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  • Sep 20
  • #922635

. Total scam. I use them for a couple weeks they did not work and they are very expensive Ponzi scheme scam scam scam anyone with a NASCAR sponsor you're paying too much for it

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I have been a distributor since 2013. Both my wife and i take advocare products on a regular basis. We have never had any issues. She has heart issues and advocare is the only stuff she can take. We have never been sick or had any type of medical issues related to taking advocare products. Lots of our friend also use advocare products with no issues at all. I you want to take advocare products check out the ingredients on that certain product an... Read more

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I am an advocare distributor. I have been since 2013. My wife and i use the products religiously. The products work. I dont make millions off of selling the products but i have some money here and there. I mainly got into it for the discount on the great products. I have had great results with the products. My friends and clients have had great results from the products. ADVOCARE is what you make ot to be. Read more

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  • Sep 18
  • #920863

One glass of the fruit punch and I had severe cramps! I'm done. Thumbs down to man made junk, just eat healthy, less carbs, lots of water and I'll be fine.

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I had some of the same issues especially going to the bathroom a lot, and feeling not "right". I don't smoke or drink so no withdrawal from that. I feel stuck with all these pills and I am trying to give it a chance. I am 54 so maybe it only works for younger people. I want to lose about 10 lbs, not a lot really, but I have gained 3lbs so far! I did not get good instruction in what to eat so that may be some of the problem but I eat very... Read more

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I have read several of these complaints, and it really boils down to one thing....Informed Consumers. If you are purchasing ANY product, it doesn't matter what it is, shouldn't you do a little research on it first? ESPECIALLY if it's something you are going to put into your body! I know AdvoCare. I am, and have been, a customer/distributor for AdvoCare, for several years. And like ANY consumer product, they appeal to some, and not so much to... Read more

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A complete Ponzi scheme feeding on lower intellect people and people trying to loose weight. Read more

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I too developed kidney stones while using advocare products. I am actually sad I can no longer take the products I feel were the only thing helping me lose weight. I will not put the full blame on the products because I believe I may had not been drinking enough water. My stone was a calcium stone that is usually caused by dehydration. I am 29 years old and had never had kidney stones before until I started using Advocare. I think it just solely... Read more

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  • Aug 01
  • #892877

I have celiac disease and the old box of rehydrate states noting about being processed In a facility with wheat and I just bought some the other day and it states that they do process in a facility with wheat. I will just stick to my thrive product. At least they don't change stuff all of a sudden.

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I became a distributor and when I received my package I had tried the samples that were given to me. Not knowing that I was allergic to the shot, my face and lips became swollen. Since my body could not take benadryl due to previous allergies, I had to take some due to that I almost had to go to the emergency room. I knew it was an allergy since I had a similar incident in 1997. I then started to check the contents of the sample and noticed that... Read more

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