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Donate your unused unopened Advocare to me please.

I see many people have tried this Advocare, Some say its great some say it was not for them and others say its a scam. I want to try but don't have that kind of cash. so those who have product and don't want it please send it to Tearsa R @ 415 Gully Ranch ct. Dickinson T.X. 77539 , I will post all info and pics to show results if any. I say lets put this Company to the test..I am Ready. I will stick to the Product. I wonder if this product or any other really works?, then why does this company or any other let anyone be a distributor?. I believe that a person claiming weight loss from a product should be able to prove there loss, I believe that companies that let you buy in as a distributor are scams and are out for your money. Why on earth would they let you pay 200.00 or more allow you to lie your way in to other sales if there not even sure it works for you??? MONEY....No company has a 100% weight loss result. I say Prove the weight loss ....then become eligible for distributor , after all nothing is better than walking talking advertisement, I'm just saying lets be truthful about it. So ADVOCARE how well do you believe in your product??? Ill try you challenge, I just wont pay for a product or sell one Unless I know it worked for me. Tearsa R @ 415 gully ranch ct. Dickinson T.X. 77539
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So hows did this work for you?


I am mailing you something, *** I may even pay u a visit sometime.


I second "Anon"!


I'm a Dickinson girl (til I moved to Austin for college, marriage & all that BS).....NEVER post your home address......NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.....


Hi Teresa, if you are still interested in Advocare I can help you. You can contact me at alemtzchapa@***.com


You really shouldn't openly post your home address like that.


Tearsa, I would be happy to send some samples to you if you would like. If you know someone who uses the products and is happy, you should feel confident in trusting what they say about what the products have done for them.

Please let me know if you are interested. I love them and am happy to help others. If the business opportunity is for you, fine. If not, that's fine too.

I usually just tell people I want them to know what I have and what they could have as well, and they can let me know when or IF they're ever interested in finding out more information. :)


by the way, here is my contact information in case you are interested:678-294-**** (text)

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Child abuser

You have a distributor Tifan Cox of Checotah Oklahoma who is a convicted felony child abuser in 2006 she was going by the name Tifani Ballard she attempted to kill her then 17 month old daughter by beating her beyond recognition i cant believe a family oriented company...
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Look people i dont know why this cant be dropped it hurt our family deeply we are concentrating on keeping this child healthy and happy please just leave it alone smdh

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Itasca, Illinois
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Advocare products are the best out there...

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about advocare and the products. First of all, if you don't know what the *** your talking about then don't feakin post *** *** about advocare. Second, how about you research on consumer reports about advocare products and that *** you get from GNC and see which one comes out on top. Third, for those of you who bash advocare and say it's a pyramid, again, know your facts before opening your *** mouth!! It's probably best to educate yourself before you speak so you don't look so ***!!! And finally, for those of you who state you did the 24 day challenge or cleanse and didn't lose weight...guess what fat *** have to do more than just take the products dip ***. You have to get off your *** and exercise! You know, that thing you probably have never done in your life or you think you do you really don't. GTFOUS (Get the *** over your selves)!!! For those of you that actually know what your talking about and have researched the product and the company and know exactly what it can do for you...congrats, you are way smarter than most the people that post on here!!
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Interesting company policy, calling your target audience names. .... Thanks for helping me decide.


The advocare distributor I know has become as certifiably crazy as you are. I waited to see her results before I joined, I'm thankful to say.


Sounds like the crazy denise novicki advobydenise _warning if you buy into her story you are a fool.


I am now convinced I do niot want to be affiliated with Advocare losers!

#721341 it safe to say it causes anger issues. lol



I know you feel strongly about AdvoCare, but posting a comment like that does not embody the professionalism, integrity, and character that this company is all about. Give them the bullet proof shield with the science behind it, the safety and effectiveness trustedby thousands of athletes nation wide, and the fact that our products are tested by informed choice and is consumed by Olympic athletes who know they have nothing to fear as far as banned substances. These products and this company stand up to the test so lettletthem stand alone without profanity or vulgarity.


HA! Ha! ha!

klp, you crack me up!!! The o.p. was a perfect example of Adovcare "professionalism"!

What is Advocare "all about"?

It's about scamming people out of their money by telling lies and half-truths about the products. What, exactly, is the "science behind it"? In 20 years, Advocare has NEVER produced ANY scientific proof that their products work!

If Adocare products are so "safe" then why doesn't the NFL recognize them? Advocare products are NOT NSF Certified for Sport. NSF is the ONLY testing company that the NFLPA trusts!

So, please, what test does Advocare stand up to? If that test involves honesty and integrity, Advocare will never earn a passing grade!!!


Okay. You can tell this kid invested in the roidrage product.

And get your abbreviations right. "Your" starts with a y. Clearly *** of the earth.

Can't type without cursing. Forget advocare I'd like to file a complaint on this angry child.


I agree with you. If you can't post witouth all the ##@@@!!** you just made yourself look like an uneduated ***.



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Atlanta, Georgia
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Atdnr hates Advocare Not telling the Truth

I'm reading several negative blasts from this one person and am looking up the info. I do respect that Atdnr has put in ALOT of time and effort writing about this company, however I believe most of the criticism is negatively emotionally tainted. He said that Dr.Oz never promoted Advocare on his show which is bogus...totally untrue. Actually ADVOCARE was named verbally and visually shown by name on the TV during the Dr. OZ show as one of the best Omega products that passed with flying colors as tested by see for yourself. watch until the end of the clip.. The doctors (Medical Advisory Board) do participate in the formulation and have been since the beginning of Advocare. These are highly regarded professionals who can teach & work at a University and who can also collaborate together to formulate products that will help people become healthier. If you research the doctors professional papers/research articles then you will find each one has a speciality which contributes to what is actually in Advocare products. The advisory board teaches the advocare distributors twice a year. the people selling the product are educated on the basics of what they need to know about the products. On the product box it is recommended to check with your doctor. I was at a mixer and a Diamond distributor answered a question from one of the guests as, "all products have the ingredients listed, please have your doctor or pharmacist review them". Nutritional supplements are not governed, everyone knows that, however 45 of Advocare products are tested and certified by Informed Choice (the most from anyone in this industry) and Omegaplex was one of the best and purest products as publicly stated on Dr. Oz by Consumer labs. Now, I'm thinking a company would not just make the best of one product, right? So this leads me to believe how high Advocare standards are to produce the best. I'm a RN with a BSN but not as educated as all those on the Advocare Medical Advisory Board. However I can put two and two together. Unbiased research + physical results from the product= Advocare is legit. I'm a retail customer at this time and NOT a distributor but am seriously considering it because I like to help others. So please continue with your research with an open mind and take the product for yourself to see the difference. If you have medical issues, then take it to your doctor like you would anything else. Good Luck
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I take it you didn't research how to spell.. Alot? Really?!


One of the most erroneous bits of misinformation floating around about Advocare has to be about the T.V. personality, Dr. Oz.

It’s been claimed that;

Advocare has been “featured” on the Dr. Oz show

Dr. Oz “endorses” Advocare

Dr. Oz says Advocare is one of the top 3 vitamin/supplement companies

Dr. Oz recommends Advocare

If you watch the clip, you’ll find some interesting things. You’ll find a great example of just how far Advocare supporters will twist the truth to further their endeavor.

Here are a few facts about Dr. Oz and the video clip:

Advocare was not “featured”, or “endorsed” by Dr. Oz, or his show.

Dr. Oz never ranked Advocare in any order, let alone the “top 3”.

Dr. Oz never once mentioned Advocare, Omni-plex or any other Advocare product. Not one of the words ever crossed his lips.

Consumer Labs, a guest on the show, only tested 24 different brands of omega-3s and not “every one out there”.

Consumer Labs ONLY tested for freshness and that the product contained the amount of omega-3 that the label stated.

Consumer Labs did NOT test for quality of ingredients, efficacy of the products, bio-availability, or value.

70% of the products tested by Consumer Labs PASSED their tests! Not just the two mentioned on the show that day by Consumer Labs.

Consumer Labs also mentioned Life Extension omega-3 as being one of the 70% that passed their two tests.

So, if using a product that was mentioned by a guest, who was representing a company unaffiliated with Dr. Oz or his show, is important to you, you could save yourself a lot of money by buying one of the other 70% tested.

As an example, compare the two brands from the video clip;

Advocare costs $21.95 for 45 servings.

Life Extension costs $18.00 for 60 servings WITHOUT any “buy in”, distributorship or discount.

Dr. Oz hasn’t endorsed Advocare any ore than the Wizard of Oz has.

Lets talk about the doctors...

Dr. Stohs - is also involved with “Purely 4 Heath”. and is cited in reports supporting hydroxycut in 2010 with Dr. Keen.Do you really want to trust someone who pushed Hydroxycut???

Judith Smith is a pharmacist. A pharmacist instructs and counsels on the proper use and adverse effects of medically prescribed drugs and medicines. Their training has nothing to do with the formulation of nutritional products.

Dr. Dudrick? Not only does he push Advocare, but he also pushed his own line of supplements.

Dr Kraemer? He owns and runs a lab producing and testing supplements. Since his lab is funded by grants, it becomes easy to see how and why he would want to get involved with companies like Advocare. By either subsidizing his labs research, or by direct payment, Dr. Kraemer is able to earn a living and keep his employees employed. Dr. Kraemer is also on the board for other supplement companies, Bommarito Performance Systems and Imagenetix.

The fact that Hackman gave up such a prestigious career in order to SELL Advocare only serves to prove the point that these doctors are in it only for the money.

Dr Goldberg is a urologist. Would you go to a podiatrist for a heart condition? You go to a nutritionist for advice on nutrition and you go to a urologist for advice on urology.

A dietitian, nutritionist, chemist, or the like, undertake years of advanced education in order to earn their degrees. They also must maintain their education in order to keep their certifications. Why doesn't Advocare have any of these professionals on board? Why? Because they are a scam!


Heredity – Dark under eye circles are often an inierhted trait. Those who are prone to allergies or itchy skin condition are susceptible to dark circles since inflammation and rubbing of eyes can thicken and darken the skin around them.

Some food allergies can also cause the area under the eyes to appear darker. Excess folds of skin under the eyes will also make dark circles more pronounced.Lack of Sleep – Lack of sleep and fatigue can cause the skin to grow wan and pale. This makes blood vessels under the eyes to appear more visible and dark. The paleness that occurs with fatigue, a cold or sinus infection or during menstruation or pregnancy may accentuate the circles under the eyes.

Partying all night and smoking can play havoc with your skin and result in dark eye circles.Bone Structure – Deep set eyes may have a tendency to develop dark shadows under them. In fair-skinned persons, dark eyes become more obvious.Sun Exposure – Increased exposure to the sun can draw pigmentation the skin’s surface and create dark circles.Medication – Drugs that cause blood vessels to dilate may result in darkening circles around the eyes.Nutrition – Dark circle around the eyes can be the result of poor nutrition.Hormonal Changes – Since the skin undergoes changes during pregnancy and menstruation, you may notice darkening of the circles under the eyes.Combat dark circles under your eyes with simple tips:1. Drink nearly 10 glasses of water everyday2. Ensure that you get good rest and adequate sleep3.

Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A.4. Consume a nutritionally balanced dietCreams Topical creams that have Vitamin K derivatives are prescribed for reducing dark eye circles. Antioxidant products containing Vitamins C and E are known to stimulate fibroblast activity in the dermal layer and help firm up the skin. This can greatly reduce baggy eyes that are dark and sagging.

Over-the-counter products containing kinetin or AHA are available for regular use to reduce severe under eye circles. Chemical peels may be effective in reducing chronic dark eye circles.Makeup Using an under eye concealer is the best way to hide the unsightly dark circles. Do not choose a shade that is much lighter than your skin tone else it will accentuate the baggy dark circles. Dab concealer gently under the eyes and blend it with the foundation.

The inner corner of your eye is usually the darkest part, so ensure that it is well concealed.

Rev up your tired looking eyes with gold-based concealers. Avoid mascara and eyeliner to the lower lashes for fear of drawing attention to the dark under eye circles.

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Advocare 24 day cleanse

Advocare's 24 day clease was recommended by a trainer at my gym getting kickback for the sale. I was getting married in less than 30 days and spent $250. No difference, no weightloss, not better skin, no skinnier. Just a skinnier wallet and there was no place to tell them or contact them for dissatisfied customers. I got husteled by the trainer at my gym and Advocare. My fault, but it won't happen again! I just took a ton of pills every day for 24 days and drank 7 days worth of vomit fiber drink for nothing, on top of meal suppliments and energy drinks that were useless. Thanks for nothing Advocare!
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The biggest part of this program is the eating. If you follow the pill regimen to a T and put the right food in your body with them you WILL see a difference. If you take the supplements and continue eating the same ***, you will see no change. These aren't miracle pills people. There is no such thing!

Follow the program, eat clean, go for a walk a couple times a week. You will see results.

I have not done this 24 day challenge but my wife has. She personally lost 9 lbs and 3.5" off her waist. She also has friends that have done it that didnt follow the eating plan as well but still lost at least a few lbs.


The pills don't do a darn thing.

Anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows that popping man made, synthetic, chemicals is not good for you.

The absolute BEST vitamins and minerals come directly from whole, unprocessed, food sources. So, put down the pills, powders, and potions and RUN AWAY! The only thing these supplements give you is very expensive urine.

Advocare "works" because you change your diet and/or exercise habits. You can get the same results that all of the Advocare pushers claim by following the plan without ingesting their products. Advocare's diet and exercise plan is just like every other plan out there.

Save yourself money by NOT giving it to Advocare and use it to buy yourself new clothes after you cut out the junk food, cut out processed foods, and eat fresh, whole, lean foods, and move your butt off of the couch for at least 30 min. a day.

If you want to pay someone for diet and exercise advice that works, send it to me; I take paypal and am not a mlm pyramid scheme.


Today is my Max phase, I took Max pills in the morning I was so dizzy, nousea

And I don't know do I have to continue or not?


I'm not overweight or looking to shed inches. I have always wanted to do a "cleanse" for health purposes (more energy etc). One of my pitfalls in Diet Coke. I really truly LOVE it and have been averaging 2-3/day. I am a very clean eater and exercise 4x/week.

I have been told that advocare has a sports line (for recovery etc).

I feel like the Advo-addicts are folks who have lost tons and tons of weight. My thought process is.... Had they found the willpower in another product to make huge lifestyle changes, would advocare still be touted as the "miracle supplement"?

I am so tired of buying products that don't help !!!!

So 2 questions- what will the 24 day challenge do for me if I'm not looking to shed pounds or inches?

2. Can someone give me an honest review of some of the sports related items... (catalyst, spark etc.... And cost)


Go to the Mayo Clinic web site and do a search for "detox diet" and you'll get all the info you need. Also, visit the Facebook page "Advocare:the truth" for more info.

In short, Advocare is a scam and should be avoided, unless you like to be ripped off.


Contact me and I can help answer your questions about muscle gain/tone, the cleanse, and other products AdvoCare can offer for your needs. Look my name up on FaceBook and message me.

I'd love to answer your questions. :)


U did not follow directions then because I knw of over 50 people that has had great results.


I started with an AdvoCare challenge last September before my wedding in November. I lost 25lbs on my first challenge, so much I needed to gain a little back because my dress was too big. I am not at advisor level and down 12 sizes and 70lbs in a year. AdvoCare is NOT a crash diet and it is not a lose weight quick program. You must be ready to start a healthy lifestyle. My first 50lbs was lost without working out and now I workout because it is enjoyable.

If you want the products and the challenge to work you need to be ready and have a support to to call when you need help.

If you want to try it contact me and I am willing to work with you and make you successful.



o also just wondering how come u haven't responded back to any of these comments? i curious at what u think of everyone's 2 cents!

they all prove a really good point, especially the one who told u how to get ur money back, all in all lessoned learned right?

u know not to buy product 3rd party right? thats what i meant bout talkin to a real advocare advisor or distributor!


you need to have talk to a real advocare distributor!

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Grand Junction, Colorado
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Sold product on false pretense and price

On or about January of 2012, sales person, Angel Smith of Troy Ohio came to my office and sold me more product than I could ever use. I was eager to lose weight so I got sucked in. She should be fired before she does the same to others. I should have known from her slovenly appearance and unprofessional approach. Please have her come and take the product back. Products involved were everything in the company product line from Spark and Biocharge to Meal Replacement Shake and so called herbal cleanse and vitamins, I used the stuff as directed for about two weeks and gained about ten pounds all in the wrong place. She has never followed up on the visit. I would never recommend your product or Mrs. Smith to anyone. I am a business executive who has no time for this non sense. Drew Brees is a fine individual and athlete. Why he is involved with your establishment I will never know
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If the original poster, knabriaf, was expecting weight-loss results then he or she must have been trying the MNS product, 24 Day Challenge. Using the MNS product as directed means starting with the 10 day cleanse phase. During the first 10 days, there might be water weight gain from the large amounts of water to be consumed. Also, during the cleanse phase, people are supposed to eat a lot, especially snacks, to keep the body from being in a starvation mode.

A gain of 10 pounds during the cleanse phase seems exaggerated, but regardless weight loss results are intended after the full course of product usage. Making a complaint after using the product for little more than the cleanse phase is premature. Granted though a follow-up visit should have been made to provide at least this information if nothing else.

Sales of Advocare is usually through friends and acquaintances. Sales are often on a rather informal basis. If a customer desires a follow-up, then in some situations, it may be up to the customer to request a follow-up. Ask questions. Demand results. Be proactive.

The Advocare products are great. The people selling the products are just average everyday people participating in multi-level marketing. Not just any seller is going to be the right match for every customer. Buy from a seller that gives you the service you desire.


I am so sorry that happened. There could be many reasons that you had problems and as a true believer, advocare user and nurse, the lack of follow up with you bothers me.

That is not a good thing and I personally hope that you would truly consider talking to someone who is willing to take the time to reallly help you.

My personal philosophy is that if you aren't happy, then I am not happy and there is remedy to every problem. Don't think that all advocare distributors are that way.


It is unfortunate for you that the products were sold to you by a person who is in Advocare for the wrong reasons. This has been my first year being involved with Advocare and the people that I have met I can assure you are nothing like this.

When I start someone on the 24 day challenge they are equipped with everything they need and I contact them every 3-4 days to make sure things are going well.

For me it has never been about the money but for the sense of feeling truly accomplished for a job well done by helping change someone else's life. I know it has changed mine!


I'm sorry that happened to you. I actually just became an Advocare distributor and have found nearly every person I have come into contact with to be extremely nice, if not a bit overly excited about the products.

It is a shame that there are people out there representing Advocare like that. I used the products before I ever became a distributor for them and have had great results. She should have been more forthcoming about the appropriate products to use for your situation.

I hope that someday you can again think positively about Advocare and actually deal with a representative that cares about their clients. Sorry again for your negative experience.


You can get your money back from advocare here is their support number let them know what happened and who was involved...

Distributor Support:

(800) 542-****

8 a.m. – 10 p.m. CST

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Buffalo, New York
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Advocare is great!

I've lost so much weight on this product, matter of fact, 34 pounds. It has done wonders with my attitude towards life and energy! Advocare has helped me live again...I go out everyday and I'm way more active than I used to be. The herbal cleanse is my favorite product because I used to eat so much junk and desperately needed to be cleaned out. It cleaned me out and gave me lots of energy! I felt clean in so many words! Lol! I now do the cleanse every six months, which works for me. I do recommend talking to your doctor before starting any weight loss program just to be on the safe side. Love this company and I thank my distributor for introducing me to these wonderful products!****
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i have a friend who found out she was a diabetic and she has been on this diet for 6 weeks and has lost 40 pounds and her blood sugars run 110 now. i ordered the meal replacement shakes, sparks and the cleanse yesterday.

i cant wait to get started on this diet and see how i do! :)

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Atlanta, Georgia
Advocare Distributor
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Had a severe allergic reaction

My son turned me on to this stuff and I was very excited about it as I have been looking to lose weight and feel good. I spent 200 on products and becoming a distributor, however was absolutly not planning on spending that much money, but hey, who can put a price on...
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I have been trying to take the advocare supplements MNS E and spark. Started out severe nausea, then headache and light headed.

Stopped for 2 days and tried again today. Presently I'm nauseated, my face is flushed and hot, my heart rate is up and my whole body feels shaky. I'm done! Apparently I'm allergic.

Just took 50mg of Benadryl. People be careful.

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Marysville, Washington
Advocare Distributor
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AdvoCare Works

I started with the Advocare 24 day challenge. Wow! Great results. I'm on day 15 and i'm down 13lbs. I used to be the kind of person who always wanted to take a nap around 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Now that i'm on the challenge i have more energy than i know what to do with. Everyone keeps asking my if i'm losing weight because it is becoming obvious. My wife and i are so pleased with the products that we are now selling them as independent distributors. We figured we would probably keep using some of the various products after the challenge and wanted to take advantage of the 20% distributor discount. I would love to hear if anyone has had any success with the products or if anyone has been able to make a decent profit selling the products.
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Spark is great, however it just replaces the caffeine that you were drinking in either coffee or soda.... I believ you can still lose weight with just Spark and good diet...

Go and get the Advisor to print out a contract for ya first, and then read that less than 5 percent of the people make 90 percent of the money, and to have Any chance of making money you have to spend $2100..00 retail.. The trickle up effective, if you do not reach the numbers then the bonus trickles upline... Check the products and you will see you can find similiar products or half the price... Why?

There has to be enough product to pay all the people that are getting paid upline from you....

To me the spark product is Great... The others can be replaced for less money and give you same result....


this is a scam. ya i lost some weight and ya i feel some extra energy but its because i changed my diet and exercised 6 days a week like the package tells u must do in order for it to work.

thats where they get you. its not the pills or the terrible tasting drinks that get the results its ur new diet of lean proteins and veggies and fruits, no sugar or fried products. it only took me $250 to realize what i already knew.

eat well and exercise and u will lose weight. what a crock advocare you should be ashamed to push these overpriced placebos


It's a great business tho you have to be somewhat pushy to make sales! And I am not the pushy type esp. if I know ppl are interested yet don't have the money!


I am currently doing the 24 day challenge and am having a hard time coming up with meals and snacks that you can eat. I can only eat so much chicken, broccoli cauliflower and carrots and green beans and ALMONDS.

I eat celery and nut butter for a snack too and sometimes a hard boiled egg. I have been very good about avoiding salt and sugar and oils. Meal otions are getting BORING!

A lot of what I see on the 24 day challenge cookbook is the same ingredients just made a little different. Any suggestions?


Have you changed your diet also? What are you eating?


I am on my second challenge and have been on the products for about 4 months. I LOVE AdvoCare and have had amazing results.

I was a coffee drinker and have only had one since starting my first 24DC. I became a distributor at the time for the discount and quickly worked my way up to Advisor with a 40% discount due to the fact that my friends and family started asking what I was doing and then started as well.

I do not make a lot of money, but I have made enough to pay for my monthly products with an additional amount of about $200 month. I don't "work" the business as I should, but definitely plan on starting to put more focus on it as I can see that extra income is absolutely attainable.

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Bellevue, Washington

Avocare. I have a family member who is a distributor for the product, had a stroke

I have a family member who is an avocare distributor for this product and is in fact nuts about this product and just had a stroke, MDs wondering if there is a correlation.....BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This *** could be dangerous...This is an unbelievable situation ...
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A young (30) friend of mine, also an avid spark drinker and distributor, recently had a stroke as well.

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Newark, New Jersey
New Reviewer

Typical Hype with GOOD REASON

When I attended an Advocare meeting tonight, I was immediately handed a tart drink containing sucralose, caffeine and lots of vitamins. I was greeted by "high" sales reps that were making good money. I went home with a major headache and stomach ache and crashed after all the caffeine in the product. Their SPARK is NOT NATURAL as they say and it makes them all very "high" and peppy during the entire meeting! I drank the stuff too and also felt all high and peppy. They lose weight due to the CAFFEINE, people. You can drink 2 cups of coffee and do the same!
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I drank my first spark today and starting feeling very strange about 30 minutes later. Like I was coming down from an energy high.

I feel very foggy and lethargic.

Wondering if anyone else has had this reaction?


I tried to drink spake. In fact I've had it every day for about 2 weeks.

I started getting migraines the first week and thought maybe it was stress, then they continued to get worse. On days that I don't take spark, no headaches. And I mean horrible headaches, wth throbbing pain, causing lots of pain. I couldn't even work through them.

I have no medical conditions, took no other medications and don't tyoically suffer from migraines.

I've also noticed it seems like advocare as a company has filtered out any bad reviews that come up when you google their products. There's something fishy about that...


I drink Spark daily - always first thing in the morning and sometimes one in the afternoon. I LOVE it.

I get that extra energy without the "high" that energy drinks or caffeine drinks (I used to drink 8 cups of coffee a day until Spark) give me. If I don't have it, I miss it. It give me mental focus at work. Yes, I am a distributor - mostly so I can get the discount when I order for myself.

I don't go out and "sell" the product, but if someone asks me, I will promote it.

I also did the 24 DC and lost 17 pounds - have since lost 15 more. I felt GREAT while doing it. I am getting ready to do the cleanse again as soon as my package arrives (expecting it today).

Not everyone likes the products (not everyone likes carrots, either) but I believe that if you follow the directions clearly, the products will work for everyone.

If you take the products "fly by night", it's not going to work. Give it a far try.


I love my spark drink. But if I miss a drink for a day or two I get a severe headache that not even extrax strength Tylenol will help.

Its got me a bit worried.

it seems that I am addicted to it and the headache is my body withdrawing from the caffeine.

I am really considering not drinking it anymore. I


I have been using Advocare for over three years now. Never been to a meeting, never had high preasure sales people talk to me.

I did the 24 day challenge. I have lost more than 50%of my body fat never had a headache and never got a stomach ache although when I drink coffee I get both and jitters. I drink Spark everyday and will never, ever pick up a energy drink from the store again. Period.

It did not work for you because you were looking for something to gripe about and trying to take everyone down with you. Give a try not because of how you were treated but for you and the goals you may have.


Spark has Sucralose. Which is worse then sugar.

And completely not natural. just finishing my 24 day challenge. And I had headaches through out it. Can't figure out why or what I was doing wrong.

So I won't be continuing it. Going back to good ole Coffee!


i have had the sparks at 2 different times and i never got a headache or had a stomache. i like how someone thats on advocare has a symptom and its automatically the product! :roll


Google the dangers of Sucrolose. Look in the store at what you buy and see just how much you are getting in your diet. Then if 5 or 10 years from now you get cancer tell your doctor how much you consumed.


Sucralose is a sweetener made from table sugar (sucrose) by chlorinating it in three positions on the molecule. This provides a substance which is approximately 600 times sweeter than sucrose and is very poorly absorbed.

Therefore, the body does not metabolize it for energy, and only a small amount is needed to effectively sweeten a substance.

Sucralose has over a twenty-year history of safe and effective use. Over 100 scientific research articles have documented its safety. It carries no warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is approved by the FDA as well as the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives. It is approved by food and health agencies of over 40 countries.

It can be used by pregnant and nursing women since very little is absorbed. Over 400 food and beverage products around the world contain sucralose. AdvoCare is not aware of any peer-reviewed information published in reputable, well-recognized scientific journals demonstrating toxic or adverse effects.

The research studies which have been conducted to investigate the safety of sucralose have demonstrated no effects on organs, growth weight, blood chemistry or fertility, and sucralose is not carcinogenic, teratogenic, or mutagenic. Sucralose does not produce diarrhea, affect the immune system, alter hormonal systems, cause headaches, produce fatigue or skin conditions.

In well-controlled studies, no adverse effects have been found.

The small amount of chlorine present on the sucrose molecule is a tiny fraction of the amount of chlorine already present in our stomachs in the form of hydrochloric acid which aids digestion. Furthermore, the amount of chlorine present is an even smaller fraction of the amount consumed daily in the form of table salt (sodium chloride).

There are a number of prominent websites regarding sucralose and other substances that contain extensive amounts of misinformation. The information provided is not based on sound scientific studies.

All of the information on these websites is anecdotal and has never been published in any reputable journal, does not involve any reputable research studies, and has never been demonstrated in research studies. Furthermore, the websites reference each other in an effort to create credibility.

AdvoCare does not use any ingredient deemed to be unsafe or harmful based on sound scientific evidence.


I was originally introduced to slam. Middle of day while I had horrible cramps and heading home for rest.

After about an hour of meeting on my way home I felt great. Normally I am very sensitive to things during that time of month for me. I felt great and slept great that night. I was given sparks in the evening at a mixer and was fine.

I followed directions to take first thing in the morning, drink quickly, then eat within half hour. I ended up feeling very light headed and shaky. Next time I tried in the am drank slowly like I would my coffee or juice normally in the am. I have drank spark every morning for the past two weeks with no issues.

I have also spoken to someone else who drinks it slowly for the first hour being up and loves it. I notice I have energy all day without a crash or jitters. Like with most things not everyone is the same and things effect us differently. I would highly suggest people who are having issues with this to try and drink slower for longer period of time and see how that works.

I am normally very sensitive to caffine and love spark.

I don't crave soda or juice things like that anymore. I actually look forward to waking up and enjoying my sparks in the morning.

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Advocare - It works but you have to work too.

Update by user Jun 18, 2012

Here\'s the URL to click to buy it if you\'re interested.

Original review posted by user Jun 11, 2012
I've been using Advocare products off and on for almost 6 years. Since it has been off and on, I've been able to see the performance and health differences. I just completed the 24 day challenge and it really worked well for me. Lost 15 lbs in fat and gained 5 lbs in muscle - so 10 lbs lost total. I bought the 24 day challenge from here: The thing that people need to realize is that you have to be committed and stick to the program. If you do, the results will come!
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Robin, Call your doctor and ask them if a pound a week weight loss is a good thing. They'll tell you that it's great!

Keep up the good work and if you want better results email me and we can see if we can modify your eating/exercise plan to speed things along. bcooley@***.com


I just completed the 24 day cleanse on Aug 30th... I ended up losing 12.1 lbs and 18 inches from all over my body.

It was super easy!

I do not sell the product, but now that I've seen the results I'm thinking about it :) Only downfall I found was that I was really sensitive to the fiber drink, and it made my tummy feel really bad... but you're only on the fiber drink for a super limited time.



This is sad to hear. If you wouldnt mind i would like to help you.

If you could email me at emersonferguson@***.com.

I would just like to hear how you go about your day with what you are taking and when. Thanks





I just finished the first week and am like you. Don't think I've lost any weight.

Clothes are not any better. I also haven't cheated at all.

Getting very discouraged. Also never hear from my rep.


Sorry to hear your results, and those of the post before yours. I'm on the 24 DC now, on day 18 actually.

I lost 14 pounds by day 14, and have gained a few in the last couple of days; but I'm also lifting weights and taking "Muscle Gain" and "Nighttime Recovery". Worst thing I hear you say is your rep isn't staying in touch with you. Mine offered to be my "trainer", at least in keeping me motivated.

She's been great at texting me in the mornings, reminding me what to take, and checking in some evenings to see how I'm feeling and how it's going. Again, all I can say is wish you had a better rep; they're out there!

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Advocare is fantastic

Advocare has changed my life. I feel better than I have in years. I have lost 15 pounds and 17.5 inches in less than 2 months, I have a ton of energy and my personality has changed quite a bit. When you lose weight and feel better about your appearance thoughts in your head change. Advocare give you the tools you need to succeed and you either take it and run or you don't. The way to achieve your goals is to buy from a distributor, make good food choices, follow the guidelines and be positive. As with every thing results may vary!! You get out what you put in. Find a local distributor, someone you can call and talk to, thats what they are there for...
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2 years into Advocare and could not be happier. The ONLY variable is me.

With over 70 products there is something every one of you will love more than the money it costs.

Personally, the 4pm Spark has made be a better daddy to our adopted, special-needs boy.

Energetic and forgiving is SO much better than tired and frustrated. Love it!


Haha...The guy who said, "You probably work for a competitor with less superior of a product like Isagenix"...You're kidding right? First of all, I would never take a post like the one above seriously.

Second, I've researched all the MLM companies in the Health & Wellness Industry and ISAGENIX wins by a landslide!! Way better products (all natural, best sourced protein, list goes on...) and the best compensation program. You don't think so? Challenge me!

Here's my contact info. Vince - vfree68@***.com Here's my cell, 678-446-****.

I'm here to help and inform people that really want to lose weight and feel great. Cheers!


Vince, You're hilarious!!!

You think that countering one scam with another scam is going to get you a sale?!?!

Yes, ISAGENIX is a SCAM!!!

Just like Advocare, there are ZERO peer reviewed clinical trials proving the company claims!

Oh, and before you counter with the one -very small - study that ISACRAP promotes, take a good look at it. The only thing it proves is that the people behind ISACRAP will significantly stretch the truth in order to get someone to give up their cash.


You may have possibly misspoke, but one can't order directly from the AdvoCare website, you have to contact and order from an AdvoCare distributor. That is where you get the diet plan and directions as well as the support. Just saying


JUST TO MAKE YOU AWARE IF YOU ARE READING THESE REVIEWS. I did not post the comment #7 on June 6, 2012.

Someone has made up an account just to steal my identity and posting negative information about me and Advocare, the company that I actually do believe in and use the products as well as I am an Independent Distributor who is helping people with lifestyle changes.

I have even asked this site to remove all of the 3 postings that someone felt they needed to post to try to hurt me as well as interfere with the success that Advocare is having in our community of Denham Springs and Watson, LA.

THE REAL Karla Cormier who is proud to be an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare products.


At the gym owner, your

so full of ***! You probably work for some other company with a less superior product like Isagenix. Grow up!!


I am wondering if you just went to the site and ordered or if you actually talked with a distibutor or an advisor? EVERYONE I know who has done the 24 day challenge saw amazing results and felt sooo much better!

I am on day 2 of the cleanse and yes, I have gone to the bathroom a few more times than I normally do, but I have not spent my whole day on the toilet. But as I was told by an advisor, you have to cut out the dairy, bleached carbs, and eat 4 small meals a day at least for the first 10 days...I'm sorry that you weren't informed before you bought.


;) Way more positive comments. I have seen the products and the business do great things.Alot of it does depend on common sense food choices and the willingness to step out of your 'unhealthy comfort zone'.Change is never easy but way worth it to get healthy and hopefully add years to your life and live a much more fullfilled life if desired!


It seems no one really answered your problem about being in the bathroom. I have used advocare and other supplements before.

Depending on your lifestyle and the types of food you eat the "cleansing" part of the diet helps rid our bodies of toxins and sometimes using the bathroom more than normal is the effect of this. If you have not contacted someone else who has responded I definitely would contact one of these guys they seem ready to help you out.


Well i dont who ur advisor is but they didnt do there job! I signed up as a distributor last weekend and i started my 24 day challenge on thursday June 14th and as of today the 19th i have already lost 7lbs.

You have to use the directions that come with all the products and are on the bottles..

eat right and make sure u eat snacks in between ur meals.. the products do work if followed correctly..

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Advocare Customer Care

Advocare worked for me.

I took the 24 day challenge and followed it to the tee, and had no problems what so ever. I lost 13 lbs and 17 inch's in the first week. When I finished the 24 day challenge I had lost 25 lbs. and 20 inch's. I still today use the products and still losing weight. I know a lot of people that are taking Advocare and have had no complaints. I have tried other products and had side effects, been sick after taking them, but I have had no problem with Advocare. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to loss weight. Kristy
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The bigger someone is to start the more dramatic their weightloss and total inches lost will be. If you eat healthy and get any type of exercise at all, you will loss weight.


You lost 17 inches in one week? I find that hard to believe????

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