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I recently did the Advocare 24 day challenge, I would say, it worked great, so great, I ended up hospitalized.I followed the directions to the letter, and I lost 50 pounds in 17 days !!

That's right, I lost nearly 3 pounds per day on average. Since I started taking the product, I have become ill EVERYTIME I try to eat. I have vommitted boiled chicken, chicken broth, water, spark, you name it, I barfed it. Most illness and weightloss occurred between day 8 and 17.

I went to the hospital I was malnurished and severly dehydrated. I had to be given fluids and spent a week and a half after on a liquid diet. I am eating real food for the first time today, I have been off the product for 9 days, and after eating, my stomach still hurt a little; but I have not regurgitated today.

Maybe this product works for some, but for me, it caused my system to go completely out of whack!Good luck if you are taking this product, I hope you get good results and don't end up hospitalized as I did.

Monetary Loss: $185.

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #863273

I am on day 11, felt sick all day, throw up whatever I ate, but did not have to go to the hospital. Thanks for posting:-)


Sounds like food poisoning to me...


It does say on the boxes of ALL advoare products to CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN if you have any previous medical conditions. Common sense would be for ANYONE to consult with their MD before taking ANY Advocare products.


I haven't read every entire comment BUT....does anyone find it odd that someone lost "50 lbs" in 17 days?!That is a lot...that's impossible unless you starve yourself.

Even then really??

Just food for thought...:roll


Obviously you didn't follow the directions bc your supposed to never skip a meal & drink lots of fluids on the challenge. If you did that you wouldn't not have been dehydrated or malnurished. Sounds like you were starving yourself & not eating or drinking.


Like any other diet, always consult your physician. With Advocare you will be taking many pills after the cleanse phase, and this diet may not be for people that have to prepare their meals and especially drink 6 to 8 glasses of water.


How can you be dehydrated if you are drinking the recommended water intake? Sounds like spam to me.

to Shanna #735600

Anyone who is vomiting over an extended period of time would become dehydrated.


I started this plan about a week ago.I have Lupus so I am not and will not do anything without the advice of my doctor.

The problem is Advocare reps are doctors and most of them are clueless as to what someone with health issues is OK to do or not.Dont rely on these people, contact your doctor first before ever taking anything

to julieagey #785487

Advocare reps are NOT doctors but rather doctors monitor the products ingredients.

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