Excessive Refund processing

Attended a meeting and decided to purchase products. Distributorship gets you a 20% discount. I was advised by my doctor not to take these product... I had a gastric bypass several years ago... Returned products on 07.23.2010 was advised I had to have notorazied resignation forms. Turned in forms, products, receipts, cancelled check on 07.23.2010. Was advised refund could not be picked up but I would have it it in 3 to 5 days.. It has been 10 days and my refund has not been processed and I was advised I can not pock up check.... Advocare took less than 10 minutes to set-up a new account, get my products, and process my check but it has taken over 10 days to get my refund processed... They are the corporate office. All of the processing takes place in the same location. They are advising customers that their refunds have to be sent to acctg.. all the depts are in one blgd... If they keep 100 customers money for 10 additional days how much interest are they drawing on ther customers money? If they guarantee 100% refund... then they need to promptly refund customers money.
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I have been an Advocare distributor for over a year and a half now. I can't say enough about these products and this company.

I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for a year now and feel better and look better than I have for 20 years. I have helped so many people with weight loss and just overall feeling good.

And all the people I know who are involved with Advocare always advise people to check with their doctor first if they have health issues and/or take medications. This is a very ethical company and I am proud to be a distributor for them.


Anytime anyone says a product is good for everyone, buyer beware. I have CMT which is a neuro muscular disease and just recently found out I could not take mega doses of vitamin B6 which is in Spark.

Spark has 7 1/2 the times of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin B6. So for those of you making blanket statements, you might want to reconsider. It is impossible to "research" every known disease and know if these products will affect individuals in a negative manner. I was very ill doing the cleanse and I eat a very healthy organic diet.

I intend to ask the person who sold these products for a refund.

I was looking for a little extra energy during my workouts and just ended up making myself sick with these "healthy" products.

If you are making money, great, welcome to capitalism. Accusing others of being lazy without knowing them is unfair and just plain mean and uncalled for.


Advocare is for winners, we are champions! If the products arent working for you, its because you are obviously doing something wrong. Dont blame Advocare for your bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle!!


No matter what your or your wifes job is, you aren't an expert on everything. All of the Advocare distributors I have talked to are the same way, they promise all kinds of things.


advocare is run by liars and thieves. their product is second rate and their marketing plan needs help to get to 2nd rate.

If you want to use their trash products i would suggest just burning your money instead. if you want to be a distributor i would caution you to check out the numerous lawsuits that advocare has terminated and lost the court cases that have resulted from their greed and stupidity.

i know for a fact they have lost at least 6 lawsuits from former distributors. found those by checking dallas county courts online.


Im starting advocare and I really like it, but for those

That don't anytime u buy something always put

It on a credit card and don't use ur debit for the

Simple reason with a credit card u can always

Dispute ur purchase and get ur $ back immediately

So saves the hassle, I thought everybody knew



The products which make you FEEL immediately great might not be the best for you! Herbal "speed" feels great, but central nervous system stimulants have their risks!

Anyone who would give "speed", herbal or otherwise, to a kid is unethical, to say the least.

If you want to risk your own health, go for it! No Advocare for anyone I care about!


Wow, I've heard some whoppers in my time but sating your doctor told you not to take something that is absolutely incredibly good for you is a new one. My wife is a nurse practitioner and I am a nurse.

Together we combine 27 years of education and medical experience. We researched Advocare to the fullest, tried the products, searched the products under the informed-choice.org and found they are of the highest quality for nutrition. If you think this is a joke check out www.AdvocareHealth.co and look at the Medical Advisory Board. These are some of the top medical doctor's in the world regarding nutrition.

By the way, your Gastric doctor told you to watch what you eat, not stop taking vitamins and minerals. I'm telling you this from experience considering I have done Gastric Bypasses as a surgical assist for the last 7 years. Finally, getting your money back takes time from any company, refer to statement #1.

That's exactly what happens. Regardless of what you choose to do with your life, if you're looking for superior nutrition and weight loss, Advocare is your vehicle!


you obviously do not understand the whole bank processing and company accounting. first you paid them but they really dont know for sure that you actually paid with a honest payment method, you could have used a stolen credit card or bank account number.

it takes at least ten day to insure that your payment went through before they will want to refund anything. also as an accountant i can tell you that processing your purchase was all automated and only took minutes because a computer handles it. whereas processing your refund has to be touched by atleast a couple on employees to make sure everything is there and approved. this means that the employee has to handle their paper work in the order it comes and i'm sure yours was one of a few in a pile which then got sent to an upper level person to approve.

because companies dont let just any of their employees run around making out checks to people and then it was probably put in a pile to wait until that person got to it.

it's just standard accountanting process. every company has to do the samething.


If anyone is intertested in Good Quality Nutrition, please visit my website: www.shopherbalife.com/kkelly2

I have been a distributor with this company now for a couple of years and none of my customers are unhappy with any of our product. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back after 30 days.

Herbalife is a pharmacuetical grade company that is growing by leaps and bounds because their products are the highest of quality if your looking to improve your nutrition, boost your energy or control your weight!

Best in health,


Vancouver, Wa

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Advocare Customer Care
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Cycling performance supplements

I was skeptical at first, but this stuff really works. I do not get out of breath, my muscles do not fatigue and I do not bonk!!! -The O2 Gold is amazing for breathing -The Muscle fuel keeps my muscles from fatiging -The Rehydrate and Arginine Extreme can be used for...
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sounds like a crock. Eat a balance meal save chemicals for cleaning carpets not your insides! It's common sense people.

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Mad Dog Colorado

To become an advisor for advocare it takes $2000. The advantage of becoming an advisor is that you get 40% off of the products. Now I have just become an advisor because the products really work. Please go to my website www.maddogcolorado.com and check out my "before and after" results. This stuff really works. I became an advisor because I am an user of the products. The other benefit of becoming an advisor is the business side. You can be awarded a commission on products that you are directly responsible for. It is a great way to make some additional income. Tom Edwards
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Expensive, multi level profit for everyone?

I find it very upsetting so many people are so blind about advocare products. I really think most of the positive reviews are placed by distributors to enhance the company reputation. I have been reviewing supplements for twenty years. I can't find a detail mg....
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Hum, I just asked for a distributor to contact me... after all this now IDK...

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Advocare muscle fuel..... be ready!!!!!

just a word out to any who might be about to try Advocare's Muscle fuel pre workout product.....It's not for everyone. After my first dose I'm pretty sure my head may blow off the top of my body.... even 5 hours after my very intense workout,,in which I'm sure I...
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Who writes this garbage. Sounds like this guy never had a pre workout before and it sounds like its his first time in a gym.

The testing that Advocare did in developing muscle fuel is pretty extensive if you do your research and its informed choice certified so there is nothing banned in it. Just say it didnt work rather than being extra about the stuff because your pissed off for whatever reason other than using the product because theres definetly more to the comment

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Advocare? No bad ingredients?

Someone on here said Advocare had only all natural, great ingredients. I am not for or against, however, after reading labels I notice artificial flavors and sucralose. Artificial ingredients mean chemically altered. Maybe just minutely, but still altered. Call the...
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It is misleading to say that the chlorine in Sucralose is the same as what they use in swimming pools. It is in the form of chloride ions, the same as found in sodium chloride - NaCl (aka table salt) and hydrogen chloride - HCl (stomach acid). The chlorine used in pools is in the highly reactive elemental form.Chlorine as chloride ions is an essential nutrient for living things, functioning as an electrolyte to help maintaing water balance and is involved in many other biological processes.

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Advocare stole my income

i was with advocare for over 10 years and was terminated because i told my upline about a deal to get more people to their functions. i had several thousand people in my orginization. the people who got terminated were my upline and they are the ones that got my...
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I hear a lot of these stories lately. Shady company.

Shady leaders.

Shady integrity. I'm so sorry.

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