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I've done a 24 day challenge before and I'm doing one this year as well. I've never felt so good before ! I never got sick and I followed the plan perfectly. I lost 7.5 lbs on my first challenge and I'm excited to see what next, just finished my cleanse and lost 7 lbs already and I have 2 weeks to go! The challenge really changed the way I look at the word "diet". It's not a short term thing it's a lifestyle. This stuff is safe and effective.... Read more

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I am a healthy 26 year old female. Advocare sent me to the ER with a blood pressure of 165/98. I have NEVER EVER had high blood pressure before in my entire life. I had to leave work and have my fiancè pick me up to drive me to the hospital bc I was SO shaky and dizzy/ lightheaded that I couldn't drive myself. Five hours later and I'm finally home and my blood pressure has returned to a safe range. I had to have an EKG done multiple blood... Read more

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Advocare products caused me to have diverticulitis. The divediverticulitis got so bad that I had to have 2 feet of intestines cut out. These products are terrable. Advocare has offered me money fir this but it came with a gag order so I did not take it. People you need to do your research. You will find alot of negative things. People failing drug tests, illinsses like mine etc. Lead was found in some products. Good luck Read more

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I can't believe some of the things I am reading in the reviews of AdvoCare or any ingested supplement. If you have ANY health issues, concerns, allergies or are taking ANY medication you should always look for possible warnings. And if you EVER put anything (food, pill, etc..) in your body and you start to feel 'weird' do not think taking another dose is going to make you feel differently in a good way! And do NOT wait a few days to try again!... Read more

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I have just completed my first 24 Day Challenge and have to say I feel great! I did lose weight and inches, but I am most impressed by my energy level and the positive change in my overall outlook on life. I am 64 and haven't felt this much spark (no pun intended) in a long time. Now that I have finished the Challenge I intend to continue the lean and healthy eating agenda for the rest of my life. I have a feeling that the change in diet was as... Read more

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I started the 24 Day Challenge and immediately I knew it was wrong. It was like I was taking poison. I felt like my body was on fire and I had bees stinging me all over and my stomach always hurt and my bathroom habits were very not normal. I talked to the person that sold me this poison and they told me it was normal, that my system was just detoxing itself. I desperately wanted to lose the weight so I ignored what my head and gut were telling... Read more

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I lost 36 pounds with Advocare in 2011, I am now almost 75 and was never an athlete in the past 5 years I have walk/Jogged (25) 5k's, (3) 10 k's and a Half Marathon. I am training now for another 1/2 marathon in Feb 2017. Here is what a friend said about me and a 5k picture from 2015. Bill still inspires me! God Bless him! #throwbacktuesday This is Bill. See Bill RUN! Read more

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Spent close to $300 been on this program 20 days religiously. Haven't lost a pound or even 1/100 of an inch. Going to finish the 24-Day Challenge and I'm done Read more

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My 10 day cleanse was great. Started the challenge and became so bloated and uncomfortable. My stomach feels bloated and tight to where my clothing no longer feels good around my stomach. I do not eat fast food and have always drank a lot of water. I wanted to try this out for the MNS vitamins. I always have taken vitamins and Align probiotic. This worked for me. Just thought advocare would be a good chioce. My skin has dried out severe... Read more

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