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I am a healthy 26 year old female. Advocare sent me to the ER with a blood pressure of 165/98.

I have NEVER EVER had high blood pressure before in my entire life. I had to leave work and have my fiancè pick me up to drive me to the hospital bc I was SO shaky and dizzy/ lightheaded that I couldn't drive myself. Five hours later and I'm finally home and my blood pressure has returned to a safe range. I had to have an EKG done multiple blood pressure tests and have five bikes of blood drawn, an IV put in me.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS DANGEROUS!!!! It scares me to think what would have happened to me if I didn't get medical treatment for this

Product or Service Mentioned: Advocare 24-day Challenge Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Funny! So your selling Thrive and this is how you do it smh.


Thrive is all natural vitamins.Amberkamber.le-vel.com

Would to help you checkout the 3 min video.

Nothing like this fake ***.


That's very interesting because I have been using spark for over a year and I have been able to decrease my blood pressure meds from 80mg to 40mg. My doctor said possibly be able to stop meds all together.

Spark had significantly improved my health and blood pressure. I AM 41 YRS OLD.


I am interested in this post because i know many Dr.s and Nurses that use Advocare and love it for it is packed with vitamin. Not sure why you would have such bad results if used as intended. I use it and am healthier then i was in my 20s im 48 now.


The fact you went to an ER with a blood pressure of that is a joke. When you are finally forced to eat right and cut out junk foods your body can get rebound shakiness and borderline hypertension.

If you didn't get medical treatment you would be fine.

Babies like you are the reason ERs are over crowded. Your fiancé needs to run now if you are this much of a puss bag.


You were probably taking too much of the product. All product have a suggested amount you should consume.


You get light-headed and dizzy when your blood pressure drops....not when it goes up...


You can get those symptoms with either a raise or a drop


What were you taking? And what did the doctor say it was?

You're sure very vague in your complaint.

I don't take Advocare but just googling the pros and cons but your post sounds suspicious to me.


Wow! Very rude of you to say!

If you read up on what the 25 day challenge is you would know there are several parts to it. I only got 5 days in before it sent me to the ER. You have to take an herbal cleanse pill in the morning and at night, spark (which is their supposedly "all natural energy drink" which is definitely NOT all natural! The ER doctors said their were a lot of dangerous ingrediants in the spark such as niocin & taurine that it was basically an unsafe shot of caffeine.

You also have to take a fiber drink and omegaplex pills (which are basically omega 3 supplements) the spark is definitely the most dangerous & what put my body in a state of panic. I wrote this review to warn people so they wouldn't have to go through the tramatic experience I had to encounter.

I'm also not the only person who has had to go to the ER for advocare. It may not effect everyone the way it did me, since everyone's body is different but personally I don't think it should be sold unless it is safe for everyone.


I'm surprised to read this. I've been taking Advocare products daily for over 15 years and have not ever had any issues with any of them.

I go to the gym 4 to 6 days a week and take Advocare spark each morning and afternoon, advocare daily vitamins which contain their Probiotic Restore. I also take Omega Plex and V-16...all of these for a long period of time with no issues whatsoever. I have a lot of energy, feel great and am hardly ever sick. I am almost 60 years old.

I have done several Advocare herbal cleanses also. I have never had any issues with any of these...not to say they are safe for everyone but just to give another perspective based on my experience. I go for annual physicals and the doctors are surprised at my age I am not on any medications and only taking natural supplements. I have very good blood pressure and cholesterol, etc.

It seems I seldom here much good about other than pharmaceutical products from most doctors, although I have had excellent results with Advocare over the years and managed to stay off the drugs. Good luck


Smokers claim the same thing.


I have been drinking spark for over 5 years. The ingredients are perfectly safe.

Again, you probably had too much intake.

the products may have just not worked for you, but that doesn't mean that they're totally unsafe. It isn't important to read the instruand talk with an educated health professional before beginning any program.


You are an absolute ***. Niacin is a B vitamin and taurine is an amino acid.

The ER doctors were most likely rolling their eyes that someone would come into the hospital for this. Save the ER for real emergencies.

Spark is less caffeine than a cup of coffee. I'm guessing you call in sick to work for a week because of the cold.


It's possible to have negative effects from "all-natural" vitamins, especially when you body is still adjusting. Different people with different kidneys can create different results.

I'm all for healthy eating but remember that what goes in and isn't used must go out. The "need" for supplementation for people who live in the US and eat balanced diets is one of the biggest lies told over and over again to make money. You are *** money. 1.

These products are likely not as safe as they claim. 2. They are less effective than they claim 3. They are making lots of money on it.

4. IF they could scientifically show safety/benefit wouldn't they, as it would be a huge marketing benefit?


I love that you feel so comfortable insulting jnbarker2017 anonymously. I also love that you can go back in time and read the minds of ER doctors and just "know" that they were rolling their eyes at her.

I did not go to the ER, but I went through a state of extreme panic/shortness of breathe/heart palpitations while taking this junk too. It was traumatic for me as well, and when I tried to tell an Advocare rep, she did not seem to believe that her miracle drugs could ever do anything but good.

So glad that this stuff works for you anonymously. It does not give you the moral highground to bash ppl who have already been through enough bc of Advocare.


Wife had the same problem. Her advocare buddies hate me because i stopped her from taking it

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