Advocare 24-day Challenge Supplement Reviews

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Several of my co-workers purchased AdvoCare. I know that this is the completely opposite effect that the cleanse is supposed to have. Then my doctor noticed that my liver enzymes were high on my blood work. He was very concerned, since my blood work is always good. I requested a refund and was going to return the unused, unopened products. I was denied because "no one has ever had this problem." I wouldn't lie. I really wanted this to...
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  • Product causing health issues
I started the 24 Day challenge and by the third day I lost my job due to a layoff! Advocare causes unemployment! This is an outrage and i will be filing a lawsuit to Advocare for my job back and lost wages! I can't believe a product like this is allowed to be distributed to consumers who purchase it and read the medical advisements and then come on here and complain for making a free will choice! I lost my job and I am going to blame...
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