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I am 50 years old. I have been into fitness since the age of 29. I started lifting weight weighing 210 lbs 7 years later was up to a whopping 216! During this time I tried every supplement and weight program available. I classified myself as a "hardgainer" being...
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You are right that you can obtain the same nutrition results in other ways. Yes, you can be eating all those things that you indicate.

And yes, part of why you lose is because you are drinking more water, cutting out alcohol, fatty foods, etc.

However -- that's what the Advocare Cleanse plan does, it helps you break those habits, maintain healthier habits while on a structured plan. Once you are done, usually most of those habits will stick.

Is this neccessary to lose weight?


Is this the ONLY way to lose weight and start a path towards getting healthy, and maintaining healthy habits?

Definitely Not! Everything you need to start (including the supplements, eating plan, meal replacements) is laid out for you, and it will most definitely kick start you will 5-10 lbs lost and healthy habits.

So, yes it definitely works. If you don't like it, and want to use another method, go for it!

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Carlisle, Iowa
Advocare Supplement
New Reviewer
I recently did the Advocare 24 day challenge, I would say, it worked great, so great, I ended up hospitalized. I followed the directions to the letter, and I lost 50 pounds in 17 days !! That's right, I lost nearly 3 pounds per day on average. Since I started...
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I am on day 11, felt sick all day, throw up whatever I ate, but did not have to go to the hospital. Thanks for posting:-)

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Marion, Ohio

Reality check on Advocare...

The complaints against Advocare as a biz is not justified...your success and or failure is up to you, its no different than doing mary kay or discovery toys, or anything else (i've done both btw). either you are made for that kind of work or you aren't. Don't bash the company if it didn't work out for you. use your head and don't buy so much product, you chose to buy the product, you chose to put yourself in that situation. I don't sell it, but I do use it and it works.
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Funny how many people bash advocare because they are too poor to afford products. No one gives a *** about your peasant life style, if it works and you can afford it, great, if not stop *** and get a better job.

I made advisor in 3 weeks, I have many connections in the gym and many friends that train with me, as well as mentors who are champions in their sports, I have never approached a single person I don't know about the products because I truly could care less, I make about 500 dollars a month from advocare, I only did it because I wanted the 40% discount, everything else just sort of came to be. If you want help getting started with your business email me at obaidin46 at I can give you advise and tell you what worked for me.


First you chide others for their comments about the high price of Advocrap, and then you announce that you only signed up because you wanted the 40% discount! LOL!

You make $500.00 per month? Right... With over 95% of people losing money with Advocrap, the only way you can be taken seriously is by providing verifiable tax returns, profit and loss statements, etc.

BTW - The correct phrase is, "COULDN"T care less", and NOT "could care less". The two phrases mean completely different things.

Based upon what you have written on this website, you are one of the LAST people anyone should be taking nutritional, or business, advice from.


Another angry Advocare advisor.


Mary Kay doesn't sell you products to ingest. Big difference


Yes you are right. Your success depends on how much you can bug your family, friends, friends of friends, co-workers etc.

to buy these silly products. You can do all of this without this goofy pills and powders. Remember snake oil salesmen? This is a modern version of that.

And there will be many on here who will defend it as there are many who bought the oil. I believe that probably half of the people on here who defend it know it doesn't do squat. They just have to save face because they are invested and don't want to look foolish. And WTF is Kickstart for Kids?

Seriously? A caffeine drink for children?

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Denver, Colorado


first off wendy i dont need to prove it to anyone! lol you know why i KNOW advocare is the best? because my whole family takes the products and have had great results. i dont know why your so upset at advocare? just keep waiting tables at the local truck stop. and ill keep spreading the word about how advocare is the finest nutritional company in the world! as far as mlm? i talk to people everyday in my company that advocare has brought out of debt and completely changed their lives! like i said the first time sales isnt for everyone! i guess you were one of those people.....
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Wow, hilarious how the *** people on here bash advocare and their reps, then cry when someone bashes their own stupidity.

If you can't afford advocare, shut the *** up and stop crying. It's worked out very well for MANY people. I'm an advisor, I never approach people because I could care less if someone wants to buy products from me, I just wanted the 40% discount. Without approaching anyone, just from the people under me I make 500 dollars a month, while that's not much, it's still a lot considering it's FREE MONEY. People see me work out at the gym, and ask me what I'm on, simple as that.

Don't cry about a company or their reps when all you know is what you google'd in 4 minutes.

Email me at obaidin46 at yahoo if you have any questions.


Any company that uses religion to sell products is shady to me. I'd be more interested in the products if they sold themselves, and didn't have to rely on saying the company is christian. Selling is selling--whether you use sex or religion to sell your product, you're still using something other than the quality of the product.

#466630 said that perfectly! "All because a company says its Christian based, doesn't meant its represents Jesus"......GREAT POINT!


If you have done your research you would know that most products that contain protein, do not just contain soy, they are a blend. Just wanted to point out your lack of research.


Really? What other nutritional company test for over 200 toxins, impurities, and banned-substances?

Why do you think Olympic athletes, NCAA and other pro athletes use AdvoCare because it works, its safe and it is the best nutritional supplement you can put in your body period! There are other brands you can purchase at your local supplement/vitamin store that has over 14% arsenic along with other toxins in it and people are drinking these. This is a proven fact on consumer reports. Do your research before you make comments that are not true, I have.

I personally have helped several people with their sports performance, endurance, weight-loss and becoming debt-free. Again, do your research....


What a *** this guy is. Just keep spamming your friends with Advocare ***, if you have any friends left outside the company.

I see these hacks annoying people everyday on facebook. Now I know why my Dad threw the Amway people out on their *** when I was a kid.


Hey Anonymous - you are great example of all the class and dignity of an AdvoCare rep. Keep that attitude you will go a long way. I am sure you are just attacking the other lady because you were fired from the same truck stop.


It's funny that you all latch on to the truck stop comment and the Christian based company as if every single person in Advocare is a Christian. Which is certainly not the case but the fact is AdvoCare is the best.

Do I drink Spark cause it's the best? NO! I drink spark cause it brought me out of debt and pays my college tuition w/o any financial aide. That's why I drink spark.

Now back to Christianity if you want to see what Jesus can do for your life and on top of that hang with Champions, get in the company go to "success school" and get your world ROCKED! Can't prove me wrong until you do it.


It's funny that you all latch on to the truck stop comment and the Christian based company as if every single person in Advocare is a Christian. Which is certainly not the case but the fact is AdvoCare is the best.

Do I drink Spark cause it's the best? NO! I drink spark cause it brought me out of debt and pays my college tuition w/o any financial aide. That's why I drink spark.

Now back to Christianity if you want to see what Jesus can do for your life and on top of that hang with Champions, get in the company go to "success school" and get your world ROCKED! Can't prove me wrong until you do it.


Advocare can't be the best. ....and i know that because they don't even manufacturer their own products.

Clearly, the best nutritional company would start with world class manufacturing which they do not. In fact, they don't even use world class contract manufacturers. They're also not the best because their reps attack other people's character, as you do, when discussing another subject.

Why would anyone buy product from someone who is as ignorant about their own products as Advocare distributors. GOOD LORD!!!

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Sebastian, Florida
New Reviewer

Advocare is an amazing company

first off to all the pissed consumers about advocare, you have no clue what your talking about! i joined advocare in april of 11 ive been in fitness for over 8 years now. ive used products from all the major hgealth stores. i tried advocare products and really liked what i seen. then i researched the company and knew i found what i was looking for. ive been plugged into the company and using there approach and have had great success! i make on avearge $1,000 to $1,500 extra dollars a month! and its growing at a pace where in the next year i will work fulltime doing advocare! this comapny has brought nothing but great results for me and my family! mlm is the business of the future. now dont get me wrong you most find then right company. but anyone who hasn't looked in mlm is crazy there more millionares in mlms then anyother comapny! sales arent for everyone. but if you want finacial freedom and new chance at life contact advocare**** ill walk you right through this and if you think its not for then no loss either.
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#602386 sad how many miserable people are on here. I paid 3k to hit advisor, and sold all the products at a discounted rate.

At the end I lost about 100 dollars from my initial investment, and ended up with a 40% discount rate. I have 3 people under me who I didn't approach, they met me at the gym and inquired about the products I use, then a week later became distributors.

I make about 300 a month on advocare, and I never approach anyone. While some may consider this a failure, I take it as a huge success, you get what you put in, I put in hardly anything, and came out with a steady income that will only get bigger if I chose to put more effort in

You can claim the ingredients or whatever your vag has issues with, but at the end of the day all the ingredients are disclosed on the website, if you're too much of a fool to be able to comprehend simple english, then you should prob not worry yourself over critiquing products :P


So, which is it? In one post you said that you make $500.00 per month. In this post, you say that you make "about" $300.00 per month. Is it the drugs that you take? The hits to the head? If simple math is that difficult for you, why in the world should anyone accept your advise?

You got yourself caught up in the mlm sales pitch, dropped a bunch of cash on ***, and now you're trying desperately to recoup some of your losses by scamming others.

It doesn't take more than a third grade education to know that if someone can give you a 40% discount that they are charging you at least 40% too much to begin with!

You would do well by hitting the books instead of the weights. Education is your friend, embrace your friend!

If you need more info, check out the Facebook page Advocare:The Truth.


Dear MR. Charles,

The average start up business enjoys these statistics:

First Year – 85% success

Second Year – 70% success

Third year – 62% success

Fourth Year – 55% success

Fifth Year 50% success

The average income (after expenses) is $45,000; about equal to the Gold 3 Star .44% in Advocare.

The Ohio State University in 1999 found that only 26% of newly established restaurants failed in the first year with a further 19% and 16% failing in the second and third years respectively.

Again, Advocare has a failure rate of over 95%!

Anyone who has not partaken of the "kool-aid" and possesses ANY common sense can see that mlm is a failure of a business model and should be avoided at all costs.

Dietitians and nutritionists need at least a Bachelors degree in order to become licensed.

Why in the wold would anyone want to get their nutrition advice from an uneducated salesman who's main motivation is to get people to "sign-up"???


Wendy...."Nobody, in their right mind, would get involved in a business with a 95% failure rate."

Any start-up business has a 95% failure rate, Advocare just requires comparatively minimal initial costs. And immensely reduced opperating costs. So what's your point?

Direct Marketing will ALWAYS work. Its a numbers game and if you are focusing on the losing numbers, that is what you will get.

"(0.44%)...make a "reasonable" income...." What is "reasonable" to you? To them? Keep in mind MOST people are involved with Advocare AS CUSTOMERS, and not interested in taking the business side seriously.

Finally, NAOMI, you can contact me for information on the products. They are simple and vitamin-based. You pay more, but what you pay for is a SERVICE attached to the product. A person who you can call for information, a person you can talk to about nutrition. A person who has seen results on the products. chuckan_18@***.com.




Acording to Advocare's income disclosure statement less than half of one percent (.44%) are ever able to make a reasonable income selling their stuff.

With all these people saying they are making bunch of money one of two things can only be true; the few people making money are posting all over the net under different names or every body is lying - fake it till you make it.

If Advocare's income disclosure statement is wrong then they are facing some serious legal repercussions.

So, which is it? Who is doing all of the lying?


i love advocare and i have been doing it for four years and every year my income goes up. our income is $80,000 a year for the last 2 years. it does work and like everything else there is a system to follow and if you don't follow it, it will not work.

I have financial freedom.


Naomi, your best and only option (unless your doctor states otherwise) is to eat right and exercise.

There is no magic pill, powder or potion that will cause you to lose weight. No matter what sellers want you to believe.

Your best bet is to go directly to your doctor and take their advice.


I am looking for ways to lose weight fast but in a healthy way i have a blockage in my heart my live ris failing and i have type 2 diabetes i need to lose weight and get my diabetes under control as soon as possible but i dont want to take anything that will harm my body so is advocare not good for me and all the messages i read fake and was put there by people who actully sell the product to make more money or is it really effective and can lose weight off of it is very expensive for the product but i ma desprite in trying to find a solution to my problem can anyone please help me out if advocare is a great healthy product and if it has side effects or is there something else i should be trying and using that wont harm my already delicate body thanks ,Naomi


I have been in fitness and supplements a lot longer than 8 years, and I can tell you that Advocare is a waste of money.I am currently an Epidemiologist Division Director, and conduct research daily, and can tell you that this product does not stack up to many others. I also was in a special duty assignment for 8 years in the military before I got into medicine, and currently am very active in combat sports.

I am very educated on what I put into my body, and Advocare is not a product I would endorse to anybody.

There are much cheaper, more effecive and less riskful products available. If any Advocare person would like to have an educated conversation about the suppliments, medicine, or why I don't advocate this product, feel free to ask, I don't hide.


Judging by your writing style, you either lack any higher education or refuse to use it.

If you're making a profit selling Advocare, prove it. Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke. (BTW, a profit can only be shown after all expenses are paid)

If you truly did research the company, and still made the choice o get involved, you're a fool. Obviously you only found what Advocare wants you to find. Nobody, in their right mind, would get involved in a business with a 95% failure rate.

As far as mlm being the "business of the future", that statement alone proves just how misguided you really are. Direct selling worked in the 1950's. It's since been replaced with much more effective modes of selling. In order for direct sales to be of any real significance today, customers will have to completely change they way the shop and buy goods.

To cap off the lunacy of your post, you seem to honestly believe that this was a good forum to place a sales pitch.

MLM does fails over 95% of the time. This is a proven fact.

Advocare products do nothing but empty your bank account, cause you to loose friends and family and act a fool by trying to convince people that you've found a "magic formula".

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Sebastian, Florida

Advocare- not for ignorant people

Advocare is a great product. Back in Xmas I began my weightless journey of exercising and eating healthy. I worked hard and did extensive and intense workouts to lose 35lbs by April. I was 160 at 5'9 and had been 195. Over the summer I creeped back up to 170 with unhealthy splurging. By august, I had been exhausted and hungry for 8 months. My mother was recommended by a friend to use advocare to help her type 1 diabetes since starting she has cut her insulin in half. I, having already had my success, said *** no. To support my mom, I reluctantly agreed to do the 24 day challenge. I have lost 12 lbs and I'm not thinking about my next meal or napping after school. I have been able to tone up my flabby arms with the same exercises I've been doing since December. We've met alot of people at the business end that have had success but also some who pulled out and got their money back so all these bad reviews sound like an ignorance to the instructions and training videos that are readily available. It's a great product and it's changed my family for the better.
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I started Advocare 4 months ago and I have never felt better. I started with the 24 day challenge and continued with the program.

Am I where I want to be? No, but I am on the road there. I have lost 1 pants size and my energy is through the roof. I know there are skeptics to anything out there, but my challenge to you is this, just try it.

You don't have to sign up you don't have to ever use it again. I will bet you that once you try it even just a couple of the products you will be a believer and you will FEEL and SEE the difference. All products are not created equal, I know that no one at Walmart or GNC has ever called me to check and see if the products I bought are working or how they make me feel or if they aren't that I could turn them in for something different? Show me one time that has happened and I will stand on my head.

Yes this is a marketing business, and??? Why is this frowned upon? Sharing products you love and believe in and use every day, this is wrong? Isn't that what every business should be built on?

My plan may not end up being your plan but I promise Advocare has a plan for you. Also do you know how many people in America are overweight, and in financial trouble? Way too many! My friend was paid $8,000 last month as a Advocare distibutor, yeah who wants to be a stay at home parent and make $8,000 a month and make her family healthy????

UM, ME that's who!!! If that is not for you then move on and find what works for you.

If this may be for you please contact me or go to my page.****


Not all products are the same. An independent test was done on many products made by many companies, including those off store shelves.

No Frank, to think they are just as good is ignorant. Study shows you don't usually get what is posted on the bottle. Advocare came out one of the top 2 companies.

You do get what you pay for from Advocare. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.



Your post is a fantastic example of ignorance. Please, prove me wrong by replying with proof of your claim, "Advocare came out one of the top 2 companies."


I really is too bad that some people such as Frank seem to think that just getting the same product elsewhere will give you the same result. Some people bash others for wasting money on all kinds of things.

MLM has changed some people who wanted change and not helped people who didnt want it enough. MLM's are truly a You Do You Get type of business.

It sounds like you may have been given products and didnt use them according to the instructions. My best friend lost 50lbs and has kept it off for 4 years. My wife just did her 24 Day Challenge and lost only 15lbs but lost 4 dress sizes and 25 inches.

We believe that other companies and products probably work but Advocare works for us period. Im sorry that you may have had your bad experience but maybe you should look in the mirror first and you may just find out why it didnt work for you.


People dislike mlm for a reason. A lot of reasons actually. A lot of very real reasons.

If you want to waste your money on Advocare, that's your choice.

But remember this, there is no "magic pill" that will help you lose weight. There are no ingredients in Advocare products proven to work. What "active ingredients" Advocare does include are not in sufficient quantities to do anything but take your money.

The only safe and proven way of losing weight is my eating right and exercise. All of Advocares weight loss "programs" include directions on changing your eating habits and exercising. THAT is where the results come from.

If Advocare actually had a product proven to help you lose weight, do you really think that it would be kept a secret known only to this within the Advocare "circle"??? It's all over the news and around the world if were true.

If you insist on using nutritional supplements, buy them from a company that is not mlm. You'll save yourself a ton of money and what is sold on store shelves is just as good, if not better, than what you'll buy from any mlm.


You are incorrect. For example, the Meal Replacement Shakes are a perfectly balanced carb to protein ratio.

That results in hormonal balances, therefore a slender physique. Also, Advocare IS all around the world, now. It's been around for 21 years, and is now in the Top 20 Largest Companies by the Direct Sales Association. Our products are in every NFL locker room and is on the "march to a billion dollar company" this year.

It took Nike longer to reach a billion dollars.

Just a thought that you should probably do a little more research before making assumptions. :)


That's where your wrong Frank D.. Last September I was over 310 lbs and started with the 24 day challenge..

To date I have lost 70 lbs and still losing.. I have tried all kinds of products and diets and Advocare has literally changed me and my family's life.. If people could get our caliber of products then why is it that we have professional athletes that endorse our products and are compensated with our products? I currently make 5k/mo as a distributor just by sharing what Advocare is all about..

With this company I have changed many lives..

Believe it or not.. We"re the real deal...


Frank D., I see you continuing to bash Advocare in these forums and I'm wondering what your experience has been to make you take so much of your own time to find arguments against it?

I'm very skeptical about Advocare right now but I am trying the products to see whether they are something that might benefit my clients. So far I've had some very good success with their Spark product (substituting it for my coffee) so I'm now going to try the 24 day challenge.

In terms of money spent, you really need to look at it in terms of whether you get value from the product or not. Someone can sign up with a 24 hour fitness for $19.99 per month and have it be a complete waste of their money as they never go, it doesn't fit their lifestyle, and they don't get any healthier. The same person can pay $600 per month for a personal trainer and get excellent results. And that $600 per month will be the best money they've ever spent because they've found a way to improve their health that works for them and their lifestyle.

It's not good enough to just bash a product because it may not have worked for you. Not everything is for everyone. I've looked at your references and I am not impressed with your arguments. Again, I just started trying Advocare products. I actually came to this forum to see what the detractors say about the products as I often get better information this way than listening solely to those who like the product. So far though I've not seen anything other than a dislike for MLM's in general.

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Rochester, New York
New Reviewer

My AdvoCare Sponsor Lied to Me!

My AdvoCare sponsor lied to me in an effort to get me to spend $2100.00 on products that I ultimately couldn't sell. He told me that there was no risk involved, anything I couldn't sell I could return for a full refund--no questions asked. Turns out, AdvoCare doesn't give refunds, they only do exchanges up tp $250.00. The only way to get a refund is to resign as a distributor. Well that was an easy decision. I never would have spent the money if I knew I couldn't just send the products back. I'm now going through the convoluted process of filling out forms, getting them notorized, and shipping all this stuff back, where I'll have to await their assessment of the condition of the products to see if I get my money back. Stay away from these people. The products are not worth the headache or the dishonesty.
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Unfortunately you had a bad experience and it stinks that the person who told you this did lie but Advocare as a company does not promote that type of behavior or marketing strategy. I myself.

Not a distributor, just a consumer who had hones coaches and have succeeded following the program.

I have not been forced in any way to purchase the Advocare products unless I wanted them. Hopefully you have gotten or will get your money back but the products are worth it if you follow the program.


All you anonymous people's word is worth (0) if you don't have the balls to print your name I'm not valuing your opinion!!!


screw scientific proof, people want to lose weight advocate is a good place to start, its more about using a method to change your dieting habit, so is there scientific proof god exists...*** no, but millions of people will stand by saying without a doubt they know he does


Some of these people kill me. My father is a distributor, he also is a teacher at a high school and a head football coach so during about 7 months of the year he is too busy to do anything.

He is making $2000 a month from advocare with only being able to work the business a few months a year and he has only been in for 2 years. I agree with the posts that say it's take hard work to make money it's not just given. Sadly there are those that will pressure people to spend all this money on product. However, making an advisor order roughly $2,100 I think puts you at a 40% discount on anything you want to personally buy plus you make 40% off of everything you sell.

So it actually faster and smarter to do so. You can they sell that product at a price you choose and make profit. The key is not to push it on people. About 4 years ago me and my father were out town and met this amazing couple who had a little advocare tent set up.

They us free spark and their business card and said to call if we were interested or had any questions that was it no pressure. ( this couple was at $11,000 a month when we met them today they are currently at $25,000 a month)For the next year or so we would go to their website that was on the card and buy spark( which my family and friends think is amazing). Then one day my dad decided to give them a call. They drove 2 hours to meet us and talk about the company.

That day he became a distributor and we started trying more products if was playing college football at the time and HAD to put on weight. I tried just about everything GNC offered and nothing would work. So finally I tried the performance elite products (musclegain and post workout recovery, and corplex. And along with doing my football workouts I put on 25lbs of muscle in 35 days and all my maxes in my lifts went up.

My dad hasn't been under 200lbs since high school. Just a year and a half ago he was 245lbs.He took a 24 day challenge and lost 12lbs and never felt better in his life he continued to take the MNS packs with has your vitamins and appetite suppressant and this like that in it he got down to 185lbs and has kept that weight off and hasn't gained a pound back. He said the best thing is he can still eat whatever he wants he just gets full faster so he doesn't eat as much. I myself have been a advocare distributor for 7 months now and even with my dad already have all my family and older people we know as customers forcing me to go out and meet new people and develop relationships I am making $600 a month and that's with me having classes and a job.

I have NEVER heard any customer I or my dad has sold product to complain. But I have heard a ton of "these products or amazing". Some people run the business in a bad way and force it on people but don't let those few make your decision about how you feel about the company. It is a great opportunity to become healthy and if you so choose you can run the business and make money.

But trust me when I tell you if your expecting to just get a lot of money for doing nothing your wrong. It takes a good amount of work and it helps a ton to be a people person. If you do want to run the business but don't want to pressure friends and family have a mixer at your house or anywhere and invite is many people as you want. We brought in the people we met that first got us started to come talk but if you have a good knowledge of the products and their purpose you can do it yourself.

Buy some product ( I suggest spark) and give everyone there a free sample or two. Explain the products and how everything is all natural and has the informed choice label on every product. Explain what all the major products do and why they are so much better than the other companies products then explain the business opportunity to them and how all of that works. Allow them to ask questions.

Would be best to have the website pulled up so you can look at it if you can't answer a question. Then say thank you for coming tonight if you have any questions or want to get into the business give me and call and give all of them your business card. That way you can explain the entire business to family and friends or even coworkers and you havnt put any pressure on them. You even said to call later if your interested so they know your not expecting an answer right then.

Tell them some people aren't cut out to run a business like this so if you don't want to or don't feel your cut out for it that's completely fine. This like this are how you get leads without pressuring people. You can also buy one of the advocare water bottles with the logo on it and take it with you places to drink spark. People will see it and ask what it is.

You can then explain what it is and what company makes and if they want to know more then you have another lead if they don't seem to care after you explain what it is or if they don't ask more about it I should say then you leave it alone. These are all things my family does to try to share these amazing products and the business possibility with other people WITHOUT pressuring anyone to buy anything.. With that being said if you are thinking about taking advocare products why not go ahead and buy a distributor kit? It's $79 you get $50 worth of samples, a book explains the business, a product guide, I believe it also comes with a DVD on how to be successful, and you get your own website where you can manage everything for if you decide to try to run the business.

Also you start off getting 20% all products you buy yourself and after you sell or buy $500 worth that goes to 25% then eventually you can get to the top level of ADVISOR in which you get that 40% off and make that 40% on what you sell. Some independent distributors may lie but advocare doesn't. Go to their website and read all about it. It's changed my family's life by making us all healthy and also by providing some income.

This may be strange to some, but what sold me was not completely the products (before I tried them) what sold me was the fact that they have spokespersons/endorsers like drew brees and Jason written and many other famous athletes that do it for $0!!! What athlete or celebrity do you know that would take time out of their schedule to do commercials and other promoting things for free, not getting paid a dime.

They do it because they take the products and they work.

Hope this helped


Good grief!

First off, Advocare pays their endorsers. If you can't get a simple fact like that right, then everything else you say has lost credibility.

Second: 99% of people investing in Advocare lose money.

The entire multi-level marketing industry shares this failure rate. People fail because the system is severely flawed and only benefits the very few at the top of the pyramid.

One example of how it's flawed is this: each and every time you sign up someone within your "circle of influence" you have created a direct competitor to yourself. Sales teams in a proper business model maintains territories in order to protect commissions.

Mlm completely undermines this basic concept and therefore hurts it's sales force.

Lastly, you (and others) wrongly attribute the health benefits you perceive to the products when in fact there is absolutely no scientific proof that these supplements do anything but cause your bank account to "lose weight".

Here is a bit of common sense for you - we all know that putting chemicals and highly processed foods into our bodies will hurt us. Maybe not immediately, but certainly down the road. Yet, for some crazy reason, you honestly believe that putting the very same chemicals and highly processed products into your body is "good for you" because someone labels them as "supplements". Educate yourself.

You need it. (you also need to learn how to use paragraphs!)


You are clearly the one who needs education.

First: Advocare pays Drew Brees for his endorsement which is less than a quarter of what he could make from Gatorade, Nutrisystem, Powerade, etc.

All of the other endorsers ARE NOT PAID. They only receive product, but they could simply go elsewhere if they choose to.

Second: I have been on Advocare for 5 months and have lost 45 pounds. I have been eating right for over a year but I am unable to exercise due to having fractured my spine several years ago.

My dieting efforts only helped me lose 5 pounds in the previous year.

Third: I have a friend who has PCOS and a Hypothyroid condition. She has been trying to lose weight for YEARS. Since starting Advocare, she is down over 80 pounds and about to run her first 5k.

Fourth: Advocare has been around for over 20 years. I have been in it for only 5 months, so it is safe to say I did not get in at the beginning. I currently have only spent $79 for my distributor kit which gave me $50 worth of product, so you could say I have paid $29. In return for my purchase, I get a discount on product that I use and believe in.

This easily equates to well over the $29 I paid.

Additionally, I have made close to $5000.

All of my team members under me (with the exception of 4 who choose not to sell) have made their money back as well. You know nothing of these products and clearly don't understand indentation to start a new paragraph.


Great explination Rw. I believe i know your dad and he got me started and what a great guy he is and very honest and laid back.

You reap what you sow and he is a diligent worker at what he does and he gets rewarded for it! Keep up the good work!


Of course eating healthy and exercise will yield results. I chose Advocare because I wanted to see better results and guess what the products did just that.

The 24 Day Challenge really jump started my weight lost and I continue to take the products. And no I'm not making money off Advocate...


Good nutrition does NOT come from chemicals and Advocare is full of man made chemicals.

You are not getting healthy, you are slowly poisoning yourself.


And tell me exactly what the components are in one of those cans of coke????? People are ingesting chemicals everyday! Next complaint please!

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#239744 Review #239744 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

Advocare Scam

They sing you up, place big orders on your account so they get a bonus, It may work for some people, but if you use the same product every day (that has atificial flavor and food dye that are terible for you body) its bad. Just like anything you need a balance. Start a healthy diet, eat good, fruits, vegtables, grain's ect. If you want to help people help them for free ( its called charity or just help them without them handing you thier wallet!) pyrmid scam!!! It has split some of my family apart becuse they are not interested, no there selling makeup? Yeah energy drink and makeup, thats the wierdest two none realated things Ive heard of, they just want your money...GO ORGANIC!!!!
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All u advocare croonies are idiots. These products have nothing to do with ur weight loss or new found energy.

Ur mind is the most powerful tool that can make u lose weight and have energy as long as u diet properly and excercise regularly and are disciplined in staying in shape. Millions of people in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 2000's never had this *** and knew how to stay in shape and lose weight the ole fashion way of diet and excercise.

Visalus and Herbalife are the same *** products as Advocare. Only reason Advocare is more popular is that they have better marketers and big name celebrities getting paid big bucks to advertise Advocares products.


I took this product for 24 days (the 24 day challenge) and it absolutely worked for me. I lost 8 lbs during and then 17 more later.


I love the way someone calls a multi-level business model a pyramid scam simply because they were unable to be successful at it.

I've tried exactly 3 multi-level systems, none of which were successful, but THEY DO WORK for those who are good at it.

Trust me. Sales...if you aren't good at it, then it won't work.

Another big help in MLM is to already have a lot of contacts. Not talking about your facebook friends here, though that can help too. My favorite band's manager advertised the AdvoCare system and a bunch of people bought it.

Everything that doesn't work for you is not necessarily a scam.

Besides, the initial post looks like it's from someone who didn't actually try it.

I am a consumer of AdvoCare (Not a distributor) and I am currently on day 6 of their 24-day challenge. I've lost 11 pounds and I'm not hungry and I feel good. Can't say I feel better than before I started, but not worse, either.

I started at 301 pounds, so I have a lot to lose. It might not be nearly as effective per pound lost if you are only 20 or so pounds from your ideal weight.

So far, I recommend it. It's something like $168 on Amazon if you don't want to deal with a distributor.

Good luck!


MLM enjoys a 95% failure rate for those that invest in it - that's what makes it a scam.

If you did your homework, you'd understand this fact.

You'd also know that none of Advocare's products have been tested and that they're full of chemicals.

But hey, you have some weight to lose. so...


95% of every type of company fail in the 5 years buddy. Plus, the investment with AdvoCare is $79! What an investment :-).


A friend of mine became a Distributor and went to the seminar about how to build her business in Texas and I became a distributor just to get the discount on the products. I have no interest in selling the products as I am not a salesperson and I don't care to start another MLM adventure.

That said, the product Spark is ok, but I am bothered by the artificial flavors, colors and sweetener. I don't think they say it is a supplement but I know my friend gets quite a buzz and huge energy from it!

Of course, if you drink 2 or 3 servings a day it is going to give you energy. I don't think the products are worth the money.


Not to mention you'll not have any friends left after 8 months of cramming this down their throats!!! :grin


My friend sales this stuff and they want everyone to sell because everyone who sales underneath they make a profit on. Did they lose weight?

Absolutely, but they changed their whole diet. When you go from eating out and processed foods to veggies and dish of course you will lose weight. DUH! I took

The supplements for a whe and no difference was made.

It's almost a cult following but when you are making loads of money off of people then I could see why they would promote it.

Exercise people! Get your nutrients rom food and FDA approved vitamins.


The products work, the business model works the variable is weather or not the person is going to work. There is no product or diet or work out ect that is going to work if you sit on your *** and eat pizza, drink beer and eat Oreos and the only exercise you get is to walk to the bathroom and *** that *** out.

AdvoCare does not claim to be a miracle pill, you have to eat right, and no that does not mean to eat like a *** bird to loose weight and take the products to help fill in the gaps in nutrition the food does not supply. Spark gives you added energy, other products they have help you control your appetite and cravings. Also they promote working out, you have to work out to burn calories to. People that aren't *** understand this stuff.

Good Sponsors/Distributors should understand and help people they get started on the products understand this to. Bad Sponsors or Distributors who are out for a quick buck or look to cut corners and lie to try and get more sales are the ones who give this type of business a bad name.

Also the business work if you "talk" to people and follow up i.e. not sending our mass emails or facebook blast and expect to get paid.

You have to work. Its a numbers game you have to talk to a lot of people and work on yourself, work on how you talk to people ect. You will get paid and paid good if you work.

If you quit or failed its your fault and nobody else's. Don't blame your sponsor or the business model blame yourself.

You didn't do the work or put in the time and effort or work on yourself or do your research on how direct sales works.

So stop bashing AdvoCare.


***... I followed this scam to a t and no results....

21 days .... no weight loss.....

I'm done !!

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#237670 Review #237670 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Burlington, Vermont

Advocare is awesome

Advocare is fantastic. Sorry but if you didnt like it you did something WRONG. It is very easy to follow and the products are amazing. Most people who say it didn't work are lazy and just want a magic potion that instantly gets rid of fat while they sit back and do nothing. Sorry Thats not how it works, nor do they lead you to believe that, these are supplements to ASSIST you while you work out. And the company is great and offers amazing business opportunity to EVERYONE. Thank you for listening,I will happily go drink my delish Advocare shake. Good day!
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Someone didn't do something wrong because they had a reaction to Advocare due to side effects. Just because it worked for you doesn't mean others need to be put down critically since they were fantastic for you.

I don't want to judge you for judging, but if we don't know the stories of others, doctor's scientific proof on the ingredients, and how it's affected people in a negative way, means we don't know beyond the shadow of a doubt, and shouldn't say "well people are wrong" if they don't like Advocare products. You have no proof, and these people have major scientific proof from their doctors regarding the ingredients.

I'd listen. Glad it worked for you, and you have no side effects, but I'd advise you or anyone to see a doctor first.


ADVOCARE ROCKS!!! It has given me and my husband back our life.

Down 53lbs. since March and husband down 63lbs. I am down 3 pants and 2 shirt sizes and he is down 5 pants and 3 shirt sizes. I am no longer diabetic or high cholesterol.

I have tried every thing all my life with no success. With Advocare it gave us the will to change our old habits. We are truly blessed.

Advocare works.


I just finished the 24 day challenge yesterday. Followed all the guidelines and worked out 6 days a week.

About the last week or so I had gained weight and weighed more then when I started.

Eating better is always a good choice but the ridiculous amount of "supplements" you take is absurd. I didn't pay all that money to gain....I could have done that on my own.


I have no affiliation with Advocare and never met you - so I am only guessing, but perhaps working out so much; you did actually lose weight, but gained muscle? Muscle weighs more than fat.

It's possible, but you would be the one to judge that by how you look, feel, and how your clothes fit. That just is a very real possibility.


Fruits and vegetables are a lot cheaper than supplements, and they are proven to help lose weight through peer reviewed literature. There is no science backing advocare.



According to Advocare all of their products work for everyone. Obviously, this is not the truth.

You trusted some store clerk for dietary information and they were wrong. Did you learn your lesson? No! You went to some uneducated Advocare rep. and fell for the hype.

Why you lost weight has everything to do with changing your diet and exercising and NOTHING to do with the products you're wasting your money on!


i spent over 400 at complete nutrition on products that the sales person told me would work amazing not only did i not loose weight i was sick half the time. then they refused to refund any of my money.

i spent 200 on advocare and dropped over 30 pounds and felt amazing enough i joined for the discount. not all products work for everyone and all nutrition companys have products that suck ***


My sister tried the plan and followed it to a T....she is not lazy at all. She gained a pound.

she discovered she has Hashimotos...My husband tried it as well and it did not work for him. It does not work for EVERYONE...many situations where it might not work...


I have Hadhimotos disease also, and as long as my thyroid levels are in the correct range I don't have any problem losing the weight with these products , but if my levels are out of range I don't lose and may gain like your sister no matter what I do. She should try again once her thyroid levels are where they need to be.


Or, stop taking advocrap and start eating right.

There is absolutly zero scientific proof that Advocare does anything other than empty your wallet.

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#235921 Review #235921 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas
New Reviewer
Can't emphasize enough how little value there is in buying Advocare products. Seems like yet another multilevel marketing plan to fleece customers, lighten wallets with nothing remotely close to any effective products. The distributor claims there is a 100% money back...
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#234319 Review #234319 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Livonia, Michigan
Advocare Distributor
New Reviewer

AdvoCare Complaints

I think it is SO funny that people complain about AdvoCare just because they didn't follow the success system and they did not follow the instructions on the 24 Day Challenge. Every person that I have revealed the product to has lost at least 10 lbs on the Challenge and people need to realize that it isn't a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change. If you want a quick fix or cannot follow instructions, don't use AdvoCare or put the company down because you don't know how to follow instructions or read labels or have enough will power to get to the body you want. AdvoCare builds FIT people, not skinny people.. so don't try to bad mouth AdvoCare just because you cheated on your diet!!!
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First of all, I was a rep when the company was very young and Charlie was still running things. There is ALWAYS a refund on products consumers purchase...and Advocare promotes 100% refund on all products.

Second, in order for products to work as expected, it is up to the rep that sold the products to work diligently with their customers to insure satisfaction.

This sell-and-split attitude gives any company a bad wrap (even though Advocare deserves the bad wrap). You (rep) cannot say people don't follow directions, you have to guide them - you're an *** and shouldn't be in the business.


I find all these comments funny.. I've read through and done the research on these product.

I have seen positive effects of advocare that's why I'm trying it... And before anyone would like to call me ignorant I would like to state that i have always been an active person but due to steriods(from being asthmatic) and a *** diet I have put on more weight then healthy. Ww DOESN'T work for everyone... Doing the diets yourself DOESN'T always work....

This is a great program for some people...

If you DON'T want to use it or try it then don't... Your life your decision but don't make people feel like *** because they chose to do something that would work for them....


If you people actually did any research none of you would be using Advocare! The stuff is full of man made, synthetic, chemicals. Y'all need to check out the Facebook group "Advocare:the truth".


Missy, there is no reason to assume all disgruntled individuals that have used this product are "the fat people". Those "fat people" could possibly be future clientele.

People are going to have opinions. As a distributor for this product,rather than be extremely defensive and lash out, you should share your success story and motivate future consumers. I am of the "fat people" clan whom has used Advocare in the past. I have been thoroughly pleased with my weight loss and improved health.

After marriage and children, I again am using Advocare to assist me in my diet regime.

After a couple of days of taking MNS,I have noticed an increase in energy that has helped me through my workdays and evening workouts. I am not looking for that "over the top" body, I am creating a heathier one.


Motivated you fat cow. No wonder you husband cheats


sorry Frank, but Missy is right! Its no longer quality its quantity in the food market, look at all the chemicals used to mass produce products and mature them as fast as possible!

so they can get multiple crops or quicken there investment buy getting them to slaughter quicker... and Chris, you are so full of ***! 50 lbs in 17 days? did you copy that from the guy who posted on the body from Vi?

or are you him? dip ***


Advocare truely changed my life forever! This product is legit!

In order to be the best, you have to use the best! The background, The people who put there names behind the name, speaks volumes! I am still within my 24 day challenge, at day 10 I had lost 7.5 inches and 13.5 lbs! I have been battling back pain for the last 12 years at best a 4 out of 10 the docs said, its the best its gonna get.

8 days into my challenge I was pain free and still pain free!!! I will be forever grateful to Advocare! and the people who got me started! You not only lose weight, shed inches, feel Amazing, but more so, you become Healthy!!

I am a proud user, and distributor of Advocare, and the products ARE for everyone! Your body will thank you! and on a note to the ones being neg. towards our product...

either you are going on hear-say from people who chose not to follow the program, or people who dont have the will power to keep there hands out of the junk food and away from there mouth! or they are the ones buying from places like ebay where all they get is the product and no info on how to use it!

These are the people bad mouthing Advocare people like this, you will fail! and its nobodies fault but your own!!


I tried the 24 day challenge. I feel great.

Altough I do not have wait to lose, it was a great kick start to a summer work out and I feel much more lean and tone. As for ending up in the hospital due to dehydration?.. the guide clearly tells you that you should being drinking large amounts of water to move the products through your body for best results.

My advisor recommended drinking atleast a half gallon a day. In order to be successful it is necessary to read the directions.


Advocare works, I lost 10lbs on the 24day challenge and I didn't even exorcize or follow it EVERY day, I totally slipped some cake into it, and I'm not sorry either. My wife did the challenge and she lost 18lbs.

Shes also a type one diabetic. How the *** you got a low blood sugar is beyond me because most diabetics on this system feel the best they've ever felt and have no issues with it. It actually corrected her blood sugar after taking the shakes in the morning, its all about following the diet and snacking healthy and appropriately, rice cakes with some peanut butter were good snacks, preserves instead of jelly. Its not a hard diet you just have to find good alternative foods.

and if you actually incorporate exorcize then you'll lose more...the cheaper route is doing a cleanse, MNS and spark...and if you want to eat *** foods, get the carb plus...there *** works. Try it at least.


I can't say that the 24 day challenge is good or bad. My husband lost several pounds on the challenge but I had to quit during the cleanse.

I have a HUGE concern with Advocare and cardiology patients. If you have cardiology health problems, PLEASE consult a physician before doing the challenge. I, unfortunately, did not and I regret it. My fault.

It works for some and not for others. If you are in good physical shape, then go for it. It is truly all about healthful changes in diet. The challenge works great for many people because probably before the challenge they were not eating as healthy.

Not all but some. It really makes you aware of healthy changes. But - the same can be said of many highly recommended diet plans like WW where they focus on food awareness and healthy eating (lifestyle)changes that can be sustained.

It is all a personal choice but I can't fully endorse it since I feel you should be getting most of your vitamins and nutrients from your food, i.e. you need to eat better!

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#230290 Review #230290 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Seattle, Washington
I just bought over $450 of product from Advocare, and when disappointed with it, was just told that there is no return. This must by how they make their money -- once you buy a product, they will never give you your money back. My distributor was supposed to tell me...
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well there is a guarantee. you can send back UNOPENED products if you're a distributor.

if you're just a retail customer you can get the distributor you bought it from to reimburse you, and THEY can send it back and be reimbursed. so whoever you're talking to is lying or doesn't know what they're talking about

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#226809 Review #226809 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Miami, Florida
New Reviewer


I bought a supposed to be slightly used hospital be for my 91 year old mom because shes on only a pension.After stalling me for 2 days ,day 3 he show up in the morning at my house ,our csregiver was there ,let him in and he set up the bed.I had the money (500.00) cash for 2 days sitting there ,when he was to show days before ,so my caregiver gave it to him ,He said he forgot his reciept bood and he would email it to me the nex day.well that came and left ...Now 2 weeks later millions of call,no answer.He has call display.Ive blocked the number.The bed has bugs and was bitting my mom..Her being a sever diabetic we had to take her to the hospital for treatment..His name is Ronald Pocklington and I tink he owns this franchise anyway in toronto on Mc Cullochive ave ..Ive called CCAC ,Red Cross, and my friend at Toronto Star to give my side of the story to take pics of this bed..How can people rip off the elderly...What a sin...This man need help thanks Jodie.westenhofer
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@Jodie like I already said you have the WRONG Advocare because 1 Advocare out of Texas isn't even in Canada its only here in the U.S. Advocare Int. Doesn't even sale beds.!!


Advocare doesn't even sell hospital beds or medical supplies of any nature for that matter.


Jodie, you do have the wrong company. The company you posted about is .

The website you gave is for a company in Canada.....Advocare Intl is in Carrollton, TX.

I didn't mean to imply you did this maliciously, just that you posted under the wrong AdvoCare.

I'm sorry to hear about the problems that you had with that company.


Carol...yes I do have the right company....his name is Ronald Pocklington and his company is registered under is his web...he is a *** artist be careful


No Breanna....I dont have the wrong company....he is registered as Advocare and he is a *** artist...Did you read the comments on this page? Check his web site @***.ca ...hes a joke ...I would not be making these comments if it wasnt true


You know, the company you posted this for is not the medical company? This is a nutritional supplement company and not the medical supply company?


I think you should let the police know what happened, and tip them off to a possible fraud.


No I didnt call the police,because I thought they wouldnt take me seriously,, but I may contact the paper ,just because it may help..I did however let CCAC know what had happened, and they now have blackballed him with any kinda business


Perhaps you should contact The Toronto Star? Did you call the Police?


Well after hearing your story...Im not quite sure now...i dont have money for a lawywer and courts right now...but Im sorry to hear about your dealing with this iddiot...I feel sorry aobut his son,but life goes on...he told me that he made enough money with his first business to buy his wife a 40 of vodka..I should have known by that comment

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#198236 Review #198236 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia

Excessive Refund processing

Attended a meeting and decided to purchase products. Distributorship gets you a 20% discount. I was advised by my doctor not to take these product... I had a gastric bypass several years ago... Returned products on 07.23.2010 was advised I had to have notorazied resignation forms. Turned in forms, products, receipts, cancelled check on 07.23.2010. Was advised refund could not be picked up but I would have it it in 3 to 5 days.. It has been 10 days and my refund has not been processed and I was advised I can not pock up check.... Advocare took less than 10 minutes to set-up a new account, get my products, and process my check but it has taken over 10 days to get my refund processed... They are the corporate office. All of the processing takes place in the same location. They are advising customers that their refunds have to be sent to acctg.. all the depts are in one blgd... If they keep 100 customers money for 10 additional days how much interest are they drawing on ther customers money? If they guarantee 100% refund... then they need to promptly refund customers money.
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I have been an Advocare distributor for over a year and a half now. I can't say enough about these products and this company.

I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for a year now and feel better and look better than I have for 20 years. I have helped so many people with weight loss and just overall feeling good.

And all the people I know who are involved with Advocare always advise people to check with their doctor first if they have health issues and/or take medications. This is a very ethical company and I am proud to be a distributor for them.


Anytime anyone says a product is good for everyone, buyer beware. I have CMT which is a neuro muscular disease and just recently found out I could not take mega doses of vitamin B6 which is in Spark.

Spark has 7 1/2 the times of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin B6. So for those of you making blanket statements, you might want to reconsider. It is impossible to "research" every known disease and know if these products will affect individuals in a negative manner. I was very ill doing the cleanse and I eat a very healthy organic diet.

I intend to ask the person who sold these products for a refund.

I was looking for a little extra energy during my workouts and just ended up making myself sick with these "healthy" products.

If you are making money, great, welcome to capitalism. Accusing others of being lazy without knowing them is unfair and just plain mean and uncalled for.


Advocare is for winners, we are champions! If the products arent working for you, its because you are obviously doing something wrong. Dont blame Advocare for your bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle!!


No matter what your or your wifes job is, you aren't an expert on everything. All of the Advocare distributors I have talked to are the same way, they promise all kinds of things.


advocare is run by liars and thieves. their product is second rate and their marketing plan needs help to get to 2nd rate.

If you want to use their trash products i would suggest just burning your money instead. if you want to be a distributor i would caution you to check out the numerous lawsuits that advocare has terminated and lost the court cases that have resulted from their greed and stupidity.

i know for a fact they have lost at least 6 lawsuits from former distributors. found those by checking dallas county courts online.


Im starting advocare and I really like it, but for those

That don't anytime u buy something always put

It on a credit card and don't use ur debit for the

Simple reason with a credit card u can always

Dispute ur purchase and get ur $ back immediately

So saves the hassle, I thought everybody knew



The products which make you FEEL immediately great might not be the best for you! Herbal "speed" feels great, but central nervous system stimulants have their risks!

Anyone who would give "speed", herbal or otherwise, to a kid is unethical, to say the least.

If you want to risk your own health, go for it! No Advocare for anyone I care about!


Wow, I've heard some whoppers in my time but sating your doctor told you not to take something that is absolutely incredibly good for you is a new one. My wife is a nurse practitioner and I am a nurse.

Together we combine 27 years of education and medical experience. We researched Advocare to the fullest, tried the products, searched the products under the and found they are of the highest quality for nutrition. If you think this is a joke check out and look at the Medical Advisory Board. These are some of the top medical doctor's in the world regarding nutrition.

By the way, your Gastric doctor told you to watch what you eat, not stop taking vitamins and minerals. I'm telling you this from experience considering I have done Gastric Bypasses as a surgical assist for the last 7 years. Finally, getting your money back takes time from any company, refer to statement #1.

That's exactly what happens. Regardless of what you choose to do with your life, if you're looking for superior nutrition and weight loss, Advocare is your vehicle!


you obviously do not understand the whole bank processing and company accounting. first you paid them but they really dont know for sure that you actually paid with a honest payment method, you could have used a stolen credit card or bank account number.

it takes at least ten day to insure that your payment went through before they will want to refund anything. also as an accountant i can tell you that processing your purchase was all automated and only took minutes because a computer handles it. whereas processing your refund has to be touched by atleast a couple on employees to make sure everything is there and approved. this means that the employee has to handle their paper work in the order it comes and i'm sure yours was one of a few in a pile which then got sent to an upper level person to approve.

because companies dont let just any of their employees run around making out checks to people and then it was probably put in a pile to wait until that person got to it.

it's just standard accountanting process. every company has to do the samething.


If anyone is intertested in Good Quality Nutrition, please visit my website:

I have been a distributor with this company now for a couple of years and none of my customers are unhappy with any of our product. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back after 30 days.

Herbalife is a pharmacuetical grade company that is growing by leaps and bounds because their products are the highest of quality if your looking to improve your nutrition, boost your energy or control your weight!

Best in health,


Vancouver, Wa

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#192094 Review #192094 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Oradell, New Jersey
Advocare Customer Care
New Reviewer
I was skeptical at first, but this stuff really works. I do not get out of breath, my muscles do not fatigue and I do not bonk!!! -The O2 Gold is amazing for breathing -The Muscle fuel keeps my muscles from fatiging -The Rehydrate and Arginine Extreme can be used for...
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sounds like a crock. Eat a balance meal save chemicals for cleaning carpets not your insides! It's common sense people.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado