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Cannot return if distributor!!!!

I am an Advocare distributor and purchased the performance elite post workout recovery canister (79 bucks mind you) and received it and discovered it was made with soy protein (despite the multiple websites that claim Advocare doesn't use soy, but that's my fault fir not double checking) called to return it and get my money back only to be told THEY DO NOT DO RETURNS FOR DISTRIBUTORS unless you want to resign as a distributor. They we'll how ever do a ONE TIME ONLY EXCHANGE so so annoyed. Everyone that sells Advocare rants and raves about their money back guarantee and they all push to you to sign up as a distributor! So my warning to you is if your going to try Advocare DO NOT sign up as a distributor unless you know you won't need to do returns and check their ingredients they aren't as "natural" and "healthy" as they claim. So furious with this scam of a company.
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Not true. I am An advisor and had a reaction to the Formula W.

The reaction I had was wanting to murder everyone it completely changed my personality. I called to report what it did to me and i spoke to their research team and to customer service and they refunded my money for that product. Also the ingredients are listed on the website you just have to look.

There are several items from AdvoCare I cannot take because of soy, dairy and wheat in them.

I do my research in anything that goes into my body rather it be a supplement or a food. So do your research first before purchasing.


You aren't supposed to sell the products on any e-commerce site. So what are you doing here??????? And the prices are outrageous..




Sucrolose has been scrutinized for 20 years prior to being approved by the FDA in which no scientific evidence has linked it to cancer or any other disease. In fact, its a great dietary supplement and excellent choice for diabetics, please see for a reputable quick reference.

Sucrose is "table sugar" and not unhealthy in reasonable amounts. As for dextrose, it is an essential body nutrient. Without it the bodies cells would not have the energy to perform their functions.

For instance, the brain absolutely requires dextrose "glucose" and oxygen to survive.... I hope this helps as you have been misinformed



The FDA is far from trustworthy when it comes to protecting the health interests of the American public. You need to watch the documentary called "Fed Up." The government is more concerned with lobbyist and corporate dollars.

There SHOULD NOT be sugar of ANY form added to a health supplement...

Also, you have been misinformed...yes the body does need "sugar", but only in the form of complex carbohydrates... Not ADDED sugar of ANY kind...

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#494389 Review #494389 is a subjective opinion of poster.
I am sitting in The emergency room with my husband right now. We began Day 11 multipacks today. I'm fine--he has such severe heart palpitations, dizziness, and nausea that he asked me to call 911. Did a search on Advocare and heart palpitations while waiting for the...
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I'm having this issue with that catalyst pills been on them for Almost a week and I felt dizzy, nausea and my heart felt like it was racing but I counted my heart rate and it's normal but I felt like it was racing it started this morning and I'm going to stop taking them

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#492669 Review #492669 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Orlando, Florida
I ran into a distribuitor of the product by mere accident,my red flags should have come up,they were selling a weight loss product,yet they looked like they spent their share of time at the buffet,they said they had been using it for a while,I wanted to lose about...
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Most of them are just pharmacists? As a pharmacist with a "real job" I am offended that you say "just pharmacists" - we know way more than the doctors =) Ps learn proper grammar.

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#480871 Review #480871 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Nashville, Tennessee
Was told about this by friends and family members who all had no problems so I decided to try it. I did the 10 day cleanse with no problems. However three days into the second phase of the 24 day challenge my face, neck, chest and back began to get very warm and red...
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sounds like you had a niacin flush

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#478669 Review #478669 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dayton, Ohio
New Reviewer
I wanted to lose my last 20 with a healthier diet. I should had read the large volume of bad reviews about Advocare before I did. I was on Dukan and was concerned with some aspects though it gave me a lot more energy than this one. I lost quite a bit of weight on...
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Most of you people I'm sure are just fat and too lazy to do anything for your self.

People like you guys that just wine and wine. I'm sure never go outside but to go to your car just to drive next door. One thing I've learn in my life time is if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say thing at all. I'm sure most the people who wrote there negative comments on this page from the comfort of there over sized office chair in there moms basements.

I feel this company really can only help the people who want to help themselves.

Couch potato's, this means you have to try. This mean you have to get up and go outside and meet people. You know the things us real people do every day. We go out and make a living and loss some weight because we are putting effort forth.

Really, this is how the world works.

For the People who want to put something in your mouth to loss weight. I have an idea. If you want to stay at home (moms basement). You can pay me to come over and I will put my finger down you throat.

I swear you will loss weight. That's a Promise or a Company Guarantee. If not there are a few more things we can put in your mouth to help you loss weight. IF THATS NOT YOU DISH.

You can always go make your self sweat but you need to do more then sitting on a toilet. Yes America we are known for being fat, loud, and lazy.

Also I wanted to Add the internet is the worst place to check reviews. Everyone one with a Laptop can pretend to be some kind of critic these days.

For real people who really care ask a friend who uses AdvoCare and ask them don't trust people you cant meet . People are more likely to talk about the BAD in things before they would ever say anything GOOD.

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#478630 Review #478630 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Pasadena, California
New Reviewer

Day 7, 4 pounds lighter - awesome distributor

I've been reading the reviews and I think a big part of people's bad experiences have to do with the distributor. My distributor told me before I even ordered the 24 day challenge that if I disliked the products in any way to let her know immediately and she would either switch them out or issue me a full refund. btw - I have paid WAY more money on other weight loss plans (Jenny Craig is I around $600/month) so I didn't see this one as a huge financial risk. She did not act like this plan was a magic pill either; like all nutrition plans, you still have to try a little. In addition to that she has been a non-stop support system for me. Texting and advising me throughout every day. From sending me websites to riminding me what products to take every day to saying encouraging things like "you can do it!". It's early but so far on this plan with no exercise whatsoever (I'm going to start that on day 18), I feel pretty stable - great energy, very regular but not TOO regular if you know what I mean, no jitters or feelings of nausea, I don't feel like I'm starving or deprived and I am 4 pounds lighter this morning. In full disclosure, last night I did crave and eat Indian food (a full serving of chicken tikka masala and malai kofta each, WITH RICE, all to myself) but I figure once a week I can have a splurge meal. In addition, you should know that the evening of day 6 was the first time I experienced a craving where I typically have a fierce craving once every 2 - 3 days. Eventually, I hope to not even do things like pig out on Indian food but I'm taking this one step at a time (it's a lifestyle change, not a diet, right?). Anyways, the point is day 7, no activity and the morning after the fatfest and I'm 4 pounds lighter. Maybe it's just water weight and cleansing but it's a start. If anyone is interested I will keep you posted on my progress.
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Ur a liar to the person who said they only lost 3lbs and eat clean and exercised...even without advocare u would lose more than 3lbs..dont blame advocare. Ur prolly that person on the bike readimg a book barley peddaling.


I see Maggie the spelling Nazi is here!


I was very excited to use this product .lost 3 pounds in the cleanse phase and after that I hv not lost a single pound.I hv been exercising and hvnt had coffee in the past 24 days.Hv stuck to the plan and hvnt eaten anything bad.Today os my 24th day n hv lost only 3 pounds.Dont like advocare was mis lead.Its a complete waste of money.


It's not always about the pounds, people don't realize that. It's about the inches, getting lean and getting toned.

Muscle weighs more than fat, proven fat. Did you take before & after pictures.

Could you tell a difference in them? Again, I think your coach has a BIG impact on your success.


Have is spelled HAVE not HV. And haven't is HAVEN'T not hvnt.


It's the internet not a dissertation.

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#472962 Review #472962 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Troutdale, Oregon
New Reviewer

Can not please all

My son and I have just started the 24 day challenge and we are down 8 lbs ( 14 days). You can never satisfy everybody. Joining this company has been a good thing for me. You have to work real hard at selling to make a buck and some people can't get it done. Selling is the highest paying hardest-working job and the lowest paying no work job. There pay schedule is very generous, and I fully expect to win a few of those rookie bonuses. I have been a real estate agent for years, and I must say what i have seen from this company is gold compared to some of the way people have acted toward there fellow man. also, I am going to really enjoy helping people including myself get healthy and make a good living. Thanks for reading
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you are watching too many movies... or you probably have sat in on of my many speeches that I have given.

Sales should be fun and more fun in order to make money, no one promotes a dead end product or company. People however will complain at the drop of a dime, so if the product says "8 to 14 pounds, but drinking the jump in the challenge then that is what it is intended to do." The problem here is that this product, when the customer is not satisfied, they do not offer refunds. The company policies is to "offend it's clientele and blame them for their lack of restraint to stick to the program." That my friend is the business we are in and so happens your company sucks at making the complainers not complain. It is cheaper to offer the refund than to get bashed by uneducated sales people, who already pocketed the money and cannot afford to give it back.

If you want to make real money, get into the energy business.

People will always need power to live, not shakes to give them false hopes...

Armenta Express


First, I am not an Advocare Rep despite what you might think after this. Your post says the company policy is to "offend it's (sic) clientele..." Where did you get this quote from?

Rather than making a baseless claim about a policy, you should back it up with factual evidence. You have no credibility here as a result of your lack of actual, verifiable info.

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#449371 Review #449371 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I paid a advocare distributor in gresham oregon $45.00 for spark. I never recieved my product and she will NOT return my calls. She is located in gresham oregon , her name is jill marie russo. DO NOT ORDER FROM HER! SHE will keep your money and not contact you again. I...
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Make sure that you realize this is a scam against a single rep no the company ADVOCARE. What the Rep did is wrong and she should loose her distributorship and move on.

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#444344 Review #444344 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Gresham, Oregon
New Reviewer
People sell advocare for one reason: to make money off of you. If anyone tells you any differently they are *** down your back and telling you it's raining. These people who sell it go to a convention and have the equivalent of a religious revival. They get brainwashed...
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Seasonal Greetings, Do you want to donate your kidney for money or you are a recipient ? Email us: apollomedicalavenue@***.com

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#438561 Review #438561 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rochester, New York
Advocare Supplement
Pam Giese is a scammer. Alert Alert stay away from these Advocare advisors
Pam Giese is a scammer. Alert Alert stay away from these Advocare advisors
Don't do business with Pam Giese. She is an Advocare distributor who makes a big fat commission check at your expense. She promises you that you will make a lot of money and rookie bonuses and will help you build your team so that you can make rookie bonuses, that's...
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she is NOT a scammer. you should be sued for slander.

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#428979 Review #428979 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Port Orange, Florida
Advocare Supplement

Advocare distributor

My wife and I have been taking the products for one year now. My wife was severely allergic to Spark and breakfast meals. I have continued to take the products off and on trying to figure what products I was having allergic reactions to. I have had to stop taking all products because of allergic reaction. The Nician appears to be the biggest problem. I have welps all over my legs, head ache and dizzy. Four weeks ago almost sent me to the hospital. Bad head ache! dizzy, weak. My next door neighbor went to the hospitL also taking the spark product. I still have a lot of products in my closet I'm try to get rid of. This has been a $3,500 lesson Ted T
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If you have an allergic reaction, why would you continue to take Advocare? It is not their fault you are allergic, just stop taking it. The fact that you spent 3500.00 on something you were allergic to, is just plain ***.


I drank the spark today for the first time and I too had an allergic reaction, itching all over my body and headache and hot on my face.


How can I buy some of your product - esp the skin care line? They discontinued it unexpectedly and it was the only thing I've had no reaction to in years. I'm in Illinois near Chicago.


im allergic to spark fruit punch. it could be you are specifically allergic to certain flavors.

im not allergic to any of the other flavors. just an fyi to you and every one else (from a very educated nutritionist), you are at a risk when you take any new supplements from any comapany, be prepared with something like benedryl always.

you need to go to an allergist and get a allergy skin test done so you can specifically avoid certain herbs and supplements by reading the labels.


Seems to me your foolish for continuing to use something if it doesn't agree with you. Specially to the tune of 3k plus.


Please do yourself a great favor and check out!! It is an amazing system and all products are 100% natural.


One of our friends found out she was allergic to one of the ingredient in an Advocare product. She told her Distributor and they got with the team scientist that take care of Advocare products and apparently changed the ingredient to something else.

Since then she has not had a problem. People are so quick to complain before contacting someone for help.


What a bunch of b.s.

Advocare won't even certify their products gluten/nut free and you wan't people to believe that they re-formulated a product for "a friend of yours"?!?

Get real!


Niacin is an ingredient in some products, but most do not have the type of reaction you've described. When I read your story my first reaction is, "Why would you take a product you're allergic to for over a year, especially when there are over 80 products?" More importantly, when is the last time you spoke with the person who introduced you to AdvoCare?

Also, if I can help send me an email paterakis669@***.com. Finally, call 180******** to ask about the money back guarantee.

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#426177 Review #426177 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas

Sucralose(A chemically changed form of sugar)

SPARK IS NOT SUGAR FREE. It is made with one of the worst chemically changed formulas, of course since the product is not mandated by the FDA and a lab in the UK, it's allowed. There have recently been many studies in the UK regarding the horrible side effects of Sucralose such as enlarged kidneys and liver, panic attacks, headaches ( a common complaint when starting the 24 day challenge), and there are several others. There are several rare instances in which a person with diabetes has had soem side effects. Please be advised and do your research prior to starting the challenge and make sure to check with your physician about the products.
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Pointing to the sucralose as a cause of headaches when you start a 24 day challenge is an inflammatory comment. If the headache continued throughout the challenge, I would say nothing.

There are many changes that happen during the start of something new to your body that could point to such symptoms, including improper application of products. I've never had pain that I could point toward the products I take.


Sucralose is linked to leukemia.


I have read several reports and it showed that sucralose is safe and efficient. It is regulated by the FDA and all products of advocare has been tested for their safety before being dispense.


""Sucralose has been accepted by several national and international food safety regulatory bodies, including the FDA, Joint Food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives, the European Union's Scientific Committee on Food, Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada, and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, the amount of sucralose that can be consumed over a person's lifetime without any adverse effects is 9 milligrams per day per kilogram of body weight.[23][24]

"In determining the safety of sucralose, the FDA reviewed data from more than 110 studies in humans and animals.

Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects, including carcinogenic, reproductive, and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA's approval is based on the finding that sucralose is safe for human consumption." For example, McNeil Nutritional LLC studies submitted as part of its U.S.

FDA Food Additive Petition 7A3987 indicated that "in the 2-year rodent bioassays ... there was no evidence of carcinogenic activity for either sucralose or its hydrolysis products ..."[25]""


ok, honest to a t, if you have had a *** problem twice now, stop taking the ***. stop posting that your doctor has deemed the products unsafe food you.

because now that you have stated that *** it just show you're fishing for sympathy. which in my opinion is pathetic. do something else with your life other than blaming something else for your completely *** choice in doing a second go around. and furthermore, if you are a distributor, how are you ever gonna advance in selling the product if right from the start you push all possibilities away, advocate is a company much the same a gnc, max nutrition...

and all the others, the health issues are your problem. especially if your gonna keep doing it and damaging you own body. myself, I'm am not fat or anything like but have started it. I am 53 days in and I feel amazing and I am also only 23 years old and the change in my energy level is amazing compared to just two month ago.

also should inform you that not medical problem. thanks from small *** town in arkansas


Let me see here,are you a diabetic? If you are then what do you recommend to me to eat.

Let me explain something to you idiots that are overweight, and can eat anything they want. But wait, what is that, you can't have bread, soy, wheat, any food coloring, cereal, sugar, fats, and over 90 ingredients that is banned in Europe and Asia and you are worried about supra lose. I will tell you want, you build yourself a garden, without using pesticides, grow veg., fruits that is if you live in the south, have chickens , cows, pigs, and whatever you want.

So my advice live on a farm.


advocare sucks. I tried it, and got kidney stones.

Then my wife left me because I didn't have insurance and the medical bill was atrocious. I lost my house and half my assets.

All because stinkin advocare. Advocare made me lose my life.


Ok! I think your kidney problems and family problems has nothing to do with Advocare.

My advice to you is seek out counseling and stop blaming Advocare for you problems.

Advocare has nothing to do with kidney stones or you losing your wife, house, and anything else you can think of. Stop making excuses and get into some serious counseling.


Wrong! One of the ingredients in AdvoCare products - sucralose does INDEED cause gastrointestinal problems and kidney problems.

And I will point out that I'm an AdvoCare Distributor. This is my second time around. The first time a few years ago I was having gastrointestinal problems but didn't know the cause other than it started when I started using the products and cleared when I stopped. This time, my problems are more intense and I went to the doctor and took all the ingredients of everything I was taking and my doctor noticed the sucralose in Spark and in the Meal replacement shakes.

Bingo! Sucralose can cause kidney stones, seizures, dizziness, migraines, blurred vision, allergic reactions, blood sugar increases, and weight gain. As of today I have stopped taking the Spark and the Meal Replacement Shakes and will see if my problems clear up on their own or not. Based on my previous experience I'm betting they will.

So - your extremely RUDE comments to the previous poster are way out of line. He can blame anyone he wants to even if he should also turn that blame on himself as I am for not doing my research better in the first place. He voiced his opinion and I realize you are voicing yours as well but let's not be so cruel about it. There's quite enough of that in this world as it is.

As for AdvoCare - I love Spark and the 24 Day Program was successful for me but, that doesn't mean that it's right or even healthy for everyone - I love fried foods, ice cream and candy too - you have to be your own judge. AdvoCare does use artificial sweeteners and for many people that can cause permanent or temporary health issues. Research and do what is best for you.

For me as a distributor, I will let people know my experience so they can choose for themselves but, I will not hide and say it didn't happen because that is poor business and I sure as heck don't want my health problems to happen to anyone else as it is painful, expensive and life style changing.


Here come the zealots that defend things to the core......the Mormons of the "health nutrition" world.

Anything that's modified with chlorine and then ingested can't possibly do anything good to your body.

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#423137 Review #423137 is a subjective opinion of poster.

May work for some, not me

My distributor talked me into signing up as a distributor for the 20% discount. Fine, my choice. I ordered the 24 Day Challenge. I cannot take senna and it's in the Herbal Cleanse (was told there was no senna). The program may work for some, but my schedule does not let me eat, drink, take pills at a set time every day. Supposedly that was why it didn't work and I was bloated all the time. I tried it 16 days and lost 1 pound. I want to return the products but apparently the 100% money back guarantee is only talk. To cancel the distributorship you have to jump through hoops - but they sure sign you up in a hurry!
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Then you do need Advocare! If you have a job that won't let you eat and drink when you want/need to. That's the most tragic comment on this thread :grin




It is listed clearly on the box that it contains Senna. Please as with any product, do your own research before making a decision to put anything in your body. Weigh benefits for you body, not your schedule.

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#421812 Review #421812 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
My 26 year old daughter and I bought the Advocare 10 day cleanse. She tried hers about a month or so ago with no real changes, she said it did nothing. I have been having some stomach cramps, alternating constipation/diahrrea, etc and I tried mine about 2 weeks ago to...
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A lot of their products are full of chitosan- shellfish, too.

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#420468 Review #420468 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dayton, Ohio

Advocare - Pyramid Scheme

I took advocare about 1-1/2 years ago. I followed the diet to a T. I noticed at the same time I started these products I stopped having a menstrual cycle and on top of that I started developing manly arm muscles. Later we found out it was from taking the Catalyst, it had raised my testosterone. On these products I also gained 30+ pounds. I went to several doctors trying to figure out what's wrong, even the Mayo Clinic, and all have suggested it was from these dietary supplements. I suggest no one take these products. It's all a pyramid scheme. These products aren't even FDA approved so you could be putting things in your body that you don't even know about. I feel that anyone could benefit off of these products if you're extremely overweight and cut out all the cokes and cheeseburgers from your diet. But in all honesty, you don't need the damaging pills. See a dietician or eat a well balanced diet and exercise instead. We can't expect an overpriced pill that causes more harm than good to do the job for us.
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Took spark all I did was eat everything in sight.yesterday ( decieded to give it one more try ) had sicker then a dog on this ***


Oh where to begin... catalyst is just BCAAs in a pill form.

Guess what else has them in even greater amounts (to a degree). They do not increase test levels. Their function is to assist with protein synthesis, such as when you weight lift and need to rebuild muscle. They also help in muscle sparing when dieting.

IF this supplement did in fact raise test levels to any noticeable degree the company would sell out of it in seconds as every bodybuilder within ear shot would be ordering it by the case. Not to mention any substance that artificially raises testosterone is illegal if not given the OK by the FDA. Any form of artificial testosterone carries with it a schedule III or II in terms of its availability to consumers.

I think its safe to say that without any type of tests, documentation, logical cause and effect, or proof whatsoever that it cannot be said what caused these reactions. I am truly sorry this happened but again there are far too many variables involved here to make any assumption as to the root cause.


Sounds like you probably got a shot of repo proverbs around the same time as that correlates with the exact side effects you mentioned.


Please research what a pyramid scheme actually is. I am not involved with Advocare, but am successful with another Network Marketing Company.

Its complete ignorance to call this a pyramid scheme in this day and age. Are you still using a rotary dial phone?


It's complete ignorance to look at companies like Advocare and clearly see that it fits every definition of a product based pyramid scheme.


Catalyst preserves your muscles.... Your muscles were starting to actually show. Ugh.


"Catalyst preserves your muscles"???

Prove it. Please provide ONE scientific study supporting this claim.

If you can't, then you need to stop lying to people!


You do know that the US Olympic team uses Catalyst?


You do know that you have no proof supporting your claim?


you can find studies supporting amino acid supplementation during a period reduced caloric intake minimizes muscle loss. Catalyst is amino acids.

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#416791 Review #416791 is a subjective opinion of poster.