-Day Challenge.However, there are some products in the 24-Day Challenge that may not be suitable for every individual.

This is why it is very important to check with your healthcare professional before beginning any AdvoCare regimen."

And it goes on to say in FINE print:

†This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare provider.

So people have a CHOICE.

People DO have a choice.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #939950

Honestly, if they were actually a legitimate health company that cared they would have a money back guarantee after the challenge was complete.I think that you should give a product the amount of time that the company said it would take to change you.

But if you are still unsatisfied after the allotted amount of time there should be money going back to your account no questions asked. Not all MLM's are like this and I am sorry that Advocare is sadly the face of MLM companies now days with their unhealthy drinks and practices.

I hope you find something, MLM or otherwise, that suits you in a more fulfilling way.Most distributors that I have met in my company do care and actually do go to the gym with their customers to make sure that they are completely satisfied, but admittedly it is few and far between to find that.

to Steve #1014034

Your representative was completely wrong in the fact that there is a no money back. Your representative should have taken the empty boxes and gave you a full refund. Then they were supposed to send them in and get new products to sell to someone else.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #877340

As for the distributors who disappear, just like any other business in a box /mlm system, a lot of people quit because of one or two bad experiences.

As for the $ back guarantee, find it in writing or text/email, or just recall the date and representatives' name and contact info.

Thank the company ahead of time.If need be, invoke legal language, or send a second letter through an attorney for a fraction of the cost.


incorrect, Advocare has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Your Distributor may need some training! Please check the company website for more information, www.advocare.com

to dv Lawrence, Kansas, United States #940258

Please tell me where to find this. I looked everywhere on the site

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