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I am doing the ten day cleanse and I am on day 3 of it...I have not had a bowel movement since I have started....I don't even feel my intestines moving...I think it is a hoax...I have heard people say they lost weight in a day....Well I can't even have a bowel movement so I am not impressed at all....I would never spend 40 bucks on something like this.....it is a waste of money...I take three pills at night and drink this grit in the morning and then you take some pills in the morning...I don't feel any better, I feel worse because I haven't had a bowel movement.....

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I have the same issue. I’m on day 10!!!


I had a great response when I was on the cleanse, but my issue is now. I finished the cleanse on Sunday, and it is Thursday and I have not had a bowel movement in 4 days.

I drink 70-80 oz of water a day-1/2 my body weight. So is this normal?


This is interesting info. Thank you for sharing.

I am finding I have gained more in my belly than ever. Don't know if it's fat or bloat.


The same thing happened to me. On day 4 I needed a laxative.


I have the same issue. What can I do to get things moving?


I call bs too...I'm on day 7! Stomach hard as a rock bloated and can't go to the potty.

I drink 1.5- 2 gallons a day so don't feed me that as the reason.

I'm a very very clean eater as well. Not impressed and not happy


I'm on day 7 and can't go ????


I have news for all of you...I drink a ton of water..So much my Dr told me to cut back because I was having issues with keeping my electrolytes in balance.. I have to take potassium everyday. So don't tell me I don't drink enough water or eat what was told to eat...I am not a *** by any means...Like someone said some things work for some people but not for others...If this works for you, I am happy for you but if it doesn't work for me don't tell me what I am doing wrong...I wasn't hatched yesterday...but thanks for trying to keep me on the right track!!!!


You have to drink lots of water with advocare products. That's the reason youre not pooping lol


I am in the same boat!! I am on day three and haven't gone yet!

I am up 3 pounds and have been sticking to the diet religiously (only 1500 cal a day).

I feel all bloated and my stomach is hard and sticking out. I'm ready to take some Miralax, because I am pretty sure there is at least 3 pounds of poo in there!


Interesting. I'm on day one, and it's had the opposite effect on me.

I've had to run to the bathroom 6 times and it isn't even noon yet. I normally have no problem in this department, and have to be careful with dates and other things that can expedite the process of digestion.

The fiber drink is having extreme effects on my intestines. I think we're all different...


same... constipated and on day 8...

and not finishing it... have drank all day for 8 days so blah!


you don't *** until day 4 when you take the pro biotic pills


Two places for great info on Advocare -

advocarefacts dot com

and a Facebook page called Advo-truth


ditto- Not pleased! Juicing worked best for me- should have not messed with progress.


My husband lost 21 pounds on the 24DC (which includes the 10 day cleanse), our friend George lost 20 pounds and 17 INCHES, and btw he will be 80 years old this January, and our friends, a husband, wife and teen son ALL did the 24DC together and lost 18-22 pounds EACH. SO YES, it works. And we all feel GREAT.


My husband GAINED 21 pounds on the 24DC, our friend George GAINED 20 pounds and 17 INCHES, and btw he will be 80 years old this January, and our friends, a husband, wife and teen son ALL did the 24DC together and GAINED 18-22 pounds EACH. SO NO, it DOESN'T work.

People like you can't see the forest for the trees. IF you made changes to the way you eat and exercise, then you would have witnessed a change for the better in your health and weight. There is absolutely no scientific proof showing that using any Advocare product will effect the results that you claim, but there is plenty of scientific proof that eating right and moving your butt will greatly improve your health.

The "evidence" that you claim is nothing more than a late-night infomercial. There is ZERO scientific proof behind claims such as your own.

Ignorance like yours is what perpetuates this scam and what has created the billion dollar supplement industry.

Please, do us all a favor and get educated.


relax- no need for being mean spirited. We all have gotten excited about things in life that did not turn out the way we had hoped for.

I believe Advocare may work for some folks but not all. We are all unique and need to find what works for us.


What you "believe" is irrelevant.

What matters is scientific proof and there isn't ANY in support of Advocare.

But, if you enjoy polluting your body with chemicals, food dyes, and preservatives, then you can keep on using Advocare. Especially if you like to waste your time and money.



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